White House, Black Trim: A Combination We Love

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A white house with black trim is an American classic. And when it comes to making this palette choice for your home, the possibilities are endless. These days, there’s no such thing as a singular black shade and one solitary white shade. Instead, there are boatloads of different blacks and whites that create a stylish, welcoming combination. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite examples of white houses with black trim.

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A Before and After of a modern ranch-style home with a large grassy front yard. With two after options, the exterior virtual renovation has two after options: One features Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the exterior and Benjamin Moore Black Beauty on the trim. In the second example, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is the exterior color with Benjamin Moore Black Beauty as the trim color.

#1 // White House, Black Trim on Brick

Painting exterior brick is a great way to modernize your home. In this example of a white house with black trim, the exterior brick is done in Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. The eaves, columns, and windows are Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore, while the wooden front doors also add another unique color to the palette.

Note: We offer virtual exterior designs in two colors to help our clients who may be choosing between two color palettes. The second option above shows the brick painted in Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. The trim, eaves and column are done in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. As a result, that touch of darkness stands out on the windows, which are Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore. Get more ideas on exterior window trim colors here.


#2 // A Black Front Door

Sometimes all it takes to make a statement is a pop of black. In this example, the front door is Black by Benjamin Moore, while the stucco, trim, and columns are Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. These shades complement the James Hardie siding in White Bungalow, part of their Dream Collection. We also love the additional beauty of the bluestone flagstone walkway. Similarly, you can paint your front door a more vibrant color for an extra dose of liveliness. Check out some additional ways to make your front door stand out here.


#3 // Boldly Contrasting with White

One of the top James Hardie siding colors, Arctic White is the epitome of the classic white color. While James Hardie Arctic White really stands out and brings a home to life, black trim around the windows provides a strong contrast. We love the way black and white contrast with the crisp blue swimming pool here. To learn more about James Hardie siding, check out our 2021 Buyers’ Guide.

Virtual exterior renovation of a Spanish-style home done in Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore on the stucco and Onyx by Benjamin Moore on the trim and windows.

#4 // White House, Black Trim: Spanish-Style

No matter the style of your home, a white house with black trim is a winning combo. Take a look at this Spanish-style home for a stunning example. The stucco exterior is Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore, while the trim and the windows are Onyx by Benjamin Moore. Obviously, this bold, saturated color on the accents serves as an excellent complement to an off-white shade. The deep burnt orange of the clay tile roof brings another unique color to the conversation.

Exterior virtual renovation of a home that uses Seapearl by Benjamin Moore on the main house, with black on the shutters and garage door..

#5 // Black Garage Doors

There’s a good reason Seapearl by Benjamin Moore is our paint color of the year for 2021. A classic off-white color that thrives on homes that get a lot of sunlight, Seapearl is delightful here on the siding, brick, eaves, and trim. To contrast, the windows and garage door are Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. With wooden beams, crisp landscaping, and mature trees surrounding the home, the shades become even more complex. It’s easy to see why Seapearl by Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite off-white paint colors to create a vibrant home exterior.

Before and after of a formerly blue house with a large front yard that has been done over in Benjamin Moore Simply White on the house and trim. The windows are lined with black pair, and the large has been refurbished to include fresh green grass and delicate plantings for curb appeal.

#6 // Monochromatic Color Magic

In some cases, we use a monochromatic palette for the house and trim and only use black for the windows — as in the exterior design above. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, a perennial favorite of ours, provides a strong, crisp white on the house and trim. As you can see, the black is only around the windows. Painting the trim the same color as the siding is a common practice that deviates from the traditional contrast of a white house with black trim.


#7 // Modernizing with Off-White and Charcoal

When it comes to bringing brick to life, a fresh coat of paint does the trick. But it’s that strong contrast of a charcoal shade that packs an extra punch. The exterior design on the brick home above utilizes Benjamin Moore Olympic Mountains, a popular off-white shade, on the exterior. However, it’s Benjamin Moore Deep Creek on the trim that creates a sense of depth. It’s timeless and elegant, and helps the Olympic Mountains modernize a traditional-looking home. We also love the bold look of the modern steel garage doors.

Virtual exterior renovation of a home done in Benjamin Moore Seapearl on the siding and stone slurry and Benjamin Moore Black on the windows and metal roof. The home has a large motor court instead of a front yard.

#8 // White House with Black Trim on a Stone Home

As we’ve previously said, Seapearl by Benjamin Moore is one of our off-white favorites. But it’s the combination of Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl on the siding and stone slurry of this home that we really love. A light coat on the stone provides a semi-transparent wash that’s lovely. Also, the faux-copper gutters add a unique accent, as does the bluestone cut stone walkway. As you can see, the use of Benjamin Moore Black on the windows and metal roof pops. We love this color, but be sure to ask your roofing contractor which paint works best for your metal roof.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.

Virtual exterior renovation of a stucco home surrounded by palm trees and blue skies, with a large stone driveway that leads up to the house. The home 's exterior is repainted using Benjamin Moore's Simply White, along with lush greenery and wooden accents.

#9 // Stark-White Stucco

For this sunny stucco property, the use of Benjamin Moore’s Simply White creates a crisp home that stands out in contrast to the lush greenery, wooden accents, and black Marvin windows. The cottonwood dimensional limestone on the front wall with the address also serves as a beautiful accent.

Exterior virtual renovation that zooms in on the entryway of home. With a stone walkway and lush greenery and colorful hydrangeas, the white home has black trim around the large front window. The door is wood, and there are elements of copper. The siding is painted Seapearl by Benjamin Moore on the siding and trim.

#10 // Siding with Style

Sometimes it takes a close-up to see the beauty of a white house with black trim in action. In this entryway, a warm white shade on the home’s siding creates a welcoming environment. This home uses Seapearl by Benjamin Moore on the siding and trim, and a black shade on the windows. With an inviting bluestone walkway and cottonwood dimensional ledgestone wrapped around the home, the space thrives in natural light.

The Bottom Line on White Houses with Black Trim

We love the combination of a white house with black trim. Not only does the white stand out, but the black color is great example of contrast to help it really pop. Just be sure to test your colors out in a few different places to observe the undertones and reflection values at different times of the day.

There are a lot of important elements that make up exterior design. While that can make updating your home’s exterior feel like a significant undertaking, it also means there are a lot of ways to make your home special. If you’re ready to make a change, check out client questions we’ve already answered hereWhen you get a brick&batten design, you partner with our team of professionals, who are specialists in color and design materials. Furthermore, we’ll help you select a color and style for your siding and give you a rendering like those above, so you can see an example of your dream home design. Get started today.