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6 Farmhouse Paint Colors with a Modern Twist

Farmhouses come in all colors!  We get asked all the time…”What color should I paint my modern farmhouse?”  We are going to share with you some winners that are tried and tested when it comes to Modern Farmhouses.  Now, each color brings something different to the table…some bring warmth, some bring drama, some are cool, ...


2019 Exterior Paint Favorites from the Benjamin Moore Palette

More than any other forecast that comes out when it comes to color, brick&batten mainly relies on the manufacturers to predict what will be on trend in the coming months and years.  They have the most knowledge when it comes to tools/information to predict what colors we will gravitate toward next. We are always blown ...


Brick&Batten’s Top 4 Exterior Whites and Off-Whites

While there are a million whites, not all will work on every home.  Style, sunlight, direction of the house and other fixed elements play a crucial role in the way we see and interpret color.  However, brick&batten has found some tried and true whites that we return to again and again for max curb appeal.  ...


Paint Like a Pro

Colors have a public persona that we identify as the mass tone…and underneath the mass tone is the undertone.  The gregarious, sometimes loud, sometimes soft, but always identifiable color is the mass tone.  Furthermore, underneath that mass tone, is the sneaky undertone that is lurking in the background to make or break your color scheme.  The ...