House Numbers: Modern Styles, Placement Ideas, and More

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Looking to update your house numbers as displayed on your home? Often, we think of our house numbers as merely letting others know our address, nothing more. (And we may not even understand where these numbers came from, though there is a system for it!)

At brick&batten, we believe that house numbers are more than just a formula or location. Displaying them is an opportunity to make your home’s aesthetic more interesting and appealing. When our designers update house numbers for a virtual exterior design, they follow a few key rules to maintain focus on elements like size, contrast, and style. You can go classic with subtle numbers in a traditional spot on your home’s façade, or you can make a bold statement with large-scale numbers and unique positioning. Have some fun! But keep in mind that readability is always the first priority. See below for ideas to inspire you to update your house numbers. It’s a simple update that can make a big impact.

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Our Spin on Classic Approaches

Before and after modern home with black and white updates and house number above the garage door

When we think of classic house number placement, we often think of putting them above the garage door or next to the front door. No matter where they’re placed, our designers make sure house numbers are the right size to promote visibility. Plus, the numbers should be part of the exterior design, rather than a missed opportunity. The updates on the home above bring in contrast by using charcoal numbers on the white surface above the dark garage doors. For this refreshed look, our designers used house numbers from Modern House Numbers, a vendor we work with often.

Before and after green home with white awnings and cultured stone surrounding front steps with house numbers on the front porch awning

With house numbers, placement is key. Awnings and columns are a great way to elevate your home’s exterior. They also offer a spot for you to display your house numbers. Our designers decided to accentuate this home’s generous front porch awning overhang by putting the address numbers directly on it. Against the warm off-white paint, the dark letters draw the eye in and provide a subtle touch of contrast. Plus, they coordinate with the black window grilles.

Virtual exterior design of rustic traditional home with wooden awning over front porch and house numbers alongside the front door

Next, we have a prime example of one of the most classic ways to display your house number. If a traditional look is what you’re after, try putting your house numbers by your front door. On this home, our designers chose a dark color for the numbers to stand out against the gray siding. Placing a wall sconce above the modern house numbers draws attention to them and allows for better nighttime visibility.

If You Want to Get Creative…

ranch home with shrubs and landscaping

The combination of the gray-green siding, cultured stone, and wooden garage door on the home above cultivate a unique and interesting aesthetic with a modern-rustic vibe. The landscaping adds to the exterior design, and the rust-colored Maineville metal planter box serves as a statement piece for the face of the home. Incorporating address letters on the planter that coordinate with the color of the cultured stone creates an intentional and striking design element.

bluish gray colonial home with awning

This before-and-after demonstrates how small changes can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. Our designers kept much of the colonial style of this home intact while adding in some structural elements. Of course, you notice the new front porch and awning right away. But the new retaining wall and walkway are likely what you notice next. Displaying the house numbers directly on the retaining wall brings a modern twist to this traditional home.

modern white brick home

We love putting house numbers directly on brick facings. This home went from outdated to modern, overhauled by painting the brick white and adding in some darker colored accents. Placing large charcoal-colored numbers against the light brick gives the home a fresh, updated look that we can’t get enough of.

Takeaways on House Numbers

Whether you want modern house numbers with a creative edge or you gravitate toward a more classic approach, there are plenty of ideas for you to consider. Sizing, placement, color, and font choice are just a few of the elements to think about. At brick&batten, we can help you explore all of those options to find your perfect match and give your home the refreshed look you’ve been craving!

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