Design Revision Information & Pricing

Each design comes with one free revision element within 48 hours of receiving your deliverable. See pricing below for additional revisions.

Keep in mind, a revision means we have completed the design with that element on your house originally. We can’t revise something that we didn’t originally design.

About Your Free Revision

After receiving your deliverable, you have the option to request a single revision to one element of your design.

When do I need to submit my free revision request?

After delivery, you will have 48hours to submit your free revision. After 48 hours, only paid revisions will be available.

What is and is not included in the free revision?

Free element revisions DO include:  Door style or color. Garage door style or color. Lighting. Shutter style or color. Paint color. Trim color. Roof color. Address numbers. Planters.

Free element revisions do NOT include: Front or back porch/ deck structures. Stairs. Walkways. Railings. Roofline or gable changes. Windows. Landscape. Hardscape (driveway or walkway). Roof style or material. Cladding changes such as: stone to brick/ brick to stone, that includes siding, changing stone to different color or style, paint to limewash or German Smear, siding direction from horizontal to vertical/ vertical to horizontal, etc.

How do I submit my revision request?

When your design is completed, you will be notified by brick&batten via email.  The email will provide instructions on accepting your design or selecting your free revision element if needed. 

About Paid Revisions

Revisions that are not included with your free element revision or additional changes are available for purchase. 

How long do I have to order a paid revision?

Once you receive your design, you will have up to 90 days to order any paid revisions. After 90 days, your design is closed and cannot be modified.

How long do paid and free revisions generally take?

We begin working on your revision requests immediately. Revisions may take up to 14-16 working days to complete. Time varies depending on the scope of the work.

Pricing for Revisions

Pricing is determined by the scope of the work. If you are needing a change that is not listed below, you are welcome to reach out to our team to get custom pricing for your revision.

  • Remove From Your Design: $50.00/per item
  • Paint Revision: $160.00/per revision
  • Window Revision: $200.00
  • Roof Revision: $160.00
  • Shutter Revision: $100.00
  • Planter Revision: $30.00
  • Walkway Change: $200.00
  • Driveway Revision: $200.00
  • Fence and/or Gate Revision: $160.00
  • Railing Revision: $160.00
  • Porch Revision: $250.00
  • Lighting Revision: $125.00
  • Gable Accent: $160.00 
  • Cladding Change: $250.00
  • Awning Change: $160.00
  • Deck Revision: $250.00
  • Balcony Revision: $250.00
  • Garage Door Revision: $160.00
  • Door/Sidelights Revision: $125.00
  • Portico/Arbor/ Gable Revision: $250.00
  • Gutter Revision: $125.00
  • Stairway Redesign: $250.00
  • Address Numbers Revision: $20.00
  • Additional Suggestions (varies depending on time): $20.00

How do I order additional revisions?

First, request a free element revision within 48 hours, before ordering paid revisions.  Next, you may place an order for any additional revisions. 

Other Changes to Your Order

Free and paid revisions cover changes to the finished design deliverable that is sent to you. We realize situations arise that may alter the information you submitted about your project. There is a short window to alter that information.

Can I change my order just after submitting it?

We begin each design order right away, so be sure your order information is accurate before submitting your project. If you do need to make a change to your order and/or provide new information, you may do that when your design is “Under Review.” When your project status reaches “Design Started” no additional information may be added or changed.

What if I need to change options that increase the cost of the order?

If you need to add options to your original order that affect the price such as: expedited delivery, additional side(s), new construction/home addition, and/or an additional color option, please notify us before your design reaches the “Design Started” stage. We will then halt the order and send you a link to provide payment. Keep in mind, this will affect the timeframe of delivery.

What if I need to make changes after you have already started the design?

Unfortunately, we can’t make changes once the design work has begun or the “Design Started” stage. At that point, any changes will need to be made after you receive your deliverable. Once you have the design, you can then request those changes as revisions, subject to the same revision information as detailed earlier on this page.