Improve Your Home's Exterior Curb Appeal

At brick&batten, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful home. That’s why we created a way for our clients to have designer-quality curb appeal at an affordable price. Our exterior virtual design package can help you visualize the look you’ve been dreaming about before you take the plunge. From realistic photoshop renderings of the final product to a custom shopping list, we’ll help you increase your home’s value and create a place you enjoy living.

Get started

How it works


You send us a
photo of your home

Take a photo of your home. You tell us more about your hopes for the project. You can be as detailed or vague as you’d like. If there’s a certain paint color you’ve been curious about or you can’t bear to replace the home’s original shutters, let us know.


Fill out our
short survey.

Tell us why you want to boost your home’s curb appeal and whether or not you have certain preferences. If you want to transform the look of your forever home or simply raise your property value before selling, we can work with your taste and our knowledge of home trends to design a stunning home exterior.


We work designing
and creating a realistic
rendering of your
home’s exterior.

After receiving your rendering, we will collaborate with you for a revision of one design element if needed. We want you to love the finished result!


Execute your design
now or in phases.

Armed with a detailed shopping list and photo rendering, you have what you need to begin your design.



Enjoy your new home, knowing you have a partner in home design.

If you are still wondering...

Do you have to physically come to my house to create the design?

Nope! We’ve streamlined the process, so we can work 100% remote and serve clients all over the United States.

What is included in a free element revision within 48 hours?

If you are a client and we have designed your home, you receive a free element revision. That said, free element revisions DO include:  Door style or color. Lighting. Shutter style or color. Paint color. Trim color. Window grille and color. Address numbers. Planters.
Free element revisions do NOT include: Any front or back porch structures. Roofline or gable changes. Window size changes. Cladding changes such as: stone to brick/ brick to stone, that includes siding. changing stone to different color or style, paint to limewash or German Smear, siding direction from horizontal to vertical/ vertical to horizontal, etc. 

Am I able to request revisions?

As a brick&batten client, you have 48 hours to request a free revision of one element on your design. See above question for what’s considered a free element revision. If you want more changes after the free element change, the price ranges depending on the time spent and design needed.

What home styles can you work with?

We’ll work with whatever type of home you have. Colonial, Craftsman, Victorian, Ranch, Cape Cod, Midcentury, English Tudor, you name it.

How long does the process usually take?

After we receive your survey and photo, we will deliver a design to you within about 14-16 business days.

Do you offer new construction or blueprint designs?

YES! We do many new construction designs and house additions. That said, there is an up-charge for this design because we are creating everything from a blueprint or drawing. When check you checkout there is an option to click for a blueprint or new construction. Be sure to click that before you checkout. 

Do you tell me exactly what to buy?

We do tell you exactly what to buy, and most of the time we even include where you can buy it. More often than not, you may buy directly from brick&batten. That said, larger items are best to source locally. We do not recommend contractors.

How much does it cost?

You will get a completely redesigned, one-sided image of your home for $950.

How long do you keep my project?

We keep your project ready for a free element revision for 48 hours. After that it is stored for around 6 months. That way if later you want to see a change, we can pull your project for our archives.

How many photo renderings do I get?

You get ONE photo rendering with the design changes. You will see this photo as a large PDF, in a before&after photo, and in a clickable shopping list.

What if I want the back of my home or another side of my property designed too?

If you want us to transform another side of your home we can absolutely help with that. Please click the option for a second side at checkout.

Can you create a home addition or porch on my home that isn't there?

Maybe. If you have a blueprint or photo we can usually create the image from scratch… or combine your images. There is an up-charge for this service, so please reach out or check out the website for accurate pricing.

I love the door, shutters, and/or porch swing you put on my house design. Can you help me with how to measure and place the order?

Absolutely! We have excellent vendors and service representatives that make custom doors, custom shutters, and custom porch swings. We will help with the whole process and put you in touch with experts to help you measure and order. Please reach out and let us help you bring your design to life!

Do you have an engineer on staff to help me execute my new porch or home addition?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have an engineer or contractor on staff to guide you in execution of a new porch or addition. We are a virtual design company that creates conceptual designs for exteriors to help clients visualize their homes in an idealistic way. We are not in a position to advise on structural components. Those are things that would best be discussed with a professional contractor who will recommend ways to achieve your design based on what your house can structurally withstand.