Water Feature Ideas: Designer Product Picks

On the hunt for water feature ideas that will bring a little something extra to your yard? Check out our designer product recommendations below! We love adding fountains to front and back yards. In fact, our designers frequently use them as focal points in the center of circular driveways or to lead the eye to a front door. Plus, outdoor water fountains are beautiful and provide a relaxing ambient sound. Read on for a few of our favorite water feature ideas.

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Echo Park Outdoor Fountain, Alpine Stone

#1 // Echo Park Outdoor Fountain, Alpine Stone

This large, hefty water fountain makes a statement. It’s made to order in the U.S. and is crafted of cast stone. The piece’s simple form and neutral color means it works well in all sorts of spaces, from transitional to contemporary to Mediterranean.

Cascade Concrete Fountain

#2 // Cascade Concrete Fountain

Another large water feature our designers love is this fountain from Perigold. It comes in nine different finishes — from the lighter ‘Natural’ to the deep, rich ‘Brownstone’ — all of which are hand-applied by trained artisans. The patina is designed to weather naturally, and, if properly cared for, the piece should last a lifetime. We love using the Cascade fountain outside Southwestern or Mediterranean-style homes.

Sonora Fountain

#3 // Sonora Fountain

As opposed to the two fountains above, which each weigh hundreds of pounds, the Sonora fountain only weighs 64 lbs. It replicates the look of lead, iron, and concrete but is made of the lighter, yet still durable, fiber cement. Versatile in style, this fountain elevates the feel of everything from English cottages to minimalist xeriscaped yards. Note that, if you live in a colder climate, you should bring it indoors during the winter.

Pebble Fountain

#4 // Pebble Fountain

Next on our list is a fountain at a much smaller scale. The Pebble fountain measures only 9.5″W x 9.5″L x 6.5″H. However, because it’s made of cast stone, it’s still 21 lbs. The central water feature splashes over the smooth stones for a bubbling effect.We like using it amidst planters or on a small front porch or patio. Again, you should bring this one inside during the harsher weather months — but its size means it also works well indoors!

Hampton Garden Fountain

#5 // Hampton Garden Fountain

This freestanding fountain has a distinctive traditional feel. It’s made of fiberglass and comes in either a faux lead or an antique faux lead finish — so it looks hefty, but it’s actually light and easy to move around.

Cement Waterfall Fountain

#6 // Cement Waterfall Fountain

Now for one of our most contemporary water feature ideas: a cement waterfall fountain! The sound of the waterfall is highly relaxing, almost meditative. The piece is substantial but made of lightweight cement with a weather-resistant finish. Because of its flat backside, you can easily place it in front of a wall or fence. There’s also a cachepot planter on top for adding in more greenery or flowers. Note that the electrical pump has a power cord that is 72″ long.

Demta Floating Sphere Oversized Fountain

#7 // Demta Floating Sphere Oversized Fountain

The final water fountain on this list of designer picks is an elegant outdoor design element with a Zen vibe. It’s made of lightweight and durable polyresin, stone, and glass fiber. The fountain is narrow but tall — that large size is over 40″ in height — and in comes in both light and dark gray options. The built-in light and water pump require electricity, and the piece comes with a 6′ power cord.

Water feature ideas collage

Water feature ideas to spruce up your yard

Water fountains bring a soothing energy to outdoor spaces. Their sound can combat the noise of busy street traffic, and they’re a great way to mix in another element amongst mulch, flowers, and greenery in your landscaping. Our designers love using small fountains to complement planters and large fountains as focal points when helping clients visualize their yards.

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