9 Breeze Block Wall Ideas

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Although breeze block walls were created with the intention of keeping outdoor living spaces cool, they have evolved over the years to include different designs, materials, and textures. Not only do breeze block walls promote air flow, they serve as interesting and appealing exterior design elements, fitting into all types of design styles. Read on for a few of our recommended ways of using breeze block walls in exterior design.

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A ranch home rendered in Alabaster with a breeze block wall near the entrance

A little background on breeze block walls

Breeze block walls are typically only found in warmer climates, so if you live further north, you might not be familiar with them. (Though maybe you’ve heard of the decade-old alt-J song that references them. We looked them up, and the lyrics are actually kinda creepy.) Breeze block walls were first invented thousands of years ago to keep people cool and comfortable in warm, outdoor spaces. Today these walls are often made of hollow cement blocks that come in a variety of patterns. However, they can include other materials like screen and iron. Breeze block walls were extremely popular during the ’50s and ’60s; as such, you’ll commonly see them used on mid-century modern homes. They have recently resurged in popularity, proving their staying power.

Single story home rendered in Thunder Steam with a breeze block wall and outdoor fireplace

#1 // Create a cozy outdoor living space

The rendering above demonstrates that modern homes can be sleek and welcoming at the same time. This home has sharp lines with a defined, geometric structure. To bring in both warmth and dimension, our designers included a breeze block wall. The outdoor living space, complete with a fireplace, is inviting and aesthetically appealing. The breeze block wall is a smart choice in terms of air flow and adds to the homey aura.

A contemporary ranch home rendered in Black Fax and Balboa Mist

#2 // Consider your home’s midpoint

A breeze block wall near your front door not only serves as a barrier of sorts, but it can bring a decorative touch to the entryway. The exterior of this mid-century modern home features sections of light gray stone and dark gray siding, bringing in the perfect amount of contrast. The breeze block wall near the entrance is right in the middle of the façade, functioning as a centered focal point.

Mid-century modern home with beautiful landscaping

#3 // Amplify the landscaping

The MCM home above has so many appealing layers of contrast with the light exterior, black trim and garage door, and wood accents. The landscaping takes the design to the next level with varied heights and natural colors. Positioning a breeze block wall to the far left side of the landscaped area brings in even more dimension and visual interest.

modern home with subtle breeze block wall accent

#4 // Consider the small details

You don’t have to dedicate a large space of your home’s exterior to a breeze block wall. In the rendering above, the breeze block wall is a small accent on the far left side of the home. Although it’s subtle, it is far from an afterthought. In this design, the white, intricate appearance of the breeze block wall is an inviting juxtaposition to the dark, sleek iron porch columns and screen walls on the other side of the home.

back side of a large two-story home with upper level screened in area

#5 // Try screen walls

Breeze block walls are often thought of as white decorative cement blocks with different cutouts. Another option that serves a similar purpose but offers a more contemporary, industrial feel is screen walls. In the rendering above, the back side of the home has a screen wall that extends off of the outbuilding. Not only does the dark screen look striking against the light exterior, it serves as a functional design elements.

ranch home with earthy elements

#6 // Create a border

The home above has an earthy design that fits in nicely with the surrounding trees. Our designers amplified this aesthetic by including natural stone, wood accents, and an earth-tone color palette. The landscaping serves as another layer to the design. Using the breeze block wall to border that area creates an interesting and appealing space, elevating the entire exterior.

modern ranch home with impressive landscaping

#7 // Be consistent in style

Our designers know how to amplify what makes a home unique to enhance curb appeal. In the rendering above, the landscaping is impressive. Because of the way it is positioned around the entryway, it invites you to the front door. Rather than overcrowd the exterior with busy accents, our designers went sleek and subtle. The simplicity of the iron breeze block wall near the seating area on the front porch fits the style of this home perfectly.

apartment building with industrial accents

#8 // Cultivate an industrial vibe

For the apartment building above, our designers suggested using design elements that are both visually appealing and functional. The exterior includes plenty of high contrast iron accents against the light façade, resulting in a striking industrial vibe. To add to that style, our designers used iron columns on the lower level and an iron breeze block wall to the left of the structure. The Corten steel planter near these spaces provides a hint of color while staying with the theme of mixed metal.

modern rustic home with two outdoor lounge spaces

#9 // Choose the right placement

To have a truly functional breeze block wall, you want to keep the location at the forefront of your mind. With the home above, there are two separate outdoor seating areas near each other. Our designers included an iron breeze block wall in between these two spaces to optimize comfort for both areas. This placement also creates a visual barrier, resulting in a more organized and intentional layout.

Exterior rendering of a ranch home with a decorative screen wall

Keep it cool

At brick&batten, our goal is for you to enjoy every aspect of your home’s exterior. When you pull into your driveway, we want you to smile and love the home you’re looking at. We also hope you’ll be able to relax in comfort in your outdoor living spaces. Breeze block walls are the perfect way to keep you cool outside while also taking advantage of the opportunity to include yet another intriguing exterior accent.

Making changes to your home’s exterior, big or small, can be time consuming and expensive. By partnering with us, you have design experts working to ensure you make the best decisions for your exterior to get the most out of your time and money. Get started today!