Suburban House Exterior Update in Illinois

Sometimes homeowners come to us because they’re unhappy with their home’s exterior but aren’t sure how to fix it and want us to make recommendations. Others, like Kevin M., have ideas about what changes they want to make and seek our help visualizing them to ensure they’re making the right choices.  

We … wanted to see a visual representation of our ideas to make sure our instincts were correct. My wife found brick&batten through a blog, and we were instantly addicted to the before and after images and quickly decided that we had to give brick&batten a try. We are so glad we did!

Keep reading to learn more about how we helped Kevin and his wife update their suburban house and see the transformation from start to finish.

Whether you need a little guidance for your exterior design project or aren’t sure where to start, we can help bring your dream home to life. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services. If you’ve worked with brick&batten in the past and have a great “actual after” photo of your home, click here to upload it for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Before photo of a suburban house

The Before

Kevin and his wife purchased their suburban Illinois home at the start of the pandemic. The previous homeowner made some updates to its exterior, but Kevin wanted to make additional improvements. Some things Kevin wanted to change included the black window trim, bow window, walkway, landscaping, concrete porch, and lighting. 

My wife and I are obsessed with looking at homes and thinking of ways to improve or refresh the curb appeal. The previous owner made a lot of improvements inside and out but didn’t quite finish the job.

A virtual rendering of the exterior of a suburban house

The Design

Kevin’s house was in decent shape before, but we offered some simple ideas to increase its curb appeal. Our design features siding, brick, and trim painted with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, a crisp, fresh hue. Our team suggested adding shutters to the second-story windows and painting them with Benjamin Moore’s Sea Haze, a soothing shade of gray with soft green undertones. We also included a wood front door and garage doors, a stone walkway, an updated porch area, new light fixtures, and a visualization for fresh landscaping. 

A virtual rendering of the exterior of a suburban house

Overall, Kevin was pleased with our initial rendering, but it wasn’t exactly what we wanted. He used his free revision to see what a different color on the shutters might look like. In his order notes, Kevin mentioned he was interested in incorporating pale blue or blue-gray elements into his design. With that in mind, our designers suggested Benjamin Moore’s Gossamer Blue, a hue with a beautiful balance of gray, blue, and green tones.

A close-up photo of a suburban house exterior

The Process

Kevin hired a contractor to handle most of the renovations on his home. He was able to tackle some of the smaller projects himself, though, such as installing the shutters and light fixtures. 

The product materials selected by brick&batten were great inspiration. We used many of brick&batten’s exact recommendations and also sourced some of our own materials.

Close-up view of a home's exterior

The team completed the renovation in phases over a one-year period. The work didn’t actually take long to complete though. The contractors only spent about three weeks total on-site, Kevin noted. 

An actual after photo of a suburban house

The Actual After

Kevin followed his brick&batten design deliverable closely. He incorporated many of our recommendations into his suburban house renovation. First, he added shutters and opted for the shade of blue from his revision. He also installed a stone walkway and carried the same material through to the porch. Finally, Kevin replaced the bow window with a box window, painted the window trim, purchased new light fixtures, beefed up the front porch columns, and upgraded the landscaping.

(Wondering what the difference between a bow and box window is? Check out our exterior design dictionary.)

The exterior of a white home with blue shutters

Kevin also made a few changes while bringing his design to life. For example, instead of the natural wood front door we recommended, Kevin painted his existing door to match the shutters.

We LOVE the look of our home since we implemented brick&batten’s design. Prior to our improvements, our home was an eyesore. Now it has been transformed into a beautiful home and the talk of the neighborhood.

An exterior view of a white home

A Successful Suburban House Update

Kevin said his suburban house update was a total success. He and his family — as well as the neighbors — all enjoy the new and improved look. They now have a home with the charming, timeless exterior they desired. 

Almost daily, as we are outside playing with our kids, someone will stop us and compliment the amazing improvements we have completed. We are humbled by the recognition, yet proud of our home transformation.

From paint colors and covered patios to dormers and stone siding, we can help you visualize all aspects of your home’s exterior before you begin renovating, saving you time and money. Get started on your exterior design project today.