An Ode to Corten Steel Planters

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Exterior decor accent pieces and landscaping are two of the best ways to elevate your home’s exterior design. And Corten steel planters are one of our favorite exterior decor products to use because they double as an accent piece and landscaping element.

Not only are Corten steel planters attractive, they are durable and weather-resistant. They are crafted to withstand cracking in both winter and summer months. Next, these planters include Styrofoam insulation to keep plants healthy regardless of climate. Finally, they are made from raw steel, meaning they develop a lovely patina finish over time.

At brick&batten, our team of expert designers are ready to help you reach your design goals, whether they include Corten steel planters, new paint color and siding recommendations, or anything and everything in between. Answer a few questions for us so we can get you started today!

modern gray home with rust-colored steel planter at the front of the walkway

Make a Statement

We love using Corten steel planters as statement pieces. One of the best ways to make a statement is to find a home for a large-sized planter in your front yard. Placement is key when using larger planters. Our designers chose to place this Maineville metal planter box directly in front of the walkway. Putting the planter front and center accentuates its size and makes it an important design element. We love installing house numbers on the outside of steel planters; it’s both functional and visually appealing.

rustic modern house with Corten steel planter under front window

Under Window Placement

For years, homeowners have used window boxes as accents for their exteriors. For this modern rustic home, our designers chose to put a creative spin on the traditional window planter. Placing the Corten steel planter directly beneath the front window gives the illusion of a window box but offers more depth and contrast. The rust color of the planter highlights the wooden accents on the face of the home.

backyard pool area of a modern ranch with a Corten steel planter as an accent piece

Backyard Accents

While we often make use of Corten steel planters to accentuate curb appeal, our designers never miss an opportunity to revamp a backyard space. Because so much of this home’s back yard is covered by a pool and other hardscapes, our designers wanted to incorporate plenty of planters to bring in more green. The home has a predominately black and white color scheme, so the rust-colored steel planter near the pool brings in some subtle contrast. It also coordinates nicely with the deck’s finish.

Combine with Other Planters

This modernized transitional home has a sleek aesthetic that we can’t get enough of. The black planters by the front door and garage doors blend in with the black accents used on the windows, exterior lighting, and garage door. However, the color of the Corten steel planter near the front step plays well with the wooden columns. Because they are a contrasting color, the eye is drawn to the entry. Experimenting with different planters that work well together is a great way to create a layers in an exterior home design.

small colonial home with symmetrical windows, furniture, and Corten steel planters

Try Symmetry

This quaint home is not lacking one bit in the accent department. Our designers kept the design of the home simple and use furniture and planters to enhance the outdoor living space. Part of what makes this design so eye-catching is the symmetry throughout. The deck’s middle column serves as a divider between sides of the home’s lower level, each mirroring the other. The two Corten steel planters drive home the symmetrical layout in an extremely appealing way.

traditional home with gray siding and sprawling Corten steel planters surrounding the stairs to the entrance

Tiered Corten Steel Planters

We often see steel planters used singularly, either as a striking accent or statement piece. For this home, our designers wanted to cultivate a tiered look for the landscape and walkway. To do this, they chose to place steel planters side-by-side on two levels, creating a sprawling area for succulents and grasses and adding more layers to the face of the home.

small black bungalow with white trim and different sized Corten steel planters

Experiment with Shapes and Sizes

This bungalow has a daring aesthetic that has made it a client favorite. The white trim against the black siding is striking and looks even more appealing with the white planters and plants. The wooden paneled accents, columns, and chairs speak with the color of the steel planters. Plus, our designers decided to use different sizes and shapes for the Corten steel planters, creating a multi-dimensional feel that contributes to the vibe of this unique home.

backyard pool and patio area with a Corten steel planter

Corten Steel Planters Are Beautiful & Versatile

There are so many different ways to use Corten steel planters in your home’s exterior design. Steel planters work great in front yards and backyards as small accents or large, impactful statement pieces. They look great as standalone options, placed side-by-side, or used in different shapes and sizes. No matter your design style, these planters are a great option!

Upgrading your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be daunting. At brick&batten, we aim to make the redesign process simple, painless, and fun for all our clients. Get started today!