10 Walkway Ideas: Stone Paths, Pavers, & More

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Walkways are a key component in the introduction to your home. They lead to the entryway and are part of your visitors’ first encounter with your home’s style. We believe these pathways can be so much more than a segue to the entrance; walkways are an opportunity to make a lasting impression. With the right design, the path to your front door can make a statement and elevate your home’s curb appeal. We offer our clients an array of walkway ideas, using different pavers and layouts. Check out some of our favorite examples below, and find one that speaks to your design style.

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traditional home with multi-colored stone walkway pavers and stairs

#1 // Multi-colored Stone Pavers

In the before-and-after shown above, this split-level home had a dull concrete walkway. Our designers wanted to spice up the exterior with a fresh aesthetic. The walkway stepping stones include multiple shades of gray, complementing the color of the siding and drawing in contrast to the face of the home. With designs like this, we recommend sourcing stone and pavers locally. This allows our homeowner clients to see the colors in person so they can choose options that coordinate best with their exterior design.

white bungalow with wooden columns and walkway stepping stones

#2 // Walkway Stepping Stones

One of our favorite ideas for walkways is to use stepping stones. For the modern farmhouse style home above, our designers wanted the walkway to elevate the home’s charm. Layering stepping stones on top of a neutral pea stone creates a multi-dimensional look we adore. Bordering the walkway with mulch, rocks, and plants helps draw the eye in to the unique, striking stepping stones.

dark gray home with cultured stone and a stone walkway

#3 // Stone Walkway Surrounded by Landscaping

Our designers have countless stone walkway ideas, and the example above is a perfect illustration of the impact this addition can make to your curb appeal. The Buechel Stone landscape stone meshes beautifully with the charcoal-colored stucco. Bordering the walkway with landscaping is a great way to accentuate the stone path. Finally, the planters on each side of the front door serve as an end cap for the entire walkway and entryway.

modern home with large stone pavers and cultured stone on the walkway

#4 // Combine Different Pavers and Stone

This modern home had so much space in the front yard; our designers wanted to maximize its potential. The driveway pavers create an interesting, edgy look in front of the garage. Rather than juxtaposing this with a traditional walkway, our designers suggested a bold look. The darker large stone pavers create contrast while maintaining a cohesive design. Lastly, using landscaping stone for the stairs leading to the entryway helps cultivate a layered look for this unique walkway. Combined with the surrounding landscaping, the façade of this home is ultra compelling.

modern traditional home with wide stone walkway

#5 // Widen Your Walkway

In the before photo shown above, the walkway wasn’t functioning as a strong part of the exterior design. The hedges crowd the already narrow approach to the entrance. When reimagining this traditional home’s exterior, our designers decided to ditch the hedges and use that newfound space for a porch and a wider walkway. The Solstice Stone pavers complement the color of the siding and take the entire exterior to the next level.

large light gray home with staggered stone stairs

#6 // Staggered Stairway

We love coming up with ideas for stairs as part of a home’s walkway. Our designers have come up with plenty of ways to put a creative spin on these steps. Staggering the steps and using cultured stone on the home above adds dimension in a subtle, appealing way.

Virtual exterior rendering of a home with a gorgeous walkway that breaks around birch trees

#7 // Split Path Walkway

The trees in this home’s front yard allowed our designers to get creative with the walkway. Instead of narrowing the path and going around the two trees near the entrance, our designers chose to split the path around the trees. Separating the stepping stones like this creates a dynamic design for the walkway that is one of our absolute favorite looks.

Spanish modern home with a wide stone walkway with porcelain wall tile accents

#8 // Mix and Match Textures

This Spanish modern home has so many surprising, interesting design elements that we adore. For the wide walkway, our designers used Bluestone cut stone. The blue-gray color of the stone is accentuated by the blue colors in the Britannia Soho porcelain wall tile on each side of the walkway. Using different sized rectangle pavers in the grass on each side of the stone path helps draw the eye in and keeps the lawn low maintenance.

modern contemporary ranch with stairs embedded into the landscaping leading to the entrance

#9 // Stairway as Part of the Landscaping

If your home is on a slope, consider embedding your walkway directly into the landscaping. This wide stone stairway is molded into the home’s inclined approach. The plants to the left of the stairway and railing on the right highlight the path to the entryway. Such a gorgeous look!

traditional home with a smooth concrete driveway transitioning to a stone walkway

#10 // Smooth Transition from Driveway to Walkway

When it comes to walkways, functionality is one of the most important aspects to consider. We love walkways that lead from the driveway to the entryway because, well, it just makes sense. The stone pavers for this walkway have a smooth texture similar to the driveway, but the contrast with color and pattern help the walkway stand out. Bordering the stone path with dark pea stone and grassy plants helps further draw the eye to the front door.

Spanish modern home with a white limestone walkway

Walkways Should Marry Form with Function

There are so many walkway ideas to consider, whether you’re looking for something traditional or unique. Our designers love to play around with different layouts and textures for walkways. If you’re looking for stone walkway ideas, walkway stepping stones, stairs, or some combination thereof, our designers have you covered. Walkways are traditionally thought of as a merely functional element. We believe they are a crucial part of exterior home design, and our expert exterior designers are always coming up with new ways to amplify them!

Note: Driveways, like walkways, are often overlooked during exterior home design. Check out some of our favorite driveway design ideas here.

Feeling inspired? We want to help you redesign the exterior of your home. By answering a few simple questions, we can get to know your design style, help you reach your goals, and take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.