What is brick&batten?

brick&batten is an exterior virtual design company that cosmetically updates a home’s exterior and creates a virtual rendering so that you can make informed decisions before executing and purchasing the design. There are many different elements to a newly designed exterior, but some may include paint color, lighting, shutters, planters…all of which are selected with top quality and with the architecture of the home in mind.

How does it work?

Very simply! You take a level, bright photo of the front of your home and send it to brick&batten. We spend 7-10 business days designing the BEST POSSIBLE VERSION of your home. We deliver one photo rendering that includes all the elements we select and we tell YOU, the client, where to purchase.  While uploading several pictures is fine, be sure to include that one photo of the entire space you want designed.

How much does it cost?

You will get a complete redesigned image of your home for $500. You can choose to purchase any of the recommended design elements, many of which, will be available through brick&batten.  Otherwise, $500 changes the entire look of the home and adds lasting value to your biggest investment. Whether you are selling or staying forever, brick&batten is a smart play.

What payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including AMEX.  We also process PayPal payments.

Do ​you ​tell ​me ​exactly ​what ​to ​buy?

We tell you EXACTLY what to buy and most of the time where to buy it. More often than not, you can buy it directly from brick&batten.   See our Shop and Additional Items for more details.

What ​if ​I ​don't ​like ​the ​design/products ​you ​recommend?

You have 48 HOURS to ask for a free vision.  You will get one (1) revision should you be unhappy. If you want more changes, the price ranges from $25-$200 depending on the time spent and design needed.  See a la carte in the shop for more details.

Can ​you ​redesign ​more ​than ​one ​side ​of ​my ​house?

Absolutely! There are a la carte options should you choose to do another side of your home. Our design team will recommend products and where to purchase them for an additional $250. If you would like an additional photo rendering, with the products added, you will be asked to submit another photograph and an additional $500 for the design.  Contact us for additional information.

I'm not sure about my house photo. What are you looking for?

Your house photo is key to the best design.  When you checkout, there will be a place for you to upload a picture of your home.  Your photo should be:

  • Sun facing the house is best.  Houses with shadows don’t provide the best color; therefore, color may be altered to enhance clarity, color, exposure, or sharpness.
  • Free of clutter.  Put away bikes, toys, cars, garden hoses, and other items in the yard.
  • Level photo of your home including the roof line.
  • If we need additional photos, we will contact you ASAP.
What are the steps to receive my design?

It’s easy and you will be guided through the steps.

  1.  Press The Makeover Starts Here or Get Started.
  2. Read Your New Design Awaits and press start now.
  3. Tell us about your project, including your name and email.
  4. Upload or drag and drop a high resolution photo of the front of your home (see details about the photo above).
  5. Provide payment.
  6. We will reach out to you with any questions about pictures or the design.  Feel free to email us too!
  7. Within 7-10 business days you will receive a photo rendering of your home design and a clickable shopping list.
  8. After you receive your house rendering, you will have 48 hours for one free revision.
Are there any homes you can't help with?

We haven’t found a home yet that we can’t help with!  However, we can’t create a home from nothing… you must have the physical structure there.  Everything we do is COSMETIC, simple changes.  We don’t do structural changes.  Yes, we can add awnings.  Yes, we can add shutters, etc. We can’t add a home addition or change a roof line.  If you have questions about what is possible, please send us an email with a photo.  We would love to partner with you.

What if I want to upload a lot of pictures so you get the idea of what my house looks like?

You can upload more than one photo to show us various angles of your home; however, keep in mind, we only do ONE PHOTO in your design.  So, be sure to have one, level, high resolution photo with the entire space you want designed.  For more information about how to take the photo, see above.

After I receive my design, do you help me contract the work or provide prices to get the work accomplished?

Our design team at brick&batten will provide a photoshopped rendering of your home telling you what items to purchase, colors, styles, sizes, etc.  Most of the items we sell in our shop.  A lot of the work, you can do or hire a local handyman to complete.  However, if you need a handyman to install a light or build a railing, we don’t contract the work for you.