Our Review of Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams

Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams is an earthy exterior paint color that grounds the home in nature and adds charm and curb appeal. We love Pewter Green so much, we even named it one of the best Sherwin Williams paint colors of 2024. Between its unique characteristics and calming effect, this is a color that can’t be ignored.

We’re sharing all the details below, including our recommended color pairings, applications, and more. Keep reading to learn more about Sherwin Williams’ Pewter Green.

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One story rancher with wood columns, stone skirting, and updated lighting.

Sherwin Williams’ Pewter Green: The specs

Pewter Green is a beautiful dark green with gray undertones and the tiniest hint of blue. It has an LRV of 12, and it’s a solid choice to elevate your home’s exterior. (Curious about LRV? Learn more here, including why LRV is so important to keep in mind when choosing the perfect paint color for your home.)

Looking closer, you’ll be able to see the metallic characteristics from the gray undertones that give Pewter Green its name. The gray and blue undertones make this green lean cool rather than warm, which makes it unique among other green paints we’ve raved about.

The muted and metal-like appearance will be stronger in sunny environments for a serene and calming feel. In shaded environments, Pewter Green will take on a darker, richer look that elevates and grounds a home. Both appearances are equally eye-catching.


Virtual rendering of a split-level home with siding in Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams, wood front door, and white windows.

Recommended applications for Pewter Green

Pewter Green is at its best in dense rustic settings like the woods, lakeside, or in the mountains. We’ve applied it as a primary color in many designs, however we’ve also used it as an accent color on shutters and doors too. Our designers frequently pair it with natural materials like wood, metal, and stone.

On the home above, wood shutters, columns, and double-hung front doors add warmth to the design. Subtle stone accents on the skirting and chimney tie in with Pewter Green’s gray undertones and add textural interest. A metal roof plays on the metallic feel of Pewter Green mentioned earlier and the gray and brown variations in the stone. Pewter Green, warm wood hues, and natural stone make this home almost seem part of landscape itself.

Two story home with stone cladding, wood-stained columns, black windows, and a stone and paver walkway.

Pewter Green color pairings

Our recommended color pairings for Pewter Green are pretty straight-froward since they are slightly limited. We like to use blacks like Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams (shown above on fascia, soffits, and garage door). Black with Pewter Green modernizes a home’s façade and subdues the green.

Other dark accent colors that look lovely with Pewter Green include Urbane Bronze and Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. Pairing Urbane Bronze and Pewter Green is a smart way to add a warm hint to your color palette without having to also add a lot of wood accents. Another way to balance the coolness of Pewter Green without wood is to use copper or heavily varied brown stone.

Virtual design of a home with siding in Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams, white trim, and a stone and paver walkway.

For a more classic color palette, try using a crisp white as an accent color and Pewter Green as the primary shade. Above, we applied Sherwin Williams’ Pure White on the trim, eaves, columns, and porch.

Black light fixtures and other accents like the gutters, modern house number plaque, and lounge chairs complement the rest of the home perfectly. To keep the home from feeling too cool, we added warmth with a mahogany front door and sidelights. The stone and paver walkway adds an organic touch, especially with the landscaping.

Modern farmhouse with green shutters, white columns, and a large porch with lounge area.

With the right central color on a home, Pewter Green works wonderfully as an accent color. On the farmhouse above, our designers applied Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster to the siding and Pewter Green to the front door and shutters. The dark brick on the stairs leads the eye to the entrance and aligns with the wood lounge furniture and copper gutters. Chunky white trim and columns rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White brighten the home and invite you to kick back and relax on the large porch.

Large farmhouse with wood and stone columns, stone skirting, and white trim.

Pros and cons of Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams


  • Unique color that will grab attention
  • Can be used as a central or accent color
  • Looks great in sunny and shaded environments


  • May be too dark for some
  • Color pairing options are somewhat limited

Pewter Green alternatives

We’ve made it known how much we love green exterior paint colors in the past. Below are two others we think make great alternatives to Pewter Green.

One-story ranch home with wood stained pergola, stepping stone walkway, and wood cladding.

Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Olive vs. Pewter Green

Aegean Olive by Benjamin Moore is a warm olive green paint color with rich brown undertones. Its LRV is 11.54, so it’s just a touch darker than Pewter Green, but the difference is hardly noticeable. Color pairings for Aegean Olive are similar, and the hue also works well with metals, brick, wood, and stone. Like Pewter Green, Aegean Olive looks best in lush wooded environments. Although it looks great on farmhouses and ranch homes, Aegean Olive can also stand on its own when applied to a Craftsman-style home, for example, as well as contemporary abodes.

Traditional colonial style home with a second-story balcony, white trim, and a brick chimney.

Sherwin Williams’ Dried Thyme vs. Pewter Green

If Pewter Green and Aegean Olive are a tad too dark for your tastes, consider Dried Thyme by Sherwin Williams. We’ve given a lot of attention to this gorgeous hue in recent years. It’s been featured as one of our favorite green exterior paint colors, as well as being named one of the best exterior house colors of 2022. Dried Thyme is an easy-on-the-eyes paint color that exudes a spa-like serenity.

Dried Thyme is significantly lighter than Pewter Green with an LRV of 21. Its hint of blue in the undertones means it’s also unique like Pewter Green in that it reads on the cooler side. Light plays a rather large role in how Dried Thyme appears on a home. The sunnier it is, the more chalky and ‘dry’ it will appear. On the contrary, shade will show its true depth but not necessarily darken it. Both versions of Dried Thyme are desirable and would be a lovely upgrade to a home’s exterior.

Our designers have applied Dried Thyme to many different styles of homes. We especially like to use it on cabins and waterfront homes surrounded by lots of trees. Additionally, Dried Thyme’s color pairings are similar — but not identical — to Pewter Green. Oftentimes, Dried Thyme will be paired with soft and creamy whites, although brighter whites like Pure White (shown on the trim above) work just as well. Black accent colors, wood-stained design elements, and even brick are great accompaniments to Dried Thyme.

Virtual rendering of a one story home with white painted brick and shake siding painted in Sherwin Williams' Pewter Green.

The bottom line on Pewter Green

Green exterior paint colors remain popular for obvious reasons. They connect us to the outdoors, calm us upon arriving home, and add to a property’s curb appeal. Pewter Green might not have a long list of options for color pairings, but its ability to be the star of both subdued color palettes as well as a traditional and classic palettes makes up for it. If you’re in the market for a green exterior paint color that sits apart from the rest, Pewter Green should be on your radar.

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