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    Some big renovations just provide a partial ROI; Kitchen remodels only average 80% ROI. On the other hand, exterior paint provides a more appealing return on investment of 141%.
    – Triangle Legacy

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    Renovation Expert, Bob Vila states that the first impression, which is the EXTERIOR of your home, ADDS 20% to your home’s value.


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Blue farmhouse after exterior design rendering
Historic farmhouse before photo
Two-story home with black siding and transitional exterior design rendering
Two-story home in wooded environment before photo
Mid-century home with an updated colorblocked exterior design
Before of a mid-century style home in a snowy landscape
Virtual design of a two-story home with a metal roof, stone, and siding
Two-story home elevation
Exterior design of a brick dentist's office painted with white with black accents
Before photo of a brick dentist's office
After design of an updated California home with gray siding and stone accents
Before photo of a dated classic California home
Photorealistic design of a contemporary commercial building
Before elevation of a commercial building
Virtual rendering of a brick ranch with limewashed brick, new front porch, and moved front door
Before photo of a classic red brick ranch
A refreshed Tudor-style home in a more transitional style
Before of a Tudor-style home with a dark, dated façade
After design of a large modern farmhouse style home with white siding and stone and wood accents
Before photo of a large traditional home with a big porch and siding being replaced
A Mediterranean home with updated curb appeal
Before of a Mediterranean style home that needed some style
After design of a charming cottage style home with great curb appeal
Before photo of a plain one-story home
After design of an updated home with an a-frame roofline and green siding and great curb appeal
Before photo of a dated brown home with an a-frame roofline
Exterior design of a brick home painted white with gray and black accents
Before photo of a grand traditional brick two-story home
Exterior design of a new construction home that uses a variety of building materials
Before image of a transitional home elevation
Virtual design of a traditional two story home with shutters and earthy siding
Before image of a rather plain two-story suburban home
Virtual design of a stucco home given updated-yet-classic Mediterranean curb appeal
Before photo of a dated stucco home


  • Our mission is simple... brick&batten exists to empower clients to make informed decisions regarding their home’s exterior and create lasting value.
  • As the leaders in exterior design, we’ve helped thousands of clients make their dream home design a reality. We’ve created an effective virtual design process that’s simple for our clients. Plus, we only recommend products that we know and trust, from the highest quality vendors.
  • No one likes to go it alone, especially when it involves exterior cosmetic decisions that affect the value and feel of your home.

Know Before You Paint: Tip of the Trade

We strongly encourage our brick&batten clients to test several swatches of color prior to painting their whole home. Inspect the sample in the morning, mid-day, and afternoon.

The color of exterior paint is altered by surroundings, roof color, sun exposure, amount of shade, time of day, and weather. Also, in some instances, brick will soak up the pigment in the paint, resulting in a lighter appearance on the house…another reason to paint a section of the actual bricks with your samples.

Finally, although computer screens are a good representation of color, every screen showcases color differently. It’s essential to visualize your paint live prior to making a final commitment.

Measuring​ ​Shutters: Tip of the Trade

Always take two measurements. As each window is not created equal, the measurements you take at the top of the window will vary slightly from the one taken along the bottom. Measure the opening along the top of the window, then measure along the bottom.

  • The height of one side of the window will probably be different from the other as well, so take a right-side measurement and a left-side measurement to ensure complete accuracy.
  • Note the window frame width, as well as the wall’s texture. Is it covered with brick, stone or siding?
  • Keep in mind, that unless your shutters will be used functionally, the slight measurement variations (1/4” or less), commonly found in historic homes, are not a major concern.
  • Email info@brickandbatten if you have concerns or need more assistance.

Measuring for a Window Box: Tip of the Trade

Window boxes can be an incredible addition to the front of your house…adding depth, beauty, and style.  However, when they don’t fit the window, they can have the opposite effect.  When measuring for your new window box…follow these tips:

  1. Measure the width of your window.  Most windows are around 3’ long, so generally boxes are made in 30″ and 36” widths.  If your house has shutters or wide trim pieces, you may opt for the box to run under these architectural features or sit slightly inside.  
  2. For a very long window, mount several smaller boxes or one large one.  Custom sizes are available.  
  3. Depth and Width:  Window boxes that are 20-25% the height of the window feel adequately matched to the window scope.  

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We provided two color palette options for this Kansas homeowner. Which is your favorite?

Option 1: @SherwinWilliams’ Agreeable Gray on the siding, trim, eaves, and windows with Dorian Gray on the stucco and columns.
Option 2: Sherwin Williams’ Pure White on the siding, stucco, trim, columns, and eaves with Iron Ore on the windows.

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Deadline extended: Enter by 9/22!

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This home’s red shingles made the exterior feel dated, so the owner turned to us to help freshen it up.

We suggested replacing the siding and painting a section of it with @SherwinWilliams’ Gauntlet Gray. The siding around the entry, as well as the trim and eaves, is rendered in @BenjaminMoore’s Black Beauty. Wood accents add some warmth, and a seating area centered around a fire pit creates a functional outdoor living space.

What do you think of this exterior design? Let us know in the comment section.

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Which of these home styles appeals to you most: Modern Victorian or Transitional?

Let us know below, and then tap the link in our bio to discover your exterior design style.

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This client felt her baby blue home looked out of place in the Pacific Northwest, so she enlisted our help to transform it.

We went with a dark, moody color palette consisting of @SherwinWilliams’ Inkwell on the brick, siding, and trim with Tricorn Black on the fascia. We added some warmth with wood elements throughout and redesigned the entry area with stone steps, a sleek glass railing, a new front door, and an updated awning.

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Which color palette do you prefer for this Florida home?

Option 1: @BenjaminMoore’s Secret on the brick and Cloud Cover on the columns and trim.
Option 2: Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Embers on the brick, wood columns, and Onyx on the trim.

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