10 Inspiring Ideas to Create Front Porch Curb Appeal

Creating a beautiful home exterior doesn’t  happen by accident. Here are 10 inspiring ideas create front porch curb appeal.

We often worry ourselves about what the interior of our homes look like and rightly so. Who wants to live in a house that doesn’t flow well or doesn’t reflect their personality or design choices? As much attention to detail as we spend on the interior of our homes, homeowners tend to do the bare minimum when it comes to their home’s exterior and curb appeal. So, it’s time to make some changes with front porch ideas to boost curb appeal, that will give  your home the pizazz to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Our design team at brick&batten would love to partner with you on a design for your home’s exterior. Whether you need someone to hear your ideas and confirm you’re on the right track or you’re looking for recommendations to boost your home’s curb appeal, our design team has the answers. To get started, simply upload a photo of your house, and our team of virtual exterior design experts can deliver a functional and eye-catching design — front porch and all.

10 Inspiring Ideas to Create Front Porch Curb Appeal

#1 // Update light fixtures

When we think about our porches, we rarely pay much attention to the light fixtures – or if we do, we replace them with something similar. Light fixtures have an important purpose. Not only do they complete the look of your doorway, they are also used for safety and security. 

There are countless styles to choose from; however, selecting the correct light is  important for curb appeal. Most lights we see are WAY too small. It may be the appropriate style and design; however, the size is wrong. Lights should be ⅓ to ¼ the size of your door. Yes, there are exceptions to this rule but for the most part that’s a good rule to follow. 

bright&batten lighting guide

lighting family

#2 // Update windows and doors

If you’re in the market for new windows, choosing the correct style, color, and design for your needs is important. Windows are a big investment! Many people think all windows need to match; however, many times our designers recommend different styles based on your needs as a family in that particular room.

Your front door is considered the heart of your home. As a result, it should be welcoming and provide security for your family. That said, painting your front door is a quick and inexpensive update. Fortune Builders claim that the correct front door has over 100% return on investment. Because of this, it’s a no brainer curb appeal idea to dress up your front porch.  For more inspiration to help your home stand out, click here.

#3 // Give your house a new paint job

Although painting the entire house goes beyond the porch, it can make a huge impact! Homeowners favor dark blue-grey paint, but white, and varying shades of warm grey are equally popular. A hot trend in 2021 is combining different textures and materials and a swing toward more earthy tones for home exteriors. From light and bright to dark and moody, the perfect paint color can make or break your curb appeal. 

#4 // Add wood elements

Wood elements, like shutters, railings and are a lovely way to add warmth to your front porch, while adding visual interest and appeal. If you have a wood patio, refresh the stain or strip it down to its natural color, then use an outdoor wood sealant to keep the color vibrant.   Consider adding wood tone siding to selected areas on your home’s exterior, a wooden porch ceiling to create a warm welcoming vibe, or wood gable accents in the peaks of your roof.

home trends-wood accents

#5 // Add stone elements

As earthy accents prevail in 2021, that includes stone. Much like the wood elements mentioned above,  stone is another great way to add curb appeal. Don’t get me wrong, stone is nice in small doses. Gone are the days of homes with a cladding mess of brick, stone, siding, stucco, foam accents, and cement, etc. When in doubt, go simple. In this case, less is more! Consider using stone as a water table on your home’s exterior or a beautiful limestone as a walkway to your front door

A rendering of a back of home painted white


#6 // Invest in professional landscaping

We may like to think we have a green thumb, but there’s a huge difference between the kind of landscaping your Average Joe can do and what a professional landscaper can. First, a landscape designer knows your climate and soil and will choose appropriate plants  for your area.   Next he/she will consider the style of your home and choose plants, bushes, and trees that complement  your home’s architecture, your personal interests, and your family’s  lifestyle.

In 2021, people are wanting low maintenance options. If you haven’t heard of Xeriscape, you will soon! Xeriscape is the landscaping practice of reducing or eliminating the need for irrigation, reducing cost and time in maintaining your yard. As a result, sustainability and low maintenance are something everyone seems to be asking about.

#7 // Refinish walkways and driveway

Curb appeal starts at the street. That said, after putting effort into improving your home, a cracked or dirty driveway leaves a bad impression. Sometimes all the driveway needs  is a good power wash. However, other times your driveway may need resurfaced or replaced. 

Walkways are critical for curb appeal success.  Therefore, they should be considered an extension of your house.  Not only can a cracked walkway be dangerous, it’s  also an eye sore.  Be creative and mix different materials for a unique look. For example, consider rectangular paving slabs made  of simple concrete, either cast in place or precast. This design allows grass to grow between for a modern look.


#8 // Update your garage door

A garage door is a big feature that you can’t leave untouched, especially sitting right next to your front porch.  A front loader takes up massive real estate on your house. That said, you essentially have two options:  1. Make it beautiful or 2. Make it go away.  Upgrading your garage door improves curb appeal, but also adds value to your largest investment . 

When you’re choosing a garage door, take into consideration the architecture of your house. Therefore, choose a garage door that complements the overall style of the house. 

#9 // Create a seating area  

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the front porch, sipping your coffee and enjoying the fresh air. A great way to improve the look of your front porch is by adding a seating area that is both welcoming and fits the overall look of the house. Your seating area doesn’t have to be large but keep comfort in mind. That said, a porch swing is comfortable and inviting. Magnolia Swings has mastered the look with more traditional and modern styles. 

Black Magic, sitting area

#10 // Replace or add house numbers

Last but not least, house numbers ring in as the 10th idea to create front porch curb appeal. House numbers are a simple way to add character to any  house. Modern House Numbers has mastered the art  of house numbers, which is why you’ll see MHN on many homes we design.

house numbers-address

Overall, your home’s first impression matters! Creating a beautiful home exterior doesn’t happen by accident. That said, sometimes all it takes is a good power wash and learning more about the best color to paint your door.

If you are looking for a partner in improving your home’s exterior, our brick&batten team would love to help. Get started on making your home exterior design dreams a reality today.