16 White Brick House Ideas

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At brick&batten, we have been giving recommendations about painting brick homes for years. Not everyone is a fan, which we get, but painting your brick façade can be a budget-friendly way to make a major exterior upgrade. In particular, the white brick house has been trending for years and remains popular with our clients and designers alike.

Our designers at brick&batten have deep experience in the details involved with painting brick homes. If you need help choosing a color or accents, or even whether to keep your brick, paint, or limewash, our exterior design services are a great way to help you make decisions.

two story farmhouse style home painted white brick with Urbane Bronze trim

What is the difference between limewash and white-painted brick?

Limewash and white-painted brick are sometimes used interchangeably, so we want to clarify the differences to help you make the best decision for your home. Limewash soaks into the brick and washes off for a more natural look with less maintenance. Paint gives homeowners a lot more color options but can chip or peel, requiring upkeep. When choosing between limewash and paint, the big things to consider are maintenance, cost, color, and style of your home. The location of your home can also be a factor as paint will fade or discolor more quickly in lots of sunlight. We love both paint and limewash at brick&batten, and our designers take these factors, as well as client preference, into consideration when designing homes.

Charming brick bungalow painted white with a single flower box

Should I paint my brick house?

As evidenced by the comments we get regularly on Instagram, this is a very personal (and sometimes polarizing) question. Some people could never imagine painting over brick and its natural beauty. Others get out the paint cans on move-in day. If you’re on the fence, these 16 white brick house ideas just might sway you toward painting!

large brick home painted white in Seapearl with gray and black accents

#1 // Most Popular Choice Is Seapearl

By far our most popular white brick house color choice is Seapearl by Benjamin Moore. Time and time again, our designers choose this color for our clients because of its versatility. Whether you have a ranch home, two-story traditional, or mid-century modern, this color will not disappoint.

modern ranch with white painted brick and onyx trim

#2 // White-Painted Brick & Black Trim

Black and white is a timeless color palette. We often pair white-painted brick with black trim because it looks good in so many applications. Exterior renovations can be costly, so we understand that many of our clients prefer designs that will stand the test of time.

digital rendering of a midcentury modern ranch with a turquoise door wood panel accents and painted white brick in seapearl

#3 // Pop of Color

While neutrals, white, and black are trending, many home styles lend themselves to a pop of color. This front door is painted in Galapagos Turquoise by Benjamin Moore and gives the house some personality against the backdrop of white.

before and after of a digital rendering of a brick two story home with dormer windows painted white with an added balcony and porch

#4 // Style & Aesthetic Change

No matter the style, red brick homes have a very traditional appeal. Painting white offers a clean slate if a homeowner wants to move in a different direction. Our designers gave this Cape Cod a French country feel with the white-painted brick, a new balcony with a grand porch entrance, and accents.

traditional brick home painted white with Seapearl and Dorian Gray shutters with onyx doors

#5 // Striking Before & After

While red brick homes are certainly stately and traditional, nothing shakes up the look quite like a fresh coat of warm white paint. This before and after digital rendering shows off the home’s architecture while giving it a thoroughly modern feel with an updated color palette.

before and after digital rendering of a traditional red brick home painted white with new windows and large arched iron door

#6 // New Windows and Front Door

The accents you choose for your home make a huge difference. Updating windows and doors on your white brick home can change it from traditional to more Spanish-feeling, like the home in the example above. We love the large arched iron door and new lighting.

Olympic Mountains white brick colonial home with Iron Mountain trim and garage color

#7 // Olympic Mountains

Searching for the right warm or off-white color for your brick home can be tricky. Your home’s location, sun level, and environment factor into how a color looks. Our designers take all of this into consideration when creating your digital rendering. If you’re looking for a tried and true 0ff-white to paint your brick home, we recommend taking a look at Olympic Mountains by Benjamin Moore.

digital rendering of a white brick house with gambrel roof and bay window with a copper roof

#8 // Simply White

Simply White by Benjamin Moore is another solid option if you choose to paint your brick home white. The new black garage door on the home above balances the black gambrel roof and adds a modern touch. Meanwhile, the wood and copper accents keep the design grounded in its historical roots.

digital rendering of a two story transitional home with brick painted in White Dove with copper accents

#9 // Create Cohesiveness

This traditional two-story home features both brick and siding. Our designers chose White Dove by Benjamin Moore to create a fully cohesive look across both materials. Complementary accents in black and copper finish the design.

before and after white painted brick ranch home with awnings and cupola

#10 // White Brick Ranch House

Our designers modernized this traditional brick ranch home with a fresh coat of white paint. The awnings provide visual interest and match the new wood garage doors. The cupola on the roof and the bright front door add character.

virtual rendering of a ranch home with sloped metal roof wood accents and painted Shoji White brick

#11 // Shoji White for a Large Porch

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams is an excellent choice for this home with its large porch. The sloped roof casts a lot of shadow on the porch, so painting the brick a brighter white helps open up the space. The wood accents maintain a cozy feel.

traditional brick home painted white with Swiss Coffee and copper accents and sea mist shutters

#12 // Swiss Coffee for Sunny Locations

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore is another great option for white-painted brick homes in sunny locations, as illustrated by the exterior design above. The copper bonnet roofs and light fixtures add a modern touch. Our designers also chose Sea Haze by Benjamin Moore for the shutters to complete the southern feel.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.

before and after design of a brick home painted white with Revere Pewter and Iron Ore vertical siding

#13 // Brick & Siding Combo

A small addition made the partial siding on this home feel out of place. As such, our designers decided to add vertical siding, in Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams, across the whole upper level to make it feel cohesive. The brick ground floor is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, which is actually more of a greige but reads as an off-white in this high-contrast color palette. The black front and garage doors, along with the larger porch, bring the design together.

before and after of front and back elevations of a large brick house painted in simply white with onyx black trim and windows

#14 // Transitional to Modern

This large brick estate was brought into the 21st century with a fresh coat of Simply White by Benjamin Moore. New modern black frame windows coordinate with the dark trim and modernize the feel. The white-painted brick brightens up the angles so the architectural details of the home can be seen.

mediterranean home in white painted brick with wood window headers and large black front door

#15 // Playing with Textures

While we often see Mediterranean homes in stucco or stone, this home features white-painted brick with black windows, wood headers, and new lighting. The new color and texture of the brick gives off a Mediterranean feel without having to replace materials.

painted white brick house in Seapearl and Sea Haze with shutters and large craftsman style porch

#16 // New Life to Old Brick

Older brick homes might have repairs and discolorations from damage over the years. Painting white is one way to freshen it up without completely replacing the brick with siding or other materials.

A two-story brick home with colossal columns painted white

White Brick Houses Are Here to Stay

Love it or hate it, a white brick house is a popular option for those who want to update their home without replacing the masonry. And we’re on team “Love it!” Our designers will select the perfect shade of white, in combination with accents, other colors, and design features, to create a new aesthetic you’ll love for your home.

If you’re ready to see what your brick home will look like painted white, get started on an exterior design partnership with us today. Our simple process allows you to tell us what you do and don’t want to change when updating your home’s curb appeal, working with our experts for the perfect exterior design.