Types of Exterior House Stone Cladding We Love

Between the wide variety of architectural stone veneers and natural stones, there are many types of exterior house stone that can be used to elevate any style of home. From subtle touches to stone cladding that functions as the star of the show, our designers know how to elevate a design using stone. Here are some of our favorite stone cladding ideas.

Our designers consider both subtle accents and key design elements when helping our clients reimagine their exteriors. We flesh out every detail, big or small, and bring each to life with photorealistic visualizations. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

white home with stone accents

Eldorado Stone

If you’re on the hunt for more affordable types of exterior house stone, Eldorado Stone is a surefire contender. Designed to mimic natural stone, this architectural stone veneer embraces natural textures and colors. In the design above, we weaved in stone cladding beneath the covered patio and entryway, along the length of the home’s base, and on the built-in planter in the front yard.

traditional home with beige siding and stone cladding

Tight-cut stone siding

There are many different types of exterior house stone. The warm, tight-cut stone veneer used above is ideal for a modern rustic aesthetic. Its neutral color blends well with the greige siding, which is rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Jogging Path

before and after of a home with stone cladding and green siding

Elevate existing stone

If you already have stone on your exterior and you want to elevate your curb appeal with it in tact, our designers are happy to make your existing stone cladding shine. Above, we left the existing stone cladding on the exterior, but wrapped the thin columns (and their stone bases) with wood for added gravitas. The olive green siding combined with the natural materials in this design creates a beautiful, earthy palette that we love.

modern house with dark gray siding and stone columns

Stone columns

Cultured stone is one of the most popular types of exterior house stone. For this design, we added a variety of textures, cultivating contrast against the dark gray siding. While the siding, copper gutters, iron balcony railing, wood accents, and stone pavers showcase smooth textures, the cultured stone we used on the columns and upper level makes use of a rougher material, adding dimension. 

home with white and gray siding with stone cladding

Draw inspiration from the stone for the color palette

The stacked Eldorado Stone used on this exterior has gorgeous layers of color and texture. To enhance the palette, we used the colors in the stone as inspiration for the paint choices on the siding. For the lap siding, we went with Sherwin Williams’ Gauntlet Gray, and we used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove on the vertical siding and eaves.

home with gray stucco and gray cultured ledgestone

Cultured stone for texture

Some types of exterior house stone are more rigid than others, and cultured ledgestone is one of the more rugged options. This home’s dark trim adds visual layers to the exterior, and the cultured stone provides the perfect complement.

white brick house with stone chimney

Stone chimney 

This white brick home has a cozy, inviting vibe. The subtle wood accents, copper gutters, landscaping, and stone walkway pavers all provide warmth and texture against this clean brick canvas. Covering the chimney with a cottage-inspired stone veneer cladding heightens the natural accents and makes the design all the more compelling.

house with white stucco, black wood paneling, and stone retaining wall

Stone retaining wall

Black-and-white is a timeless color combination. Our designers tapped into the classic palette with the off-white stucco and black wood paneling on this home’s exterior. To add a bridge between the textures and colors, we added a light gray stone retaining wall.

white stucco house with white cultured stone

Light and bright 

There are a variety of types of exterior house stone that tap into earth tones, grays, and blues — but stone cladding isn’t limited to those shades. For this design, we used a cream-colored stone to pair with the white stucco, rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster.

rustic house with wood and stone

Rustic vibes

Wood, natural stone, and brown tones join forces to create the decidedly rustic exterior design above. Our designers used stone throughout the home’s sprawling layout, juxtaposing it with the texture of the wood. 

house with beige siding and cobblestone

Cobblestone and siding

With beige siding and black shutters, this home taps a traditional style. The cobblestone cladding on the right hand side adds a burst of color and texture to the design. Additionally, our designers’ recommendation for a bold door color draws on the colors of the stone. 

house with earth tone painted stucco and natural stone skirting

Natural stone skirting 

The natural stone skirting on this house acts as a backdrop to the beautiful staggered stone landscaping. To accentuate these warm tones even further, we suggested wood trim and accents as well as copper gutters. The neutral shades on the stucco — Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox and Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray — complete the earthy façade.

white home with limestone veneer cladding and wood garage doors

Limestone veneer cladding

Limestone veneer is one of our favorite types of exterior house stone. In this design, the neutral-colored limestone, combined with the off-white stucco and wood accents makes for an exterior that’s both warm and modern.

Stone two-story home

Stone cladding comes in many forms

Whether you want a rough and rigid staggered stone or something smooth and sleek, our designers know all the best ways to use stone — or to work with your existing stone! — to elevate curb appeal. 

Let us help you achieve your exterior design goals. Maybe you’re envisioning stone cladding like what you see in one of the examples above. Or perhaps you’d prefer board-and-batten siding. Whatever style you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Get started today.