8 Driveway Design Ideas with Photos

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Think about your home’s driveway. Is it just a space to park your car? Is it a place for ants to congregate within the cracks? Do your children use your driveway to play basketball or create masterpieces with sidewalk chalk? At brick&batten, our designers believe driveways are so much more than that. They are an exterior design element. Driveways are often the gateway to your home’s walkway and entryway. They are an opportunity (that is missed far too often) to elevate your home’s entire aesthetic. In the examples detailed below, we outline some of our favorite driveway design ideas to help get you thinking about your own driveway in a new way.

Do you have trouble thinking about all of the small things that make up the bigger picture of your home’s exterior design? That’s okay! We’ve all been there. At brick&batten, our expert designers consider every exterior design aspect for each home we work on, from big to small.

cultured stone home with wooden accents and driveway pavers

#1 // Small Pavers with Landscaping Accents

The before-and-after shown above demonstrates how replacing concrete with stone and pavers can revamp a driveway. Many of the exteriors we redesign start out with unpainted concrete driveways that are worn out. Here, our designers used stone and driveway pavers to bring in more dimension and texture. The landscaping surrounding the walkway and driveway helps accentuate the updates and elevate this home’s curb appeal. When it comes to stone and pavers, our designers recommend sourcing locally for two reasons: to save money and to see the stones in person before choosing.

modern home with wooden accents and small square driveway pavers

#2 // Geometric Pavers

Some of our favorite driveway ideas tie in the home’s walkway design. In the before photo above, the concrete driveway and walkway don’t add anything to the exterior design. Traditional concrete can sometimes fall flat. Our designers chose to include small square driveway pavers coupled with different sizes of spaced-out pavers for the walkway. This layout creates an interesting, geometric design that is simple and striking all at the same time. 

ranch home with earth tones and wraparound driveway

#3 // Wraparound Driveway

We love wraparound driveways. They are both functional and appealing. In this before-and-after, our designers wanted to keep the integrity of the wraparound driveway but enhance both the layout and design. Incorporating a more defined arch elevates the layout. The brick pavers bordering the landscaping within the arch help accentuate the shape. We recommend a revamped smooth concrete pour for the updated driveway, resulting in a fresh aesthetic.

modern home with gray driveway pavers and stone walkway

#4 // Combining Textures 

Pairing textures is one of our designers’ favorite ways to create a unique look. The light gray brick on this modern home meshes perfectly with the darker gray driveway pavers. Our designers also included Buechel Stone landscape stone for the walkway and front steps, adding another interesting texture and layer to the home’s exterior.

rustic modern ranch with large rectangular driveway pavers

#5 // Large Pavers

When you think of driveway pavers, you might think of small brick, concrete, or stone rectangles or squares. While those are some of the more traditional options for pavers, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with them, our designers are always seeking fresh ideas to create a custom look. Case in point: We reimagined the exterior of the ranch above, transforming the home from one-note into an eye-catching rustic modern exterior. To complement the interesting elements like the wooden columns and landscaping stone, we recommended Silvara Stone pavers for the driveway. The large rectangular shape of the pavers and their light shade provide contrast against the home’s darker exterior and accents. 

traditional home with smooth concrete driveway and stone walkway

#6 // Smooth Concrete

In the before photo above, the lackluster crushed concrete driveway felt unfinished. Our designers gave the driveway a fresh, smooth, updated look. We love the decision to incorporate a walkway running parallel with the driveway, creating a coherent transition to the home’s entryway. Our designers used Buechel Stone’s Bluestone cut stone for the walkway and for a portion of the driveway, tying in both gray shades used on the home’s exterior. This home is another prime example of how driveways and walkways should work in tandem to elevate curb appeal.

large white home with wooden garage doors and a black driveway

#7 // Try Using Black

Most driveways pull from gray color palettes. We commonly see different shades of gray being used for driveways whether they are concrete, gravel, or if they make use of pavers. This modern home’s white exterior lends itself to a bolder, yet simple look for the driveway. Choosing to incorporate black for the driveway brings contrast in an unexpected place and ties in with the black accents on the face of the home. We can’t get enough of this sleek design choice.

large modern two-toned home with sprawling, large, rectangular driveway pavers

#8 // Combine the Driveway and Walkway

When it comes to driveways and walkways, one of the best design choices is to keep things cohesive, especially if a look that flows across the entire exterior of the home is what you’re after. In the before photo shown above, the retaining wall served as a barrier, preventing a sprawling driveway and walkway. Our designers opted to remove the wall and use large rectangular pavers across the entire driveway, walkway, patio, and entryway areas. Combining this layout with a xeriscape yard makes for a functional, low-maintenance outdoor space. 


Gone is the notion that your driveway is just a place for you or your visitors to park your cars. There are countless ways to use your driveway as another element of your home’s exterior design. Whether you want to stick with the smooth look of concrete or bring some texture in with pavers, there is an option out there meant for you. And our designers are ready to help you bring your vision to life!

Are the wheels in your brain turning, trying to figure out where to begin with redesigning your home’s exterior? Get started with us today by answering a few simple questions to help us better understand your design style and goals.