12 Normal House Front Elevation Designs with Renderings

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We love designing normal house front elevation designs because each before and after is so striking. Our expert exterior designers take our clients’ elevation or blueprint and turn it into a 2D visualization to help them see the design come to life. Here are 12 of our best front elevation designs with digital renderings.

Visualizing your new home in its color palette and building materials is important when building or adding on. Our design process for normal house front elevations is different from designing from a photo; head here for more details.

before and after normal house front elevation design for a farmhouse style in pure white and wales gray with galvanized roof

What is a normal house front elevation design?

The front elevation or ‘entry elevation’ shows only the front façade of the home from the street. The view is dead-on and flat, as if you were standing on the same plane. As such, you cannot see angles as you might in a 2D rendering. Front elevation drawings usually show dimensions, front doors, windows, and any architectural features such as gables, rooflines, and porches.

digital rendering of a cape may home in cobblestone with original blueprint, sloped roof, dormer windows, rounded doorways and cupola

#1 // Cape-Style Home

This Cape-style home has unique features: the three symmetrical front doors, cupola, and steeply pitched roof. These options are hard to visualize on the entry elevation sketch, but are much clearer with the help of our rendering. The rendering created by our designers at brick&batten also allowed our clients to imagine their new open indoor-outdoor living space.

before and after front elevation of large modern home rendered in oyster white and flagstone with black roof

#2 // White Modern Farmhouse

The plan for this large modern farmhouse has a lot of interesting roof angles, gables, dormers, and architectural details that were difficult to see on the front elevation. Our designers rendered the home in Oyster White and Flagstone by Sherwin Williams with a black roof to help the homeowners make color and material decisions.

before and after of a front elevation digital rendering of a bungalow in revere pewter, anonymous, and black beauty paint

#3 // Earth Tone Bungalow

Our designers rendered this two-story bungalow in an earth tone palette for a warm and cozy vibe. Symmetrical homes might be easier to visualize in flat elevations, but seeing colors helps solidify the design style. For example, a striking black and white color scheme would give this bungalow a more urban feel. On the other hand, a pastel palette would be more appropriate for a beach cottage.

before and after digital rendering of a traditional two story home front elevation in seapearl and sandy hook paint

#4 // Transitional Two-Story

When adding on to an existing home, it can be difficult for homeowners to see how the addition will fit into the rest of the home. A digital rendering of the normal house front elevation design guides our clients in planning a cohesive design.

two story modern home blueprint before and after rendered digitally in seapearl

#5 // Floating Door

Many a normal house front elevation design includes floating doors or other unusual necessities that make it hard to picture the home finished. In our digital rendering of this home, we added an elevated porch with steps and a walkway. Visualizations like this help the homeowners determine how to execute their new designs.

before and after normal house front elevation design in james hardie arctic white

#6 // From Flat to Interesting

The entry elevation of this estate is symmetrical and flat. Not very visually interesting. When rendered by our designers in James Hardie Arctic White and Marvin Windows, the design comes to life.

front elevation of a large traditional home rendered in seapearl and graphite

#7 // Panel System Trimming

Seapearl and Graphite by Benjamin Moore are a match made in heaven, but it’s difficult to see that on a front elevation design or from a paint chip. The Reveal by James Hardie panel system in Graphite gives a sophisticated, elegant, modern look to this otherwise traditional home.

front elevation digital design in revere pewter with brick accents and galvanized black roof

#8 // Mixed Materials

It’s virtually impossible to visualize mixed materials from a normal house front elevation design. In our rendering, textures and colors allow for easier decisions that affect the overall look of the home. The wood window headers, brick and stone colors, and paint colors all come together in this brick&batten digital rendering.

rustic modern home rendered in german smear james hardie black brown and mossy cedar from the front elevation blueprint

#9 // Local, Natural Materials

At brick&batten, we recommend sourcing natural materials locally. It saves you money, is better for the environment, and keeps things simple for you and your contractors. However, when homeowners aren’t sure, providing multiple design options to choose from makes this decision easier. This home was rendered in two options: German Smear (pictured above) and limewash brick.

dark gray two story home design rendered from the entry elevation

#10 // Mountain Modern Rustic

Architectural styles are not always clear in front elevation designs. Our designers at brick&batten can help bring your vision to life with textures, building materials, and colors. This mountain modern rustic home was rendered with cedar posts and stone, inspired by nature.

large french country estate before and after of entry elevation and 3D digital rendering in aspen, white brick, arctic stone, and chantilly lace trim

#11 // Small Details

In a stately home of this size, with a monochromatic color scheme, the small details make the biggest impact. Do copper or black gutters look best? What type of grille should the windows have? Which balcony railing says transitional? These are all questions a brick&batten digital rendering of your entry elevation can answer.

before and after of mountain modern home digitally rendered from a blueprint

#12 // Factor in the Environment

A normal house front elevation design does not take into account the visual of your home’s location. Your landscaping, environment, and property features are major factors in your overall design. This lake home has glass panel railings, large casement windows that do not obstruct the view, and multiple outdoor gathering spaces. With the lake rendered in the background, the design features make sense and come together beautifully.

modern ranch home rendered in james hardie night gray from a front elevation drawing

Our Renderings Bring Elevations to Life

It’s nearly impossible to visualize what your new home or addition will look like from the normal house front elevation design. With brick&batten’s virtual design services, your blueprint will be brought to life, helping you make essential decisions on your home’s design and curb appeal. Our design process can also help your architect and contractors understand your vision and aesthetic, making for less costly mistakes and redos.

Our digital rendering services are helpful to visualize colors, building materials, and angles that are otherwise difficult to see on your normal house front elevation design. Get started on creating the home of your dreams today!