12 Hardscape Ideas for Your Front Yard

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Designers use the word ‘hardscape’ to describe non-living landscaping elements like fountains, walkways, patios, and breeze block walls. Hardscapes create areas that are often used as a spot to relax and enjoy being outdoors, typically with some sort of seating option. Hardscape plans can be simple or complex, so updating (or adding) hardscaping to your front yard can fit within most budgets. Our designers have the talent to look at a front yard, whether it’s big or small, densely landscaped or wide open, and envision how to incorporate a hardscape in a way that will take the curb appeal up a notch. 

If you’re interested in creating a hardscape for your home’s front yard but aren’t quite sure how to do it, turn to our expert designers. All we need is a photo of your home and yard and your answers to a short survey that helps us understand your design style and specific goals. Learn more about our process.

#1 // Make the most of small spaces

Smaller front yards don’t deter our designers from incorporating beautiful hardscapes. This modern home has simple landscaping surrounding the walkway and a charming patio area off to the side. The stone pavers used for the patio have a gorgeous texture, and the fountain cultivates a tranquil vibe. 

#2 // Hardscape with cozy seating areas

When it comes to hardscapes, our designers never miss an opportunity to suggest comfortable furniture options. The light color palette used on this exterior combined with the whimsical landscaping brings a relaxing aura to the area. Our designers stayed true to that when designing the hardscape. Not only does the outdoor furniture exude coziness, the planters also make the patio more welcoming. We especially love the built-in shelf with plants on the wall behind the patio chairs. 

#3 // Multiple spaces to relax and unwind

Our designers brought so much warmth to this small home with the hardscape. The pavers used for the walkway create a layered look, and the hanging chairs on the patio make perfect use of the space. The hardscape is topped off by the firepit area — the ultimate spot to relax.

#4 // Create an ambiance

This Spanish-style home‘s wide open layout provides the ultimate setup for an impressive hardscape. The table and chairs to the left offer a spot for outdoor dining. But the real star of the show is the outdoor fireplace. The chairs just in front of it serves as the ideal place to rest, relax, and entertain under an open sky.

#5 // Layers + levels

The stairs and stone pavers used on this home’s patio area create a layered look that brings dimension to the face of the home. The patio rests right in the middle of two levels of stairs, a smart use of space on a property with a slope. Our designers included accents like the hanging light fixture, rug, and planters to make the patio even more homey.

#6 // Never underestimate the charm of a porch swing

This home makes use of a classic black-and-white color palette with wood accents. With a black exterior top level and white on the main level, our designers recommended outdoor furniture with black elements for intentional contrast. The porch swing is an excellent place to enjoy some outdoor living.

#7 // Shady spots

This home’s front yard lacks natural shade, so our designers provided ideas for man-made options. The patio includes comfortable outdoor furniture along with a large umbrella to provide coverage from the sun. Now, homeowners and guests alike can relax outside whether the sun is behind the clouds or blazing out in the open.

#8 // Fountains make an entrance grand 

While some hardscapes are simple and understated, others make a statement. The fountain near this home’s walkway helps make the entire design more elegant.

#9 // Large raised porch

As far as front yard hardscapes go, this design has to be one of our favorites since it includes so many different elements. The porch area is large, providing plenty of room for multiple lounge areas. One of these spots has a cozy firepit. The small pond with rocks next to the porch plays off the wood accents on the home, giving the entire design a rustic feel.

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#10 // Symmetry

This home has a unique layout with an elevated entrance reached by stairs on either side of the front door. The exterior design is all about this centered focal point. The ground-level hardscape directly beneath the door, in between the staircases, results in symmetrical, clean curb appeal. 

#11 // Combine materials to fill in a larger area

What better way to fill in your front yard than with a hardscape? The pavers and fountain create an inviting aesthetic leading up to this home’s entryway. The patio includes a lounge area with a shade umbrella, welcoming relaxation. Our designers also included plenty of planters to provide a lush green accent against the hardscapes.

#12 // When landscaping + hardscapes coexist 

This home has a gorgeous layout that flows from one element to the next. The walkway is surrounded by landscaping pebbles and plants, leading first to the front entrance and also indirectly to the firepit area to the right. Also, notice how the colors of the hardscape materials used by our designers are intentional. They reflect the home’s monochromatic color palette, while using different textures for visual interest. The gray of the pebbles is mirrored in the home’s trim and garage door color. We consider even the tiniest details here at brick&batten!

modern home with a front yard hardscape

Ready to take your front yard to the next level?

At brick&batten, we leave no stone unturned. We pay attention to every aspect of your home’s exterior to help you get the most function and curb appeal out of your property. If you have a front yard (or backyard!) with space that’s not being used, or that’s being under-utilized, hardscapes are a great way to fill things in and enjoy having a spot outside to relax and unwind.

When you work with us, you have design experts on your side, dedicated to helping you make your design dreams a reality. Get started today!