The Best Investment for Your Front Porch…a Swing.

Okay…this may seem like a far reaching over reaction…but a porch swing could be the single best investment you ever make for your family and your home.  Stay with me.  I grew up with a porch swing and while we laughed, carried on and swung too high…we also cried, talked, and got to the bottom of a multitude of dilemmas right there on that swing.  I never knew if it was the motion that relaxed the spirit or the fact that you weren’t facing the other person that allowed you to let it go.  Literally.  And we did.  

As I got older, I rocked my babies on that same porch swing alongside whomever wanted to share the space.  The swing invites company without you even asking for it…in a really sweet, good way.  As those same babies got bigger, they would tell me things on that swing that felt harder in the confines of the house.  Looking straight ahead, in motion, their secrets flowed out with ease.  And I listened.  Quietly absorbing all that is them in this fleeting moment of their childhood.  

Clearly, we are huge porch swing fans.  There are a multitude of reasons, but none quite so impactful as the time with people we love.  Here are a few:

  1. Design:  They are a beautiful to look at.  They are reminiscent of lazy days on a sprawling porch.  Good vibes.  
  2. They are a comfortable piece of furniture that you can add seating and create an outdoor space with very little else.  
  3. If used on a front porch, they create a draw to the front.  So many designs only allow for seating on the back of the house.  This leaves many front porches vacant and lifeless.  The swing can be the draw to the front…which is where your community lives.  

We, brick&batten, would love to partner with you on a front porch design with a porch swing. Working with Magnolia Porch Swings, we carry the best on the market.  They combine style, quality, and function and look beautiful doing it.  BOOM!  Let’s get started.