Customer Reviews

“I love, love, love the house! It looks amazing! You have taken a house that is so ugly and made it so charming. The front door is fantastic! The awning makes a huge difference, we have to do that. I’m so happy with the house: I love the siding color, the roof, the door, everything. It is wonderful!”                              – Susan

“This is EXACTLY what we wanted.  You guys have done an amazing job and we can’t thank you enough.  We are forever grateful for your teams work, it brought our vision to life.  Thanks again!!”                 – Lisa


“Fantastic work!  For those of us who lack the vision for what an exterior could become, but know what we like when we see it, brick&batten is such a great resource.  As a realtor, I can so easily see a ton of value in helping sellers and buyers know what they can do to make a property POP!  Aside from just the killer designs, how awes0me is it that brick&batten provides lists of materials needed, pricing, and everything else to make the vision a reality?!  Happy to be a connection in Nashville for this awesome company.”   – John

“I am so excited about the plan that you created for my house to update it and give the curb appeal it deserves.  I love that it gives me a goal to work towards and that it takes all the guess work and wasteful spending out of the equation.”  – Traci


“Sherry and I could not be more pleased or more excited about our experience with brick and batten.  Allison and partners were exceptionally talented and wonderful to work with.  What’s more, the results exceeded our wildest imagination.  The team came up with a truly fantastic design for our home, and we were able to see it in a true-to-life rendering.  They came up with ideas we had never thought of, and the look was brilliant.  Being able to see it in advance gave us complete confidence in executing on the updates to our home.  Couldn’t be better.”    – Brian


“I was hesitant to give brick & batten a chance.  I would tell everyone to “just do it.”  I have downsized into a very “sad” home and brick & batten has given me hope and a vision.  The facelift can be done within my budget and soon I will be able to come home to a house that I will be proud to live in!  This experience has been well worth the month spent and I could not be happier.  Thanks!”    -Jill


“I am beyond excited about this concept.  You guys took all of the stress out of the equation.  I can’t believe that in a few short months I will have my dream house without moving!  And without breaking the bank.  Thank you SO much!”    – Christen


“I referred a friend to this because because I was so inspired by this concept!  Having had some experience in the real estate (specifically residential real estate) valuation process, you can never stress enough the impact of “first impressions.”  In this arena, people really DO “judge a book by its cover” and it can be the difference between getting multiple offers on your home or getting none at all!  This is a  much needed service.”    – Katerina

“What an incredible concept and implementation!  You guys provided a stunning design for my exterior and made it so easy to accomplish the look.  I appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail!  I will be referring your services to friends and neighbors.”    – Erin


“Thank you for bringing such a genius idea to those of us who may not want to invest in a “Fixer Upper!”  Now we can visualize some concepts before breaking ground or the bank to buy any materials!”    – Mina


“Brick and Batten is the coolest virtual design company I have ever seen!  We are buying a new home in March and I can’t wait to have them help me JAZZ it up!”    – Amanda


“Allison and Cassie were awesome to work with!  They gave us a vision that is right on!  Thanks B&B!”     – Mark


“What an exceptional company!  Must check these ladies out!”    – Shanee

“You ladies did not disappoint.  You exceeded expectations!  Thank you so much!”  – Sharon


“This looks AMAZING!!! Seriously, took my breath away!  it looks better than I ever could’ve imagined.  I want to stare at it all day!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  -Liz

“I am in LOVE with this design!  It’s beautiful!  I can’t believe that’s my house!  lol  You ladies did amazing.  Thank you!”  -Christy

“We are so happy with your proposal!  You hit a home run.  We love the stone and the flagstone flooring idea.  We also love the removal of the shutters.  Everything looks great!  -Marion


“I am speechless.  Never in a million years would I think our house could possibly look like either of the looks you provided!  Thank you so much.”      -Molly

“You guys! This is absolutely stunning! You literally took my ideas and made it into a virtual reality. One that I had a hard time coming up with on my own. I was astonished when I saw the white oh white. I had actually pictured this; but didn’t say anything because I wanted to see what you came up with. I guess it’s a sign!”                                -Wendelyn


“Honestly, there are no words to express our joy and excitement over the changes you suggested for our home.  Never in a million years could I have seen what you all were able to see, to make this a great forever home.  We are beyond excited to start the process of incorporating all of the improvements you have suggested.  I can’t believe the level of detail, not only in the photos but especially in the detailed notes you sent; those alone were worth the cost.”              -Rebecca

“WOW! I absolutely love how you guys changed it! It meets all of my expectations and I can hardly wait to make my house look like this.  You certainly have a gift.”        – Meghan