Terms & Conditions

Our policies are designed to be fair to all involved, and we advise that you read them thoroughly. By purchasing goods or consultation services from brick&batten or participating in our website’s services, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy and Shipping & Returns specifications.

How We Use Your Information

We use any data obtained in order to fulfill requested services such as purchasing, billing and shipping. Any personal contact information provided may be used for the purpose of contacting you regarding your order. Promotional information and special offers will only be issued to those who have voluntarily provided their contact information. Any photos obtained become the property of brick&batten and may be adjusted as needed to enhance your design.  Any digital files are exclusive property of brick&batten. By agreeing to Terms & Conditions, you agree any photos obtained may be used for MARKETING PURPOSES,  including but not limited to: social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) as well as blog content. We take great care to never divulge the location of your home or name.

As a brick&batten client, you are given one free element revision within 48 hours of design being delivered. See below what elements are considered for a free element revision. You may also see our return policy for more information about our 48 hour, one free element revision.

If you are a client and we have designed your home, you receive a free element revision. That said, free element revisions DO include:  Door style or color. Garage door style or color. Lighting. Shutter style or color. Paint color. Trim color. Window grille and color. Address numbers. Planters.
Free element revisions do NOT include: Front or back porch/ deck structures. Railings. Roofline or gable changes. Window size changes. Landscape. Hardscape (driveway or walkway). Cladding changes such as: stone to brick/ brick to stone, that includes siding. changing stone to different color or style, paint to limewash or German Smear, siding direction from horizontal to vertical/ vertical to horizontal, etc.

Projects are kept in archives for 6 months. After that time a revision of any kind will not be possible and a new order will need to be placed.

It is the client’s responsibility to input accurate information. Brick&batten is not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete information. Designs are created based on client submission, architectural style, and design team experience. The design process starts immediately upon order. We do NOT OFFER REFUNDS on designs that are in process or that have been completed and/ or delivered.

Use of our website must be consistent with the intended use, and is not for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. The content of our website is the intellectual property of brick&batten. You may not adapt, download, copy, reproduce, sell or distribute any of our content, including, but not limited to, code, creative content, pictures or images, logos, characters, or copy.

brick&batten is not liable to you or any third party for consequential or incidental damages, expenses or losses related to your use of our site, our consultation/ advice, or our products sold, regardless of any warranties or disclaimers.

brick&batten suggests testing all colors before painting.  Actual colors may vary.  Every computer monitor has different capability to display different colors and everyone sees colors differently.  We cannot guarantee the color you see accurately portrays the the true color of the paint.  Images submitted may be adjusted for exposure, brightness, sharpness, etc. at the discretion of brick&batten.

Images may be altered. Trees, brush, landscape, cars, bikes, boats, dumpsters, etc. may or may not be removed to display image accurately. We cannot guarantee every part of the photo will be altered due to ability/ inability to see clearly areas of the picture submitted.

All photographic materials, including but not limited to digital files, shall be the exclusive property of brick&batten.

All inquiries, contact, and purchases made through our website and/ or brick&batten are an offer to engage in communication or transaction with you, and we reserve the right to refuse any such interaction at any time. brick&batten reserves the right to publish any user content for marketing purposes. By publishing any user content, including, but not limited to, comments, reviews, messages, notes, suggestions, complaints, before and after photos you agree that it is non-confidential, does not violate any privacy, publicity or intellectual property rights and is granted to brick&batten for public use. User content may be removed by brick&batten at any time.

Information provided for contact or purchasing purposes, including any personal information or credit card information, must be accurate and complete. Any purchases made on our website will be charged in full upon purchase unless otherwise noted. Prices listed on our website do not include any taxes or additional fees, if applicable. We do not guarantee delivery at any specific time and are not responsible for delays in shipment or delivery.

Any errors in pricing due to mathematical, typographical or invoice discrepancy, or errors in description, dimensions, color, availability or other specifications may be subject to correction. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, consistency or reliability of any information provided, and are not obligated to maintain current updates pertaining to any content, images or product description and details. We reserve the right to edit any inaccuracies.

These Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated at any time and here for your reference.


These Terms & Conditions and any actions related thereto shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia without regard to its conflict of law provisions.