10 Gate Ideas for Driveways, Gardens, Walkways, and More

Gates can be an excellent source of security and privacy. Plus, they often act as a visual barrier between two spaces. Whether you’re looking to add a functional-yet-attractive design element to your driveway, walkway, or backyard, there are tons of gate ideas to take your space to the next level. Read on for some of our favorites.

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home with a gate by the sidewalk

#1 // Separate spaces

Curb appeal starts at, well, the curb. If you’re in a suburban setting and you have a neighborhood sidewalk outside your home, consider exploring gate ideas that border the edge of your yard, where the grass meets the walk. In this rendering, our designers conceptualized a striking fence with stone columns and iron rails. The wood gate in the fence draws the eye and brings out the home’s wood accents. This home looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale or children’s book, in large part because our designers were intentional about all of the details. From the light fixtures on the columns surrounding the gates to the garage doors and whimsical shutters, everything about this design is eye-catching. 

dark home with wood accents and a gate at the front of the walkway

#2 // Mix materials 

This rendering highlights stunning architectural lines and a bold design. A mix of materials — including natural brick, shingle siding, a metal roof, and plentiful wood elements — makes for a compelling exterior. Continuing with this theme, our designers suggested a tall wood privacy fence separating the front from the back yards paired with a shorter iron fence and gate at the curb. 

gray stucco home with wood accents and a walkway gate

#3 // Keep things cohesive 

Our designers suggested shades of gray paired with wood and Corten steel accents for this home. This concept connects the front gate, via the stone and pavers walkway, up to the front porch. When we think about gate ideas for a home, we like to make sure that the gate adds something to the curb appeal. In this instance, the gate’s lines coordinate with those on the short fence, which play against the front porch columns and wood lap siding. Simple, yet effective.

large dark home with a driveway gate

#4 // Put a gate at the end of your driveway

Gates at the end of the driveway are great for security, plus they can elevate curb appeal. For this rendering, our designers recommended a wood gate with an intricate design, resonating both function and beauty. The landscaping near the gate carries the visual line across the curb.

#5 // Industrial vibes

This modern home has a striking design with bold accents. To give an otherwise simple concrete fence an edgier vibe, our designers opted for an iron gate, which creates an industrial aesthetic that complements the design style of the home.

modern home with an iron gate

#6 // Sleek and simple

Our designers drew inspiration from this home’s accents to design the fence and gate. The brick columns match the brick on the façade while the iron and cable rails brings out the black metal roof and planters. Plus, the wood top rail accentuates the other wood details on the house.

large traditional home with a walkway gate and driveway gate

#7 // Multiple gates

Looking for multiple gate ideas that will work well together? Here, we used a larger gate at the end of the driveway and a more quaint gate to split up the fence. The former is for cars, while the latter is for those approaching the home on foot. Both function for safety and security. The horizontal lines of both gates work together visually, while the opening in the smaller gate feels a bit more accessible and allows the walkway to be seen through its slats, perfect for welcoming pedestrians. 

gate leading to a front door

#8 // Gates in tight spaces

You can still have impactful gate ideas even when working with small spaces. The fence and gate in this rendering is close to the home’s entrance, resulting in a cozy, charming vibe. Our designers also used the gate as an opportunity to tie other accents together. It’s made of Corten steel, coordinating with both the copper gutters and the Corten steel planter.

traditional home with a white picket fence gate

#9 // Keep it classic

For this traditional home, our designers used design elements that are both timeless and classic: shutters, window boxes, and white porch columns, to name a few. Naturally, a white picket fence was the perfect companion for this exterior. The gate offers easy access to the backyard, with a lovely flagstone walkway beneath it and beautiful copper torch-style lighting on each of the fence posts surrounding it.

wood gate on each side of a modern rustic home

#10 // Wood gates for a rustic aesthetic 

We know that “modern” and “rustic” aren’t exactly synonymous, but our designers know how to marry the two design styles into something incredible. For this modern rustic home, the obvious choice for a backyard lead-in was wood gates. They bring out the other wood accents on the home and serve as great end caps for the layout.

Virtual design of a contemporary home with a front gate leading to the walkway

Gate ideas are just the beginning… 

Feeling inspired to add a gate to your home’s exterior? Maybe you already have one and you’re itching to swap it out. Either way, our designers are ready to help you revamp your exterior, from your gate to your hardscape to your paint colors, garage door, and more! 

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