White Trim & Exterior Color Palettes That Work

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Dark trim is wildly popular, especially if a modern look is the goal. But what about white trim? Lighter trim can provide gorgeous contrast and make architectural details pop. We know how to give white its moment on the right exterior, whether the field color is dark or light. Take a look at some of our favorite color palettes featuring bright trim below.

There are so many design elements that go into creating the overall look of a home. At brick&batten, we understand that every last aspect matters — even down to the trim. Our expert designers can help you settle on the right exterior color palettes, and so much more. Learn more about what we do.

#1 // Rockport Gray + Seapearl

This rendering showcases multiple warm gray tones on the vertical siding, shutters, stone veneer, and cut stone patio. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray — which we actually classify as more of a ‘greige’ — for the siding. The shutters, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Wildwood Crest, are a similar tone but a couple of shades darker. The colors coordinate effortlessly, creating a cohesive aesthetic. The trim accentuates the points on the exterior where different grays meet, creating intentional contrast. Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl, with its slight gray undertones, is the perfect color to use for the trim with this palette.

#2 // Amherst Gray + Fog Mist

Benjamin Moore’s Amherst Gray is a medium-dark warm gray shade that is complemented by the white trim and black accents in this design. For more of a subtle contrast, our designers chose to use an off-white with greige undertones called Benjamin Moore’s Fog Mist on this home’s trim. 

#3 // Temptation + Westhighland White

For the white trim on this home, our designers used Sherwin Williams’ Westhighland White, which brings out the blue tint of the deep gray siding, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Temptation. We also added in some natural elements like wood and stone that work well with the rest of the palette. We especially love how the Corten steel planter stands out against the façade.

#4 // Iron Ore + Snow White

This rendering has an interesting, striking color palette that makes a statement. Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore is a beautiful saturated charcoal that works well for the stucco. Next, our designers used gray stone to create another layer to the face of the home. The wood garage and front doors bring even more dimension. Finally, Benjamin Moore’s Snow White is the ideal bright white to draw in just the right amount of crisp contrast on the trim.

#5 // Alabaster + Urbane Bronze

This design proves that it’s possible to use the same off-white for both the trim and the exterior without having a “flat” appearance. Because this home has both stucco and stone cladding, Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster paint translates differently on the two textures. Painting the houses’ thick trim the same color creates a clean look. For a little added contrast, our designers used Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze for the window trim and surrounding siding.

#6 // Simply White

If a crisp, refreshing vibe is what you’re after, don’t be afraid to embrace white paint — on both your exterior and the trim. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White on the brick, trim, and soffit with this exterior visualization. The bright white paired with strong black elements creates a classic, welcoming aura that takes this home’s curb appeal to new heights.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.

#7 // Black Beauty + Grand Teton White

You really can’t go wrong with a black-and-white color palette, and this design proves it once again. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty for the siding, paired with Benjamin Moore’s Grand Teton White trim. The juxtaposition of the saturated black and creamy white brings a transitional feel to this home’s Craftsman-style architecture. And it works so well.

#8 // Naval + Simply White

If a bold look is what you’re after, it doesn’t get much more on-trend than this next color palette. Sherwin Williams’ Naval is a lovely, saturated blue that will make any home stand out. To really make the color pop, our designers went with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White for the trim. The wood accents warm up the exterior, making for an interesting, sophisticated aesthetic.

#9 // Peppercorn + Simply White

Our designers aren’t afraid to mix things up when deciding on color combinations. This design has multiple layers between the siding, brick, and shutters — all of which are different colors. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White on the trim looks striking against the dark-colored siding, painted with Sherwin Williams’ Peppercorn. The trim helps to bring the home’s architectural lines to the forefront.

#10 // Iron Ore + Simply White

The different cladding and design elements used on this rustic exterior make for an eye-catching color palette that has to be one of our favorites. Most of the elements on the home are darker, especially the siding, painted with Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore —  so our designers used the bright Simply White for contrasting trim.

Found your ideal color palette?

Whether you’re after a classic color scheme or you want something a little more bold, white trim is versatile. It can work well no matter your design style. Our designers can help you achieve a crisp, clean look and make sure all elements complement each other for ultimate curb appeal.

Are you ready to work with our expert designers to make your exterior design dreams a reality? Get started today!

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