The Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Colors

Farmhouses. They’ve been around for centuries and have evolved many times over those centuries. This timeless American home style is known for monochromatic and neutral color palettes, vertical siding, and porches of all sizes, but especially big ones. Now, we see clients updating their old farmhouses into dream homes and building new homes to look like farmhouses. The list of farmhouse exterior colors has expanded in turn. Clients have used whites, blacks, greens, and blues to modernize their farmhouses. White is most common, but keep reading to learn about our choices for the best modern farmhouse exterior colors. A few color picks may surprise you.

Choosing the perfect exterior paint color can be tough. Our design experts at brick&batten can narrow down the choices and even show you how they look on your home. From paint colors to lighting options, we’re here to guide you in your decision-making process. Learn more about what we do.

A virtual rendering of the exterior of a suburban house

#1 // Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Simply White by Benjamin Moore is simply gorgeous. A popular white among the designers here at brick&batten, this white balances its brightness with just the slightest hint of warmth. Simply White is not too stark and not too yellow; it’s perfect for a modern farmhouse. In the rendering above, it’s shown with warm wood accents, gray shutters, and copper light fixtures. A winning color combo for a modern farmhouse that’s breezy and light, compared to the popular high contrast looks. (This homeowner make a few tweaks to the above design and brought it to life here.)

Simply White has an LRV of 91.7, meaning it’s getting close to a true white and highly reflective. Learn more about why LRV is important when choosing exterior paint colors here.

#2 // Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

A creamier and warmer white than Simply White, Alabaster is a favorite around here for modern farmhouses. This off-white is shown above on the brick paired with Tricorn Black on the fascia and soffits, wood accents like the columns and stairs, and black shingles. We’ve used Alabaster many times, and it pairs with black effortlessly. This is a prime example of the popular high-contrast look mentioned earlier. Trendy? Some would say yes. Classic? Who could say no? Note the vertical siding and the relaxing porch, complete with a Dutch door. This is quintessential farmhouse living.

Farmhouses continue to evolve. If this isn’t your style, we’re about to inspire you with something a little different.

#3 // Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

Come to the dark side. You don’t have to play it safe when choosing your modern farmhouse exterior paint color. Iron Mountain is a gorgeous color that still pairs well with wood and black, plus it shows off texture, like the mix of horizontal and vertical Hardie Board shown above.

Considering using James Hardie siding for your home? We created this buyers’ guide for you!

To keep from being too dark, our designers used stone cladding on the home’s main level skirting. Next, the light fixtures are a classic design element of farmhouses. We love the extra lighting in this design because it helps highlight the dimension and depth of Iron Mountain. One thing to consider when going dark is the amount of sunlight your farmhouse receives. Too much shade and your black or dark gray color could read too dark. Too much sunlight and the undertones could show more than you like.

#4 // Stonecutter by Benjamin Moore

While we’re on the dark side, let’s look at Stonecutter by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore calls Stonecutter a “lighter shade of black” with teal and slate tones. Add this one to your list of dark-and-moody options for potential farmhouse exterior colors! In the rendering above, mid-century modern meets rustic and moody farmhouse. Our designers paired Stonecutter with Caviar by Sherwin Williams on the trim, along with treated natural wood cladding in a black color. The gorgeous walnut-stained accents add an inviting warmth to the palette.

Did you know you don’t need an existing home for brick&batten to create a virtual design? This design was completed using the client’s blueprints for a modern farmhouse. Although this was a new build, the same design elements could be used to update an existing farmhouse.

#5 // Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

It doesn’t get more classic than a navy and white color combo. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful option for your modern farmhouse exterior paint color. Navy is used on craftsman style homes, urban bungalows, and cottages alike. Who said your farmhouse can’t enjoy this timeless look?

Above, our designers paired Hale Navy with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, choosing a soft off-white rather than the stark white that is often seen with navy. If you are looking for more contrast, try pairing Hale Navy with Alabaster or White Dove by Benjamin Moore. We also love our designers’ use of black metal fencing in place of white wood picket fencing. It provides a simple and unexpected modern upgrade to this farmhouse exterior.

modern white farmhouse with black roof and accents, and sandstone walkway

#6 // Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

If going dark was a little scary, don’t worry, we’re back to modern farmhouse whites. Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is a tad brighter than Alabaster, but not as bright as Simply White. We like this white for modern farmhouses because of its versatility and ability to brighten an exterior without being stark. Our designers commonly use Snowbound with darker accents, but we’ve also paired it with blues, such as Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore. A light and airy take on a modern farmhouse would be beautiful in Snowbound for the main color, Boothbay Gray for shutters, and a tan roof.

We ALWAYS recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a huge impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Plus, their customer service is fantastic. Order your Real Paint, No Mess samples from Samplize here.

#7 // Seapearl by Benjamin Moore

Seapearl by Benjamin Moore is considered an off-white with an LRV of 77.9. It’s not as bright as Alabaster, but still reflective enough to appear as a warm white in the right amount of sunlight. In shade, its beautiful warm gray undertones show through for a wonderful neutral effect. A stunner when paired with a crisp white, Seapearl also pairs well with darker hues, like Revere Pewter in the design above. This monochromatic façade is one of the traditional modern farmhouse looks.

Our designers have used Seapearl on just about every home style. We love Seapearl so much, we named it our 2021 Exterior Paint Color of the Year.

Cladding to Elevate Your Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Cladding is one way to bring your farmhouse to modern times. No longer do farmhouses only come in one color, one material, one texture. Unique cladding options are breathing new life into old farmhouses. For example, wood cladding can lend a contemporary style to a more traditional design. Incorporating stone can provide texture and tie the home in with its environment.

To learn more about what we mean by cladding and to dig deeper into other design element vocabulary, check our our Exterior Design Dictionary.

The Final Word on Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors

If an exterior design style is traditional, classic, and even historic, then it probably isn’t a fading trend. Farmhouses have come a long way; their popularity now is proof that they’re timeless. Using modern paint colors, cladding, textures, and accents are how we can honor this unique home style in the 21st century. We hope this post has inspired you to try something new!

Note: If you are torn between styles or color palettes, our design quiz will help you identify your preferences and give you some language to use when talking through your exterior design options.

Modern farmhouse exterior paint colors have never been more diverse. That’s partly why choosing design details when updating your home can be so difficult! Our exterior experts are here to help and would love to show you the potential of your home with a custom virtual design. Get started today.