10 Mediterranean Style Homes with Exterior Updates

Mediterranean style homes are characterized by gorgeous coastal details, including tiled roofs and arched doorways. While this design style is often viewed as ornate and untouchable, there are plenty of ways to update old world Mediterranean exteriors without compromising the integrity of the home. From refreshing paint colors to reimagining hardscapes, here are some of our favorite examples of Mediterranean style exterior transformations.

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What is the difference between Spanish and Mediterranean design styles?

Spanish design embodies the rich, passionate culture of Spain, showcasing warmth, white or off-white stucco, and intricate detailing with dark woods and ornate ironwork. In contrast, Mediterranean design, spanning multiple nations, embraces a tranquil coastal essence, featuring light, airy tones or bright colors, natural textures, and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Both styles evoke unique atmospheres, rooted in their respective heritages, offering distinct aesthetics that sometimes overlap because of their regional similarities. 

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before and after of a mediterranean backyard hardscape

#1 // Revamped hardscape

Mediterranean style homes often emphasize outdoor spaces. The back of this home offered plenty of room, and our designers completely transformed the hardscape. We also accentuated the space with plants and ornate fixtures to compliment the stucco and red barrel tile roof. We added an outdoor fireplace with a lounge area, along with a dining table on the left, bringing functionality and comfort to the backyard.

before and after of a mediterranean exterior with steps to the entrance

#2 // Brighten the façade

This Mediterranean style house boasted shades of tan and brown, but the homeowner wanted to achieve a brighter aesthetic. We suggested Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee to lighten up the stucco, and the wood front door and garage doors add warmth to the exterior. We rendered the retaining wall in the same off-white shade as the stucco, opting for sandy shades for the stairs to maintain a bit of contrast.

before and after of a mediterranean exterior with wood garage doors and a fountain

#3 // Refreshed and revived 

This home had some seriously stunning architecture, and our designers maintained its integrity while freshening up the exterior. When we think of Mediterranean style homes, we imagine embellished accents like patterned tiles, fountains, and wrought iron. When we overhauled this Mediterranean style house, we honed in on all of those elements (and then some). We replaced the stone near the small fountain by the stairway with patterned tiles and a bigger, black fountain that stands out against the tile. We also updated the iron railings on the balcony and stairs for a more modern appearance. 

before and after of a mediterranean house with a lanai

#4 // Mediterranean style house with a lanai

Some of our favorite Mediterranean style homes harness an indoor-outdoor flow. This home’s layout provided our designers with plenty of room to fill in the hardscape. We squared off the openings on the lanai, bringing more natural light to the area, which is crucial in Mediterranean-style design. We also cleared some space on the left side of the home and added outdoor dining and lounge areas.

#5 // Build upon blueprints

Next, our designers worked from blueprints to bring this modern Mediterranean house to life. We exemplified the style with intention throughout the design, from the mix of stucco and stone to the red tile roof and expansive outdoor living spaces. We also incorporated a variety of contemporary accents to maintain visual interest. 

before and after of a small mediterranean home with bright turquoise stucco

#6 // Bold & bright

Coastal inspiration is huge with Mediterranean style homes. The key design elements tap the seaside regions of the Mediterranean Sea, and our designers paid homage to the region with this transformation. We used Sherwin Williams’ Freshwater to revive the stucco with a bright burst of turquoise. To keep the palette bold and crisp, we added bright white trim and black window trim. We also revamped the landscaping along the perimeter to create a sleeker appearance.

before and after of a mediterranean house with peachy pink exterior

#7 // Pretty in pink

While we often see light neutral hues with Mediterranean style homes, the style also leaves room for bright colors like pinks, reds, and blues. We transformed this house with a pale peachy pink shade and dark green trim. Landscaping also plays an important role in Mediterranean design and curb appeal, so our designers filled the front yard with shrubs, a circular driveway, and a patterned walkway.

before and after of a mediterranean house with balcony

#8 // Amplify the architecture 

We appreciate the curves and patterns above the doorways of this Mediterranean exterior, but they got lost among the trees. Our designers cleared the trees to make the entire façade visible from the curb. The unique shapes really shine around the entrance, so we painted it a darker shade to make it pop against the rest of the neutral exterior. Since Mediterranean style homes often feature balconies, we added one on the right side and added double doors covered with an awning.

before and after of mediterranean house with neutral palette

#9 // Embrace natural materials 

With Mediterranean style homes, we often see a mix of stucco and natural materials like stone and wood. The stone cladding on this exterior adds texture and dimension. For a lighter, more airy palette, we painted the stucco with Benjamin Moore’s Olympic Mountains, a creamy off-white. Our designers also limewashed the stone to blend with the stucco and opted for black garage doors and shutters for contrast.

before and after of a mediterranean house with circle drive

#10 // A sleek makeover

Architecturally, this Mediterranean house was breathtaking. This homeowner was craving an overhaul that tapped a lighter and brighter palette. We rendered the stucco with Benjamin Moore’s Wind’s Breath and replaced the white side door and balcony door with wood doors for added warmth. Building upon the existing landscaping, we lined the outside curves of the driveway with shrubs and flowers. This design is the perfect example of a modern Mediterranean house.

mediterranean house with wood garage doors and white stucco

Mediterranean on your mind?

Updating or transforming a Mediterranean house doesn’t mean you have to veer away from the character behind the style. Whether you want to modernize your Mediterranean exterior or brighten up the aesthetic, our designers know how to transform Mediterranean style homes and emphasize all of the elements that make them so beautiful.

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