Modern Exterior Wood Siding & Cladding Examples We Love

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What do you picture when you hear the phrase “wood siding?” A log cabin in the woods? Scratch that thought. Using wood siding doesn’t equate to an all-wood home. We are huge fans of the many different ways to incorporate modern wood siding into your home’s exterior. Our designers use wood siding or cladding on homes in combination with stucco, vinyl siding, brick, and other textures. Cedar shake, wood siding, panels, and wood cladding transcend the boundaries of modern, rustic, and farmhouse-style homes. Our designers love pushing boundaries to change the way people think about exterior design, and the opportunities for using wood siding on home exteriors are near endless.

A note: The terms “siding” and “cladding” are often used interchangeably. Some professionals differentiate between the two based on the building materials used. In this instance, “siding” indicates vinyl, aluminum, composites, or other engineered material. “Cladding” tends to refer to wood, stucco, fiber cement, and anything else that isn’t siding or masonry. Other industry pros use “siding” when the material is applied directly to a wall and “cladding” when it’s separated from the exterior by furring strips.

At brick&batten, we often source our exterior wood from Woodtone, and we typically refer to the material as “wood siding.”

Have you been daydreaming about redesigning your home’s exterior but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Our expert designers are ready to get to know your design style and help you manifest your home goals. Let us help you get started today.

Subtle Touches

modern home with gray paint and wood siding accents

We love layering textures and colors. This quaint home’s unique layout offers itself up for outdoor lounging. Our designers wanted to maintain the essence of the home while bringing in some more dimension. Updating the white exterior with Benjamin Moore’s Desert Twilight and black trim along with larger windows draws the eye in to the inviting patio area. Incorporating Woodtone modern wood siding brings in more depth to the design with some much-needed contrast. Our designers recommend Aspen Ridge wood panels, although Woodtone offers plenty of options that would work with these colors.


white brick ranch home with wood siding accents

Contrast doesn’t always need to be drastic. This home’s contrasting elements included brick, black trim and paint, and a bright red front door. The subtle transitions on the home’s exterior worked, but the color choices were asking for an update. Painting the brick white while maintaining black for the trim gives the home a fresh look we can’t get enough of. Layering in some Aspen Ridge Woodtone siding near the front door, which is painted with Benjamin Moore’s Galapagos Turquoise, accentuates the home’s entrance.


coastal modern home with white stucco and wood cladding around back patio door

The face of your home is what enhances curb appeal, but the back of your home is no less important. Our designers refreshed the front design of this coastal modern home by painting the stucco with Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster and incorporating some wooden accents. This color scheme carried around to the back and was accentuated by wooden planters and Kay V-Wood reclaimed wood paneling surrounding the patio door. Old buildings in Indonesia are the source for these reclaimed strips of light golden and dark smoky brown wood. This subtle touch brings a relaxing vibe to the back patio.

Modern Examples

modern craftsman home with charcoal siding and wood siding

Adding wood siding as an accent on modern homes is one of our favorite touches. In the before photo, this modern Craftsman home had interesting layers with brick, siding, and cedar shake. Unfortunately, the cedar shake wasn’t in great shape. Our designers decided to amplify the mix of textures to create a more intentional exterior design. The updated Woodtone modern wood siding pairs beautifully with the charcoal-painted vinyl siding on the lower sections of the home. Instead of white columns adorning the brick, our designers chose to tie in some more wood, cultivating a cohesive aesthetic.


modern contemporary home with white siding and wood siding accents

In the before photo, this home was feeling underwhelming, dated, and lackluster. Our designers reimagined the exterior into a multi-textured modern contemporary home with all of the on-trend elements we love. The combination of the vinyl siding, brick, and modern wood siding brings in some much needed contrast. We recommended that this client sample Summer Wheat, Aspen Ridge, and Sandcastle Woodtone siding options to go with the Seapearl-painted siding from Benjamin Moore.


traditional modern home with charcoal, light gray, and wood siding

This next example shows that playing around with more than one color combined with wood siding can result in a bold, modern look. The front and back exterior of the home makes use of different shades of gray on the vinyl siding along with Woodtone wood siding. The dark trim and updated garage door provide even more contrast. Plus, the existing wood back deck ties in with the new wood panels on the front porch.


ranch style home with dark blue siding and wood panel siding

Finally, we have an example of one of our favorite rustic color combinations: dark gray-blue and wood siding. The redesign of this ranch home is a night-and-day transformation in the absolute best way. The Evening Blue James Hardie siding is bold and provides the perfect contrast for the Woodtone modern wood siding on the face of the home.

Cedar Shake

traditional home with blue siding and cedar shake

Next, we love the way our designers reimagined this white-washed historic home. In the before photo, the only contrasting element the home had was the navy-colored narrow shutters on the second-level windows. Updating the siding to a tasteful dark blue gives the home a huge facelift. The white trim, larger dark shutters, and the burnt ginger cedar shake around the top windows bring so much dimension to the home’s design. We especially love how the front doors are wooden, bringing symmetry to the top and bottom layers of the home.


traditional modern farmhouse with wood shake siding on upper half and white stucco on lower half

The updates to this traditional modern farmhouse demonstrate how our designers can make simple changes to enhance elements of the home that already work well. The existing cedar shake siding on the upper half of the home is a striking design element. Changing the color of the lower section’s stucco from a gray-green to white and painting the garage doors black highlights the wood shake siding, resulting in an updated, modern aesthetic.


large mountain modern home with wooden textures and vinyl siding

At brick&batten, we work with our clients to uncover their design style and our designers dedicate themselves to paying homage to those particular styles. Rustic-style homes are simultaneously trendy and unique. This mountain modern home is one of our favorite examples of wood siding with a rustic flare. There is no denying that the home was gorgeous in the before photo. However, the natural tones of the trim and siding blended in a little too much with the wooden components. Our designers opted for a light gray vinyl siding on the bottom section of the home. This update helps draw the eye in to the front porch. We also recommended modern wood siding from Woodtone in a complementary tone under the roof pitches to bring some textural interest and height.

Ready to Add Some Wood Siding to Your Home?

There are so many different ways to incorporate wood siding into your home’s exterior design. Whether you’re wanting to bring in more texture for a layered look, dreaming of a rustic touch, love the way wood translates on a modern home, or you just can’t get enough of the vibe cedar shake creates, brick&batten has got you covered.

Our expert designers collaborate with clients to freshen up their home’s exterior design and enhance curb appeal, all while paying close attention to what’s important to them aesthetically. No matter your project, we’re at the ready to bring your dreams to life. Get started today.