15 Best Black and Dark Gray Paint Colors for Exteriors

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We are seeing more and more clients choose black and dark gray paint colors for their home’s exterior. We couldn’t be more excited about this exterior paint trend. New technology in paint and siding allow for darker colors without fading, and more people are opting for bold, moody color palettes. With that in mind, we put together a list of our favorite black and dark gray paint colors.

Keep reading to discover our go-to black and dark gray paint colors and see how we incorporate them into our designs.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2021 and has been updated with additional imagery and information.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Black Knight

#1 // Black Knight

Black Knight by Benjamin Moore is a deep, dark black exterior paint color with rich green undertones that we love. With an LRV of 4.76, it’s a bold choice for your home’s exterior. It’s deeply saturated, so we recommend pairing it with natural tones like wood and landscaping to soften it a bit. Too moody for your tastes? Try using Black Knight as an accent for trim or windows.

Virtual rendering of a home painted in Tricorn Black and Urbane Bronze

#2 // Tricorn Black

We love Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams for its depth and beautiful color. It has an LRV of 3, so it’s also quite a dark option. We often use this color on accents along with darker siding, as with the home above. This home features Tricorn Black on the trim, downspouts, eaves, and gutters.

A commercial property with a black and white exterior

The commercial property above features Tricorn Black more prominently. The lower half of the façade is rendered in Tricorn Black, while the upper level is painted with Sherwin Williams’ Reserved White. The use of black and white in this design creates a sharp contrast.

small home painted in black magic with white trim

#3 // Black Magic

Black Magic by Sherwin Williams leans a little warm and also has an LRV of 3. It pairs well with yellows and light browns, so you can consider it as an accent — yellow homes with black shutters are so classic. Or you can liven up a small home by painting the exterior black and softening it with landscaping and natural tones.

small ranch with wood siding and black beauty paint color

#4 // Black Beauty

Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore — our 2022 paint color of the year — is a touch more reflective, with a 3.26 LRV. If black is a little too bold for you, adding darker wood accents and metallic finishes gives it a monochromatic look that mutes it (see above). However, if you do want more contrast, you can add white accents to your black exterior paint color like the chimney below for a striking reversal of the norm.

black ranch home with white chimney accent and bright door

long split-level home with greenblack paint and brick accents

#5 // Greenblack

Our designers love offering Greenblack by Sherwin Williams as an option for clients who are looking for a moody paint color that isn’t too dark. Coming in at a 4 on the LRV scale, this black exterior paint color offers more depth and visual interest than some of the darker blacks we’ve seen so far.

two story traditional home painted in deep river with white large front porch

#6 // Deep River

Taking a turn toward dark gray paint colors with a 5.77 LRV is Deep River by Benjamin Moore. Since this color is much more reflective than our previous options, you can start to see undertones shine through: in this instance, a deep forest green. We love the contrasting white porch columns in Seapearl above, but if you want a more earthy feel, go for the natural wood accents on the porch instead.

front and back virtual design of a ranch home painted in deep river dark gray

backyard of graphite dark gray modern rustic ranch home with pool

#7 // Graphite

The quintessential dark gray paint color, Graphite by Benjamin Moore has a 5.66 LRV. It’s a great choice for modern and traditional homes alike. It doesn’t have an obvious undertone, so it pairs well with any existing color palette and accent choices.

modern contemporary home painted in graphite with large windows

before and after of a waterfront two story home with large windows painted in dark gray

#8 // Iron Ore

Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams is a 6 LRV and an option our designers love to offer clients with modern homes in unique situations. Whether you own a waterside home or a rustic mountain lodge, Iron Ore will give your exterior a stormy, moody vibe to emphasize its architectural details.

modern a frame home painted in iron ore with lots of windows and a teal blue door

modern craftsman exterior painted in wrought iron dark gray

#9 // Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron is a 6.16 LRV paint color from Benjamin Moore that works well in traditional applications, as well as modern or contemporary. It pairs nicely with white accents for good contrast and a darker black for a more monochromatic look. It’s a super versatile and muted black with gray and blue undertones.

large transitional two story home painted in dark blue gray with a large wraparound porch

#10 // Raccoon Fur

Another dark gray paint color with a blue undertone (and a fun name) is Raccoon Fur. This Benjamin Moore hue has an understated LRV of 6.34. These applications showcase the paint color in both black window trim and white window trim and show how the same color can look different depending on the accent colors and textures.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.
transitional symmetrical ranch home painted in raccoon fur dark gray color with white window

modern two story home painted in dark gray with tall windows

#11 // Cheating Heart

Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore is a classic, understated dark gray paint color that is as timeless as it is bold. With an LRV of 6.89, its blue undertones show through with the right lighting and accents. Its depth makes it a good choice for painting textures like brick and stucco.

ranch with porch painted black and dark gray with wood garage

contemporary ranch painted in black fox with wood accents and large picture windows

#12 // Black Fox

Black Fox by Sherwin Williams has an LRV of 7. We like to describe this hue as “where black and brown meet for a unique take on neutral.” Black Fox earned a spot on our top paint color list because it works well in many applications and home styles.

tiny home in iron mountain gray shakes

#13 // Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore is one of our more widely used dark gray paint colors. With an LRV of 10.96, it leans into gray with both blue and brown undertones. Iron Mountain is a versatile color that works well with blues, greens, and beige.

victorian home painted in bracken gray with white trim

#14 // Bracken Slate

Bracken Slate by Benjamin Moore is a lighter gray with mixed white and black pigments. This combination results in a cool neutral dark gray option for your exterior design. At 12.23 LRV, it’s less bold and stark but can still provide contrast when paired with white or one of the dark black exterior paint color from earlier in this list.

two story traditional home painted in kendall charcoal

#15 // Kendall Charcoal

Last but not least, our lightest gray on the list is Kendall Charcoal with an 13 LRV. Kendall Charcoal is still a dark gray paint color, but it has green undertones. It works well in traditional settings with a classic color palette. We love pairing both white and darker black accents for a balanced look.

traditional two story painted in kendall charcoal with large porch

modern two story home with dark gray and black accents

Black and dark gray paint colors for exteriors are trending

Our designers are leaning into bold and moody exterior aesthetics by offering designs in these popular black and dark gray paint colors. While we recognize that dark colors are not in everyone’s palette, we hope this list gives you a few options that stand out as winners.

Let our designers at brick&batten help you decide whether to go bold or neutral on your home’s exterior with our virtual design services. We’re ready and waiting to help you create the home of your dreams. Get started today.