8 Juliet Balcony Ideas

Balconies come in many shapes and sizes. But one of the most classic styles of the balcony is also the smallest: The Juliet balcony. Named after Shakespeare’s iconic leading lady, these small-but-mighty balconies add character, natural light, and architectural interest to any home. Explore our favorite Juliet balconies to find inspiration for your own exterior. 

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Painted white brick home with Juliet balcony

What is a Juliet balcony?

Juliet balconies, also known as balconettes, are a much smaller version of a traditional balcony. Typically accessible via oversized windows or glass doors, this design detail lets in ample natural light and fresh air. The balcony type gets its name from Shakespeare’s renowned play, Romeo and Juliet, as a nod to the balcony Juliet stands on when saying one of her most famous lines: “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

While home architecture has evolved significantly since the play was written in the late 16th century, one thing remains the same — most Juliet balconies are still quite small. At best, they can fit a chair or two, with some balconies barely wide enough for even decorative accents like small planters. As a result, they are often more for aesthetics than function and are often used to enhance a home’s curb appeal.

Painted white brick house with a Juliet balcony

#1 // Cable railing with wooden accents

This limewash brick home features a Juliet balcony on the second floor above the garage doors. The balcony’s sleek and modern cable railing contrasts with the more traditional architecture of the home, creating an elegant juxtaposition that makes this exterior stand out. While the cable railing and glass doors are rendered in black, the surrounding pillars are finished in Pepper Shaker by Sherwin Williams for a softer feel. The final touch is a walnut-hued wooden handrail that adds warmth to this exterior color palette.

Brick and stone home with a Juliet balcony

#2 // Glass railing with double doors

While this home has a classic brick and stone exterior, the second-floor Juliet balcony adds an unexpected design element. Double French doors maintain the home’s traditional feel. But the doors open to a modern glass railing, creating a barely-there look that effortlessly blends into the exterior. Benjamin Moore’s Black creates high contrast to complete this striking design.

Off-white home with a Juliet balcony

#3 // Traditional railing with an arched entryway

With a traditional railing and double glass doors, this Juliet balcony blends the best of form and function. With enough space for a few planters and to enjoy the fresh air, this Juliet balcony is the center point of the home’s exterior, making it a natural focal point. Modern bracket sconces frame the balcony to further highlight the beautiful railing and arched doorway. Finally, Sherwin Williams’ Amazing Gray adorns the shutters and balcony railing to add a hint of drama and dimension. 

Modern home with a black-and-white exterior and a Juliet balcony

#4 // Classic wrought iron railing

This home’s sleek exterior offers a more modern approach to the Juliet balcony. Tucked above the entryway and surrounded by black paned windows, the balcony features a wrought iron railing with a mix of twisted and basket detailing to add a timeless touch. 

The black iron railing is complemented by trim in Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze and brick in Sherwin Williams’ Nuance. Together, these hues create a more modern take on a classic black-and-white palette. The black shingle roof, flagstone driveway, and wooden front door complement the color scheme to ensure the balcony and railing truly pop.

Charcoal gray home with siding, wood accents, and a Juliet balcony

#5 // Cable railing with vertical siding

For a more rustic feel, consider pairing a Juliet balcony with vertical siding. The vertical orientation gives the illusion of added height and contrasts nicely with the cable railing. A wooden handrail completes the balcony, mirroring the warm wooden accents throughout the exterior. From the fencing to the beams, the wooden details create a cohesive, put-together finish.

Two-story home with two balconies and a pergola

#6 // Mediterranean balusters with a contrasting pergola

With decorative balusters, a terra cotta tile roof, and a stone exterior, this home epitomizes the Mediterranean aesthetic. With double glass doors and a traditional pergola atop decorative columns, the Juliet balcony above the living space is an eye-catching exterior feature. Adding to the bold look is the high-contrast color palette featuring Urbane Bronze and Dover White by Sherwin Williams

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#7 // Cathedral picket railing with double glass doors

This stately home has a distinctly Southern feel, accentuated by the second-level Juliet balcony. Situated directly above the front door, this balcony features a decorative cathedral picket railing. Double doors, a pair of sconces, and a color palette of Sherwin Williams’ Eider White, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, and Urbane Bronze complete the classic look. 

#8 // Double balconies with woodgrain steel siding

This home gets a classic touch thanks to two Juliet balconies. The first features sleek, double-glass doors framed by narrow windows, creating a stunningly symmetrical look. On the opposite side is a second Juliet balcony framed by floor–to–ceiling windows. Both balconies feature a cable railing with a wooden handrail and woodgrain steel siding to enhance the home’s modern, industrial feel. 

Black Nightfall Cottonwood

Bringing your Juliet balcony to life

Whether you prefer a traditional Mediterranean look or a simple, modern style, there are Juliet balconies for every exterior. Different railing types, color palettes, and accents allow you to transform your home and make your vision a reality.

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