10 Balcony Railing Design Ideas

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A well-designed balcony can elevate curb appeal. Whether your balcony is big enough to turn into an outdoor living space or it’s just a small spot to step outside and enjoy the breeze, every detail matters — down to the balcony railing design. Depending on your personal style and that of your home, there are tons of balcony railing options to consider. Check out some of our favorites below.

At brick&batten, our expert exterior designers consider every exterior detail when visualizing new curb appeal: from key components like paint colors and roofs to smaller pieces like the balcony railing. We’re here to be your partners in selecting the right elements, big or small, for your home. Learn more about what we do.

modern home with glass paneled balcony and iron surround

#1 // Glass balcony with iron surroundings for a modern vibe

This modern home has some striking contemporary elements that make it stand out. From the garage door and lighting to the driveway and planters, all of the details feed off one another. The glass balcony with iron surroundings is the perfect way to tie together this industrial design.

modern home with a wood paneled balcony

#2 // Wood-paneled balcony

Instead of a traditional balcony railing, our designers used wood paneling to create a distinctive aesthetic for this home. Not only does the paneling look cool — especially because it complements the color of the roof — it also adds privacy to this outdoor living space.

light-colored home with an iron and wood balcony railing

#3 // Match exterior accents to the balcony

Against the light-colored exterior, the iron and wood balcony railing on the upper level of this home stands out. To accentuate it further, our designers used wood and black accents throughout the rest of the exterior. These intentional design choices make the façade fluid.

brownish gray home with multiple balconies

#4 // Two balconies + raised patio, same railing

The layout of this modern home lends itself to multiple balconies. Our designers kept the design cohesive by using the same wire balcony railing on both balconies, as well as on the patio. 

#5 // Decorative X-style railing

Balconies can be a great spot to create an outdoor lounge area, but they don’t have to be functional to add curb appeal. This home’s balcony isn’t easily accessible. However, the decorative X-style railing brings visual interest to this monochromatic design.

rustic home with a dark exterior and iron and wood balcony railing

#6 // Wood columns for a rustic feel

An iron and wood balcony railing is ideal for a rustic home. Our designers also used wood columns and other wood accents to tie everything together in this design.

tropical home with pink siding and balcony

#7 // Keeping it airy

Between the pink siding and surrounding plants, this home exudes tropical paradise energy. The bohemian-style furniture on the balcony creates a spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Our designers went with a balcony railing that would allow for air to flow through the space to keep things comfortable in a warm climate.

large lake house with glass paneled balcony

#8 // Glass panels to allow for visibility 

This elaborate lake house has an incredible layout. Specifically, the multiple levels of balconies bring a lot to the design. Glass panels instead of a traditional balcony railing allows for clear visibility, so the best assets of the home design are on display. Plus, they allow for a view of the lake even when seated!

home with dark siding and glass paneled balcony railing with wood and iron accents

#9 // Glass panels with wood and iron accents

Our designers broke up the glass panels of this balcony railing design with wood and iron accents. Not only do those elements blend with the rest of the design, they also provide added safety for children and pets.

large castle-like home with traditional wrought iron balcony railing

#10 // Traditional wrought iron railing 

For this elegant, castle-like home, our designers wanted to maintain the original ambiance. The traditional wrought iron balcony railing works so well for this particular design style. Against the home’s new off-white exterior, the railing offers a pop of contrast without taking away from the unique architecture.

Feeling inspired to give your balcony a makeover?

Balconies offer so much possibility, both in terms of function and style. Choosing the right balcony railing is crucial to the overall aesthetic of the space. Iron and wood railings are great for rustic homes while glass panels look incredible on more contemporary designs. Whatever your tastes may be, our team would love to work with you to help take your curb appeal to the next level.

Ready to take the next step and collaborate with our expert designers to achieve your exterior design dreams? Get started today!