Embracing Your Circular Driveway

Circular driveways offer a ton of functional benefits: plentiful parking for hosting, easy in-and-out access for homes off of busier roads, extra space for your high schooler to park their car, and more. However, from a curb appeal standpoint, they can prove challenging. After all, it’s quite a bit of visual real estate that’s dedicated to asphalt. At brick&batten, we like to help our clients embrace the utility of their circular driveways AND make them look beautiful. Read on for a handful of ways to embrace your circular driveway.

Improving curb appeal is about making every single detail of a property’s exterior work together. Our designers are experts at seeing your property’s potential and will consider each and every detail to maximize it. Whether you love your home but can’t figure out what’s needed to give it that special something, or you want to reimagine your façade altogether, we’re here to help. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

A grand brick home with a circular driveway

A grand entrance

This sweeping brick home has a grand feel to it, and the circular driveway is part of that overall energy. Our designers suggested lining the driveway, inside and out, with bushes and plant life. In the center of the driveway, a fountain provides a focal point that naturally carries the eye to the front door. The circular shape of the driveway is replicated in other areas, including the rounded steps up to the front door and the arbors over the gates on either side of the retaining wall.

Brick home with dormer windows and a circular driveway

Embracing asymmetry

We love how this home’s hard, angular lines are balances by its decided asymmetry and rounded shapes in the landscaping. Our designers emphasized this with a curved walkway and side patio and garden beds with rounded edges.

Contemporary two story home with a circular driveway

Contemporary elegance

Once again, our designers used landscaping as a form of complementary geometry in the design above. The façade of this contemporary home is as rectangular as it gets. We played off of this with circles and triangles. In particular, the circular driveway is all about concentric circles, complete with an obelisk in the center of the fountain.

Modern farmhouse exterior design with a circular driveway

Simple modern farmhouse

Simple touches make this straightforward circular driveway a cohesive part of the home’s curb appeal. A flagstone walkway that connects the drive to the front door and that runs the width of the home is both beautiful and useful. Lining it with plant life and in-ground landscape lighting provides a lovely finishing touch.

Transitional two-story home with a circular driveway

Concrete with paver accents

The hardscaping in front of this new construction home is full of different textures and shapes. From the curved stone-and-pavers walkway to the flagstone steps and porch, it all works together beautifully with the mix of materials on the façade. Continuing this feel is a circular driveway comprised mostly of concrete but lined and accented with pavers.

Grand brick and stone traditional home with a circular driveway

Dynamic home, simple landscaping

Sometimes the best choice for a design element is simplicity. This grand home is full of textures, shapes, and unique architectural features. A simple circular driveway with low-height, unassuming landscaping lets the home itself shine.

Long ranch home with large front porch and circular driveway

Consider the driveway material

One way to quickly elevate curb appeal when working with an expansive circular driveway, like the one above, is to use an intentional material for the driveway itself. Rather than straightforward concrete or asphalt, use pavers. They bring texture and geometry as well as style. We used a fountain at the center of this landscaping, too, along with some vegetation, pebbles, and larger boulders. These landscaping elements are replicated nearer the home, too.

Rendering of a home with dark siding, a large porch, and a circular driveway

A circular driveway as a design opportunity

At brick&batten, we prefer to think of design challenges as opportunities. Circular driveways are useful and they aren’t going anywhere — so let us help you embrace yours with a fresh, thoughtful exterior design plan + visualization!

Whether you’re considering painting your home, in the market for new siding or a new roof, or just need help loving the view of your property from the street, the team at brick&batten is ready to partner with you to make things happen. The curb appeal of your dreams is attainable. Get started today.