Preferred Partners

We are the leaders in virtual exterior design across the US and Canada. Through visual guidance and product and service suggestions, we help our clients bring ideas for their home to life.

We partner with high quality manufacturers and services that we know and trust will benefit our clients. Our designer endorsement provides manufacturers and service providers with highly targeted exposure to consumers who are in market and ready to renovate. Our partners benefit from the following:

      • Products and services showcased on thousands of our designs
      • Promotion across social platforms that reach over 300k followers
      • Inclusion in weekly newsletters that reach over 150k subscribers
      • Quarterly recaps of product and service design usage
      • Highly qualified leads

Companies we partner with cover all things exterior including paint, gutters, windows, landscape, architectural design, garage doors, exterior lighting, outdoor plants and decor. ​ Interested in learning more about how to become a preferred partner? Reach out at [email protected] or sign up at the link below for more information on how to join our list of preferred partners!