16 Ways to Use Stone Siding in Exterior Design

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Stone siding is a great way to update your house’s exterior or add texture to a structure, and we use it in many of our exterior home designs. From covering the entire façade with stone to adding small accents throughout, there are countless ways to incorporate stone siding into your home design. We’ve rounded up 16 of our favorite examples below.

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A home with stone siding and white stucco

What Is Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone veneer siding, which is designed to mimic natural stone, is a popular way to spruce up a home’s exterior. It is more affordable than natural stone siding and provides a great return on investment. It’s incredibly versatile and comes in a wide range of textures, shapes, colors, and sizes.

A two-story home with dark stone siding

#1 // Lower Level Stone Siding

Rather than using the same cladding material for both levels of this home, our designers opted for a dark stone on the first floor. Some stone accents on the top floor help tie both levels together and create a cohesive overall look.

A home exterior rendering featuring brick and stone siding

#2 // Stone and Brick Combo

Who says you have to stick to one masonry material on the exterior of your home? We love the combination of brick and stone in this design. The stone is painted in Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster, a versatile off-white, and the brick is limewashed with Romabio’s Avorio White.

Before and after of a home exterior

#3 // A Grand Entrance

Large stone columns make the entrance the main focal point of this design. The addition of stone around the home’s base also adds to its curb appeal and provides contrast against the light-colored brick and vertical-paneled siding.

A before and after photo of a home exterior with stone siding accents

#4 // Create Contrast

The before version of this home was pretty plain. But by adding a light stone accent and choosing a dark siding color, our designers created contrast and gave this house a modern, sleek look.

A home exterior with limewash stone siding

#5 // Limewash Stone

Limewash isn’t just for brick — sometimes we recommend it for stone, too! In the rendering above, our designers lightened up this home’s façade by adding new siding and limewashing the stone. Limewash is a low-maintenance option to freshen up your home’s stone elements.

Before and after of a home with stone veneer siding

#6 // Cultivate Cohesion

This home’s original design felt a bit choppy with the variety of colors and materials used. Our designers created a more cohesive look by recommending a new stone veneer siding in a more subtle color and extending the stone up to the two of the gabled roofline points.

A before and after photo of a home's exterior design

#7 // Add a Modern Touch

Our designers gave this home a modern update by replacing the dated columns with a light-colored stone. The stone is also used on the base of the home lining the porch area and perfectly balances the dark exterior paint color.

A rendering of an exterior home design

#8 // Stone Accents

Sometimes stone is the star of the show — but in this design, it plays a supporting role. The stone is used as an accent to complement the various cladding options in a range of colors. We love how it adds even more texture to this visually striking home.

Rendering of a home's exterior

#9 // Embrace Nature

The stone accents in this design play perfectly into the nature-inspired, rustic vibe of this home. Wood accents and an earth-tone shade on the siding complement the stone featured throughout.

A rendering of a home's exterior with cobblestone accents

#10 // Attention-Grabbing Stone Siding

Dark stone juxtaposed with white trim gable and entry accents draws the eye to this home’s front entrance area. The stone continues along the bottom of the house and pops against the neutral-colored cladding.

A before and after photo of a home's exterior featuring stone siding

#11 // Stone Siding Add-On

A lot of the homes we design for already have stone accents that we update, but that’s not always the case. For this home, our designers added stone accents on the lower level and the bump out on the left. The combination of stone, lap siding, and brick gives this home a cool complexity we love. (Check out our exterior design dictionary to learn the difference between lap siding, clapboard, and other siding materials, plus much more).

A before and after photo of a two-story home's exterior

#12 // Get Sophisticated with Stone

The front of this home was a bit busy and lacked curb appeal. But by using a rich and bold paint color on the siding (Benjamin Moore’s Urbane Bronze) and opting for a lighter shade on the stone (Benjamin Moore’s Olympic Mountains), our designers gave it a stunning, sophisticated upgrade.

A before and after photo of a home with limewash stone

#13 // Stand-Out Stone

We mentioned earlier that limewash isn’t just for brick, and here’s another great example of the method being used on stone. In the before photo, the stone blended in with the rest of the home, but in this after design, it stands out against the dark siding painted with Benjamin Moore’s Graphite.

A rendering of a home featuring ledgestone siding

#14 // Stucco and Stone

Stucco and stone siding is another cladding combination we can’t get enough of. In this design, the stucco is painted with two different colors — Sherwin Williams’ Alpaca and Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain — and the platinum-colored stone pairs perfectly with both.

A brick and stone home exterior rendering

#15 // Play with Pattern

Simple stone is nice, but sometimes we prefer something more complex. This patterned stone highlights the home’s entrance, makes the overall design much more visually interesting, and plays nicely against the off-white brick.

A before and after photo of a home's exterior

#16 // Small Accents Make a Major Impact

In this design, the stone isn’t the main design element, but it still makes a major impact. The dark stone framing the garage door adds texture and depth to this modern home. Small details like this addition of stone can take a design from so-so to spectacular. 

A home exterior design featuring stone siding

The Bottom Line on Stone Siding

Stone siding is a smart design choice for your home’s exterior. Go big and cover the entire exterior in stone or start small with accents — the possibilities are endless. 

Ready to see what stone siding can do for your home’s exterior? We’re here to help! Get started today.