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Before and after of a split-level home rendered with blue siding and stone veneer

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We connect brick&batten Pros with clients that have finalized their exterior design and are ready to start the work to make their design a reality.

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Brick&batten clients have finalized their exterior design and have the visual confidence to make the important decisions that go into their update. This leads to a more efficient and smooth project – for you and for them!

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In a survey of past brick&batten clients, 9 in 10 budgeted at least five figures for their exterior design updates and a majority plan to get started within 6 months from receiving their design.

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Virtual design of a Mediterranean style home with a red clay tile roof and stucco in an off-white

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"One of the biggest challenges is to make something that is in the client’s head into reality. This professional team at Brick & Batten has changed the game for me. I look forward to continuing to build the relationship with Brick & Batten and helping their clients vision become a reality."

Travis Julian - Julian Builders, Inc.

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