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What is brick&batten’s
Virtual Design Service?

See before you commit

Our exterior home design services provide guidance and creative direction to the homeowner who wants to give their home’s exterior simple — yet impactful — cosmetic updates. Using a photo of your home (or a blueprint) as well as your direction on style and any inspiration photos you provide, brick&batten’s exterior design services will provide you with a fresh new look and create a rendering of your home’s potential. You tell us what you do and do not want to change — we update your home’s exterior with that vision in mind! We also provide you with a detailed resource list so you don’t find yourself lost in your local home improvement store.

brick&batten fills the gap between the big fancy architect and someone who simply needs a cosmetic update.
We are here for ideation to get you started on cosmetic changes for your home's exterior.
Our design expertise makes us uniquely qualified to select the best home exterior colors and design elements to maximize curb appeal.

The Problem & Solution

Why choose a 
virtual home rendering?

The Problem

Traditional home designers are expensive and typically require you to contract the work through them.

The Solution

brick&batten’s exterior design services works to fill in the gap by providing you with a list of paint colors, lighting options, doors, windows, railings, shutters, etc. and front-porch decor. After receiving a visual rendering and clickable shopping list, you have the opportunity to carry out the design as you wish. By choosing your own contractor or handyman and requesting competitive quotes, you save money.

The Problem

I have no vision, and I need to see the whole picture before piecing together my home exterior.

The Solution

Absolutely a smart play! Our exterior design services provide you with a visual photo rendering so you can SEE your home's potential before making costly mistakes. Using the rendering you may complete the design in phases or complete your project in phases with the help of a handyman.

The Problem

My builder sends me to a showroom and gives me choices on what I want to purchase.

The Solution

With brick&batten you are never alone. We will partner with you and help you make those difficult choices using your builders' selections.

The Problem

Architects are a fortune and after we pay for that we don't have the money to complete the work.

The Solution

Going back and forth with an architect is expensive! No, we aren't an architect firm with blueprints and measurements. brick&batten is an affordable way to see changes before you commit to them. We are here for ideation and believe simple changes create a big impact.

How we can help you Achieve Your Home Exterior Design Goals

Although our clients might have different reasons for partnering with us, we help each one achieve the same goal: a beautiful home or property exterior. We’ve seen it all, and we love the opportunity to work with a variety of people.

Those who need help visualizing.

Those who need to update their home’s exterior on a budget.

Those who don’t know where to start.

Those who are building a home and need to bring their blueprint to life in a design.

Business owners who want a new look for their building.

Those who want to sell their home.

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What will you get?

Your Virtual Design

Paint Colors


Benjamin Moore

**siding, stone

Deep Creek

Benjamin Moore

**trim, eaves, soffit, existing windows


Benjamin Moore

**eave accent

Your Custom Design Elements

Front Door

Wall Sconce

Galvanized Planter

Charcoal Rug

House Numbers

Metal Planter Box


Eave Accent

Copper Gutter

Chimney Cap

Stone Pavers - Walkway

Stone Pavers - Patio