Want Curb Appeal? Try a Colorful Front Door

Are you looking for an easy curb appeal game changer?  Try a colorful front door. Without a doubt, painting or replacing your front door is the number one bang for your buck and could really make your home stand out in 2020. Not only is it a fix for curb appeal but also over 100%  return on investment. Your front door has a huge job! It greets visitors when they arrive, it sends a message about your style, and it protects the people inside.  Your front door is the heart of your home and a great place to spend a little money and time. 


I recently wrote a blog about the classic black door but since then I’ve had people asking about the benefit of red, yellow, blue, green, and even pink/melon color doors.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a spot you can pull off a pop of color on the door, then why not explore your options!


Go big or go home! A bold red door makes a powerful statement. In early American tradition, a red door meant I’m home and you’re welcome. It signified a safe place for people traveling by.  Red doesn’t go with every home exterior and in some cases can compete with cool brick and stone shades. Also, in 2020 red is becoming less popular and the new shades of peacock blue and green are making a comeback! If you’re choosing red, check out this beautiful Caliente color by Benjamin Moore.

Red door


Yellow is a beautiful and happy color. Like sunshine, it radiates cheer and warmth. Yellow is gorgeous on a farmhouse or a muted yellow on a mid-century modern. It tells visitors that you’re confident and creative. Also, yellow gives the impression that the inside of your home may be eclectic and aren’t afraid to use color to draw the eyes in a certain direction.

yellow door


A dark blue door sends a calm vibe of stability and trust.  It sends the message you’re intelligent and grounded. Royal blue, on the other hand, sends the message of prosperity and abundance.  There has been in upswing in blue and green doors. If you’re considering blue, check out Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. It’s one of our brick&batten favorites!

blue door


The green door represents growth and nature.  If you’re more traditional and ambitious, opt for a green door.  According to Realtor.com a green door indicates prosperity and wealth, as it’s the color of money. It’s also the best selling front door color in Britain. From leafy green to olive green, all shades are desirable in 2020.

green door


If you live on the water or beautiful beach, a pink or coral color door can definitely work for you. Pink means you may be romantic, thoughtful, and generous. You value family and are perceived as kind. Recently, we had a Michigan client that asked for a melon color door. Her extended family had houses nearby and they used the color to distinguish their family. What a cool idea!


A white door can look precious and really stand out on the right home exterior.  By adding different window patterns and hardware a white door doesn’t at all look boring or understated.  With a high gloss paint, this color can look light and joyful. If you don’t want to commit to white, opt for a bone color with white trim and/ or sidelights. Perfectly stunning!

White front door


A wood stained door is tried and true. With the right stain wood, you can’t go wrong. A wooden door will essentially blend with a variety of colors and home styles. Wood is an earthy element. From mid-century modern, traditional, to a little bungalow, a wood stained door is hard to beat. For more information on the pros and cons of a wood door, click here.

Before and after of a painted brick home with a wood-stained front door


To help choose color, our brick&batten designers have tricks to keep your home’s color palette looking harmonious and not disjointed.  Understanding a few basics is essential before grabbing the paint brush! There’s a simple science involved which eliminates many errors. 

How to Find the Perfect Color for Your Home’s Fixed Elements:

#1. Identify if your house has clean or dirty colors.

If your color palette is clean, stick with clean colors. If your color palette is dirty, stick with dirty colors. Clean and dirty don’t mix! Clean colors are crisp and bright. Think the 8 pack Crayola Crayons. Dirty colors are muted and dull. Think watercolors. Both are beautiful but they need to stay in their own lane. For more pro tips, click here.

clean v dirty colors

#2. Use a neutral color scheme.

In home exteriors, a neutral color palette consists of white, grey, black (which is really the absence of color), and sometimes brown. Different shades of these colors are considered neutral. Neutral colors can stand alone or act as a primary focus of a design. They are relaxing and restful, allowing your eye to flow from one space to another. Neutral colors also make a great background for your colorful door.


#3. Use a monochromatic color scheme.

A monochromatic color scheme is based on different values of the same color. It’s finding the shade you like, and adding darker and lighter values and tones of that color. It’s not your door that usually adds the pop of color, it may be your door hardware. It would be a white house with a bone color front door and brass hardware. Timeless and beautiful!


Overall, selecting the correct front door is an easy curb appeal fix and a game changer for your home’s exterior! Whether you’re going for a monochromatic look or a neutral color scheme with a pop of color on your door, it’s a place to express your personal style. 


If you’re looking for help selecting the perfect door, our brick&batten designers are experts in color and would love to partner with you on a virtual design for your home’s exterior.