10 Backyard Hardscapes We Love

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‘Hardscapes’ is the word exterior designers like us use to describe any non-living landscaping elements. This includes things like patios, walls, outdoor fireplaces, and pavers. These spaces often serve as outdoor lounge areas, typically including seating options and tables. Our designers are talented: They can start with a simple backyard and transform it into a stunning oasis. Check out some of our favorite examples of hardscapes below. 

If you’re interested in creating a hardscape for your home’s exterior space but aren’t sure where to begin, our expert designers are here to help. All we need is a photo of your home and yard, plus your responses to a short survey that helps us understand your design style and specific goals. Learn more about our process.

large home with an upper level deck and a stone fireplace in the backyard

#1 // More than one outdoor living space

Why limit hardscapes to one area of your backyard? Our designers optimized the outdoor spaces for this modern residence, creating a relaxing oasis. This incredible home has an outdoor fireplace on the upper deck and a firepit down below in the backyard. With multiple separate seating areas, this design embraces all of the best parts of hardscapes.

two-story house with a large deck and outdoor lounge area

#2 // Outdoor kitchen and dining area

This next example is one of our favorite hardscapes. Our designers were thoughtful about the layout of the outdoor kitchen area, including a grill, sink, mini refrigerator, dishwasher, cupboards, and, of course, counter space. With such a useful setting to prepare meals, the outdoor dining area just makes sense. And the two additional soft seating areas provide other ways to enjoy the yard.

Virtual rendering of a home with a beautiful back yard entertaining area

#3 // Entertaining guests outdoors

Hardscapes are an excellent way to give your home an additional area for entertaining friends and family. Centered in the backyard, this hardscape is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional to boot. The different textures and shades of gray used on the home translate to the hardscape, creating a fluid, cohesive look. The elevated fireplace embedded right into the brick chimney gives off a modern vibe that makes the entire design. Completed with a large table and plenty of chairs, this is the ultimate space to relax and enjoy time with guests.

modern home with a pool and sleek lounge area

#4 // In-ground pool + outdoor living

Outdoor pools are the optimal place to incorporate hardscapes. This modern home’s design includes plenty of striking, sharp lines, and the pool echoes that style. The hardscape that separates the pool from the house is simple and meshes well with the surrounding spaces. The ceiling fans, light fixtures, and seating area create a comfortable space ideal for lounging.

large gray home with a big patio and a stone fireplace with built in seating

#5 // The power of a walkway

Hardscapes often expand quite a distance from the back of a house, well into the backyard. This home has a wide, open patio area right outside the back door, complete with comfortable seating and a firepit. To encourage gathering farther away from the house, our designers added another, larger built-in firepit with stone seating in the backyard. The stone paver walkway seamlessly connects the two spaces.

modern ranch home with a large pool and a surrounding outdoor lounge area

#6 // Use your hardscape to fill in a large space

This sprawling modern ranch covers an expansive area, with a corresponding wide backyard. With so much space, our designers created one of the most usable, attractive hardscapes we’ve seen. From the patio area and outdoor kitchen to the pool and lounge seating next to it, this hardscape is both vast and inviting.

red brick home with black accents and a firepit with seating

#7 // Layering textures and materials

The red brick with black accents on this home give it an elegant, striking ambiance. Rather than attempt to make a competing statement with the hardscape, our designers kept things simple. The best hardscapes incorporate different textures and materials to create more dimension. Here, our designers juxtaposed the wood deck and iron railings with natural stone steps leading to the firepit area. That space is elevated even further by the large stone pavers.

before-and-after with an outdoor kitchen and dining area

#8 // Intentional hardscape design

It might not always be obvious where a hardscape fits into your backyard. In this before-and-after, the retaining wall and landscaping filled the backyard area in the before photo. Our designers are experts at seeing potential for all spaces. Taking out the wall and landscaping created plenty of room to add in an impressive hardscape. The sleek outdoor kitchen and the firepit space create a welcoming aesthetic, making this a premium spot for rest and relaxation.

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sleek, dark gray home with two patio areas connected by a walkway with stone pavers

#9 // Sleek and simple

Hardscapes don’t need to be elaborate to be impressive. This design has a smooth, layered appearance with the elevated patios on each side, one small and the other much larger, resulting in a staggered layout. To connect the two spaces, our designers created a walkway with light gray pavers and dark pea stone underneath, bringing in just the right amount of contrast. 

Back exterior rendering of a desert home in Sussex Green and Seapearl

#10 // Keeping it cozy

This quaint, modern home has a warm and inviting hardscape. Outdoor fireplaces bring comfort to a patio, and the seating area is the perfect companion to drive home the cozy vibe. 

modern home with staggered stairs and a walkway

Ready to transform your backyard?

At brick&batten, we not only amplify the exterior of your house, we pay attention to every portion of your property to maximize both form and function. If you have a backyard with space that’s not being used, or that’s not being used well, hardscapes are a great way to fill things in and enjoy the added benefit of having a spot outside to relax and enjoy being outdoors. 

When you partner with us, you have design experts working to ensure you make the best decisions for your exterior to get the most out of your time and money. Get started today!