An Ode to Copper Gutters

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Exterior elements created for a specific function don’t have to be merely functional. Consider your roof or your driveway, for instance. These elements were designed with a purpose in mind. Your roof provides shelter. Your driveway is a path for vehicles to follow to your home. These are functional, crucial parts of your home’s exterior. They can also be interesting design elements. Our expert designers look at copper gutters through the same lens. They serve a purpose, but they can bring unexpected allure to the design of your home, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them in an exterior design.

Known for their durability, copper gutters are a great choice for homeowners living somewhere with extreme weather conditions. Heat, snow, and rain do not compromise the durability or integrity of these gutters. Copper doesn’t rot or rust, and these gutters are low maintenance, requiring only the most basic care to prevent clogging and extend longevity. Not only do copper gutters provide sensible benefits, they are unique and can create a striking aesthetic. 

At brick&batten, we offer expert exterior design services. We also work with our clients to understand their design goals. Whether you want to include copper gutters, repaint your exterior, or revamp your siding, we’re ready to be your partner!    

light gray brick home with shutters and copper gutters

Pair with Other Copper Accents

We love using unique materials for accents, and copper is one of our favorites. The copper gutters on this elegant, light-painted brick home bring in the perfect amount of contrast to outline the exterior. Including a copper awning above the front door ties the accents together, bringing more intention to the gutters. 

large slate colored home with copper gutters and wooden porch columns

Mix-and-Match Materials

One of our preferred ways to elevate curb appeal and bring in dimension is to make use of different materials and textures. The copper gutters on this home mesh perfectly and look incredible with the wooden porch columns. The natural colors of the wooden and copper accents create a striking juxtaposition against the slate-colored siding and light gray stone. 

Create Contrast with a Light Exterior

Copper gutters are a beautiful, dark shade of reddish-brown. Against the limewashed brick on this elegant home, they draw in refreshing contrast. The wooden accents above the windows on each side of the home bring in even more of those natural tones.

A home with copper gutters and porch lanterns on either side of the door

Embrace Simplicity

Your exterior doesn’t need to be elaborate to be impressive. If you’re trying to upgrade your home’s exterior design, it’s common to consider using bold, striking design elements. Sometimes it makes sense to use subtle details. The home above has brick, siding, and stone on the exterior, but maintains a subdued color palette. The dark trim on the lower-level windows and white above brings the perfect amount of contrast to the façade. Our designers made astute, intentional moves with the smaller details of the home. Including copper gutters on this home is a simple element and brings in just the right amount of uniqueness to the design without going over the top. 

Create a Frame

Just because gutters are created to be functional doesn’t mean you have to overlook the opportunity to use them as a design element. On this multi-level home, the copper gutters create a perfect frame that outlines the home. The layout of the gutters creates a symmetrical look that is bold and fresh.

beautiful navy home with copper gutters

Transcend the Design

When incorporating copper gutters, consider allowing that design choice to transcend the entire scope of your home. The gutters on this home sprawl the entire front side. Additionally, there are gutters surrounding the arch of the driveway and the upper-level window that rests above a copper awning. Down to the copper light fixtures, this design is so intentional, and we love how cohesive it is. 

light-colored home with paneled windows and gray shutters with copper gutters

Include Light Fixtures

Don’t be afraid to try a more unique approach to your copper gutters. Against the white brick on the home shown above, the gutters stand out. They’re part of a symmetrical design around the home’s focal point, the entryway. We also love the inclusion of the Corten steel planter near the patio area, especially since it is also copper.

Add Some Character

The enchanting home shown above highlights so many boundary-breaking design elements. Pairing red brick with Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze siding and a black-painted surround and awning is a bold, surprising design choice that works incredibly well. The different colors and textures used in this design cultivate a layered look that we can’t get enough of. The windows, front door, light fixtures, and landscaping add in even more interesting layers. Incorporating copper gutters in this design elevates the aesthetic and brings in even more dimension.

close up of copper gutters

Copper Gutters Are Versatile and Unique

There are so many ways to use copper gutters in your home’s exterior design plans. These gutters provide contrast against lighter exteriors, and they pair nicely with other natural elements like wood. They look great with other copper accents and with other materials. Whatever your design style is, these gutters are a great choice!

Don’t be intimidated by designing your home’s exterior. Partner with brick&batten and we’ll get working on manifest all of your design goals. Answer a few quick questions to get started today.