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Embracing Your Circular Driveway

Circular driveways offer a ton of functional benefits: plentiful parking for hosting, easy in-and-out access for homes off of busier roads, extra space for your high schooler to park their car, and more. However, from a curb appeal standpoint, they can prove challenging. After all, it’s quite a bit of visual real estate that’s dedicated ...

10 Gate Ideas for Driveways, Gardens, Walkways, and More

Gates can be an excellent source of security and privacy. Plus, they often act as a visual barrier between two spaces. Whether you’re looking to add a functional-yet-attractive design element to your driveway, walkway, or backyard, there are tons of gate ideas to take your space to the next level. Read on for some of ...

12 Hardscape Ideas for Your Front Yard

Designers use the word ‘hardscape’ to describe non-living landscaping elements like fountains, walkways, patios, and breeze block walls. Hardscapes create areas that are often used as a spot to relax and enjoy being outdoors, typically with some sort of seating option. Hardscape plans can be simple or complex, so updating (or adding) hardscaping to your ...

8 Driveway Design Ideas with Photos

Think about your home’s driveway. Is it just a space to park your car? Is it a place for ants to congregate within the cracks? Do your children use your driveway to play basketball or create masterpieces with sidewalk chalk? At brick&batten, our designers believe driveways are so much more than that. They are an ...