Eldorado Stone, Cultured Stone, & DaVinci Roofscapes

A fresh coat of paint can truly transform a property — but it isn’t the only way to boost your curb appeal. From adding eye-catching stone siding to replacing your weathered roof, there are countless other ways to enhance your exterior design. 

When we incorporate architectural stone veneer or a new roofscape into our designs, we often choose from Westlake Royal Building Products’ vast assortment of exterior design solutions. There are a few brands in particular — Eldorado Stone, Cultured Stone, and DaVinci Roofscapes — that we turn to again and again. Keep reading to learn more about each portfolio of products and see how we integrate them into our work.

From siding to roofing to paint colors, there’s a lot that goes into the perfect home exterior. We’re here to help you visualize all of these home design elements before making any costly purchases. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

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A home rendering featuring Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone

Architectural stone veneer, which is designed to emulate natural stone, is a smart cladding choice for homeowners who want the look of real stone at a more affordable price. Eldorado Stone uses natural textures and authentic color palettes that are virtually indistinguishable from stone and other natural materials. Our designers love their wide range of styles, textures, and colors.

If you’re looking to infuse some personality into your home — as our designers did in the rendering above — architectural stone veneer is a solid choice!

“Eldorado Stone is really about grounding every space in authenticity, allowing it to take on a personality of its own and become the backdrop for a lifetime of memories,Chelsey Canto, Marketing Project and Communications Manager at Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, told us.

A rendering of a new build featuring Eldorado Stone

The owners of this home wanted a timeless look, and our designers knew adding stone cladding would help achieve that. We love how the Eldorado Stone product creates areas of interest on the above home’s lower half and the chimney.

A home design featuring Eldorado Stone

In the example above, the Eldorado Stone product pops next to the dark and light siding and adds another layer of texture to the design. The stone’s light gray hue fits perfectly with the overall color palette of the home.

Eldorado Stone in this design covers only a small portion of the home, but it makes a major impact. It creates a striking contrast against the dark siding — Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron — and trim — Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black.

A home rendering featuring Cultured Stone siding

Cultured Stone

In addition to Eldorado Stone, we also love Westlake’s Cultured Stone brand. These versatile products work well with nearly every home style and personal aesthetic.

Simple design choices — like the addition of stone seen above — can help make a house feel like home.

“This brand is all about designing spaces that mean the most to you, offering new possibilities for boundless creativity and encouraging you to achieve your own unique vision,” Chelsey told us.

A before and after of a home exterior

The owners of this home wanted an elegant exterior, and our designers knew incorporating Cultured Stone would provide exactly that. The light stone stands out against the dark siding and plays well with the various wood elements.

A virtual exterior home design

Next, we love how the stone in this rendering adds texture and depth to the design. The sleek profile delivers a major impact and brings an element of uniqueness. Plus, its thin, rectangular shape works well with the home’s other modern elements. 

A rendering of a new build's exterior

DaVinci Roofscapes

The right roof can provide a major boost to a home’s curb appeal. Just like with siding, there are plenty of materials to choose from, too, from metal to shingles. DaVinci Roofscapes’ products are modeled from actual slate and hand-split shake but made from composite materials. This offers homeowners the authentic, classic look of a shingle roof without the ongoing maintenance or repairs.

A home design featuring DaVinci Roofscapes

For the home above, our designers opted to use staggered roof tiles because they’re authentic to the Tudor-style architecture and add to the classic and timeless feel of the house.

Before and after of a home exterior

A new roof and color palette took this beautiful brick home to the next level. The slate black roof, limewash brick, and gray trim create an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic. 

Before and after of a modern Spanish-style home

Another benefit of DaVinci Roofscapes is the product’s versatility. We design all sorts of home styles, and the roofing works well with just about all of them. It looks as striking on this modern Spanish home as on the previous more traditional-leaning dwellings.

A before and after home design featuring Eldorado Stone

The Bottom Line on Eldorado Stone, Cultured Stone, and DaVinci Roofscapes

Stone siding can significantly enrich the look of your exterior, adding unique visual interest. Similarly, a new roof can improve your curb appeal while also protecting your home. Cladding and roofing are two exterior design elements that can be major game changers for your property’s aesthetics, function, and value — and Westlake’s offerings are some of our favorites to recommend for these key materials.

Whether your home needs a new roof, updated siding, or something else entirely, brick&batten can help you visualize your desired changes before committing. Get started on your exterior home design project today.