Additional Items

There may be items on your house design that are not specifically linked. These items are best for you to find locally or ask your contractor for local recommendations. Many times your contractor will make on site: corbels, gable accents, railings, columns, and wood headers. We link companies we know and trust do quality work. Below is additional information about items not in our brick&batten store:

Garage or Pergola Bracket:

Garage and pergola brackets can be made locally; however, they also can be custom made from ProWoodMarket. Your design is ideation for a bracket. That said, you may need additional support or a different style for your specific project. Your bracket should be painted the same color as your trim.

Tilted or Modern Awning:

The tilted or modern awning is custom made by your contractor. It should be made with metal or wood columns and wood ceiling. The ceiling should be made to look like beadboard or tongue-and-groove planks. You may also use a large panel resembling beadboard instead of individual planks.  The color stain is Walnut. Please consult your contractor on what wood works best in your environment.

Porch and Window Header/ Trim:

Our photo is for ideation. The trim may be changed to your liking and needs. This custom piece is used around porches, doors, windows, etc. Your contractor will need to measure and choose wood or a composite material that is best for your environment.


Stain color for headers, columns, fencing, doors, and decks, etc. varies due to many factors: type of wood being stained, how the wood is prepped, who is doing the staining, the brand of stain chosen, etc. It’s important, like all paint colors, to test the stain in your environment. Generally, we like Walnut, Dark or Black Walnut, Rustic Brown, and Natural in semi-transparent. As you can see in this photo, the same color stain is used across each board; however, looks differently based on the type of wood.

Wood Stains

Entry doors:

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior.  We have partnered with different vendors across the US from Montgomery, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, etc. – including Marvin Windows and Doors, Swing Door Company, Doors 4 Home, Pivot Door Company, Masterpiece Doors, Doors by Decora, ETO Doors, etc. We love their work, which is why we have chosen to partner with them. Our experts guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship available. Many times they are less expensive, even with shipping! They are happy to give you a free quote. All you need to show them is your brick&batten design. That said, we realize you may want to work with someone locally. Most doors can be copied or custom made by someone in your area.  Be sure you consult an expert when obtaining measurements to ensure proper door fitting.


Shutters can make or break your home’s exterior look.  We are thrilled to be partnered with Sunbelt Shutters for the  best in shutter craftsmanship and response. We will help you decide on the best shutter for your home’s exterior, as well as shutter hardware and material.  Email Michelle Shell at Sunbelt for help with style, measuring, ordering, and installation. All you need is your brick&batten before and after photo!

Cable Railing:

Cable railings can be purchased locally from a hardware store; however, we often recommend Keuka Cable for a more custom railing. They carry black fittings and cables, as well as different types of railings and top rails. Top rails and railings include metal in different colors and wood in types best for your environment. The Keuka specialist will help with options and what fits your needs.

We also recommend Crystalite.  Crystalite provides partially custom cable railing systems. With 6 colors and 5 wood finishes for railings and top rails there are many options to choose from.


In most cases, your current gutters may be painted to create the design in your deliverable.  You may purchase the decorative leader heads, downspouts, medallions, and brackets at any hardware or gutter supply store.  If you are replacing your gutters, contact your local gutter supply store to ensure proper measurement and installation.

Pottery Planters:

Many of our beautiful planters are Le Beau or Chelsea Gardener.  They are shipped on pallets from Vietnam to landscape stores in your area.  It’s cost prohibitive to ship directly to you because of the weight and packaging needs.  In order to keep your costs low, we recommend buying the ceramic glazed planters at your local garden or landscape design store.

Standing Seam Metal Awnings:

Metal awnings over doors and windows can be custom ordered locally or contact Design Your Awning to be made and shipped. We recommend contacting your local awning supply company, handyman, or contractor to ensure proper measurement and installation. See Color Chart here.

House Railings:

Wooden railings can be easily made and installed by a skilled handyman.  For iron railings, contact locally.

Porch Furniture/ Porch Swing:

We would be happy to order the porch furniture/ swing as presented in your design.  Contact to discuss the available room on your porch and additional details.

Wood – Headers, Trim, Accents, Gabel, Corbels, Porch Ceiling/ Overhang:

Wood can add beauty and life to any home.  We want the wood on your home to be perfect.  Please contact your local contractor or supply company to ensure proper fit and installation.

Brick, Slate, Limestone, Paver, etc. Walkways (brick, slate, limestone, paver, etc), Driveways & Stone:

In most cases, walkway stone may be purchased at a rock yard or hardware store.  Using a local rock yard allows you the opportunity to pick each stone individually.  Faux stone may be purchased at your local hardware. Driveway changes such as stamped concrete, pavers, etc. should be sourced locally.


Many times your existing columns may be wrapped by a handyman in your area. If you are purchasing columns, that is best done locally through the help of your contractor. Many times your columns will be made right on site. Your contractor will know more about what’s architecturally sound, the type of wood that’s best for your environment, and the type of stain that’s best for your project. Please see stain notes above if you’re using stain. If you’re painting, please see paint chip on your deliverable.

Garage Door:

brick&batten would be happy to help you with ordering your new garage door; however, to keep your costs low, we recommend buying your door from your local garage door company directly.