Front Door Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out in 2020

Are you looking for a simple way to create a beautiful home exterior, one that will stand out in 2020? If so, the answer is sitting in that little rectangular box right in front of you… your FRONT DOOR! Your door is a huge part of a beautiful home exterior. Front doors done right have over 100% return on investment. That said, it’s a smart place to spend money and unfortunately often overlooked. 

Your front door is considered the heart of your home. It’s definitely a place where your home’s style and personality can shine. It also has the huge job of protecting what’s inside. That said, it’s time to show your door some love. Whether you’re painting your existing door or purchasing new, it’s time to make a change and create a home exterior you want instead of just one you were given.

Front door lights, colors, styles, material, decor… there’s just so much to think about if you’re wanting to do it right. So, our brick&batten designers have traveled, researched, interviewed, knocked on doors, scoured the internet and fallen in love with these front door ideas that will make your home exterior stand out in 2020.

22 Front Door Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out in 2020

No. 1// Black Glass Door

A traditional or transitional home style looks beautiful with a glass black door. It’s classic and timeless, as well as updated and gorgeous!

black traditional door

No. 2// Metal Door

Ummm. Yes! With urban house styles becoming more popular: exposed brick and duct work, the metal door is a beautiful way to complement the style. Metal doors are now being used more frequently on transitional styles as well.

Before and after of a home with a new large glass front door with sidelights and a transom window
metal door
metal roof and iron door

No. 3// Wood Door

Wood will never go out of style. That said, you can’t go wrong with a solid wood or window wood door. Choose a warm stain to achieve a natural look that essentially goes with any house style and color. Though wood has it challenges, we love the look on every architecture. Find out more about the pros and cons of a wooden door, here.

Before and after of a brick home painted with a new wood door
Before and after of a contemporary home painted a dark gray with a new wood front door

No. 4// Farmhouse Door

You’ve seen the beautiful modern farmhouses. Certain doors have a way of perfecting the look and drawing attention to the doorway.

Before and after of a blueprint rendered with a large farmhouse front door
Before and after of a blueprint / elevations rendered with a farmhouse front door

No. 5// Dutch Door

Absolutely! Dutch doors are back in a big way and we can see why. If you live in a climate that supports open windows and doors, a Dutch door is an excellent way to let the air in and keep the critters out.

green door
Before and after of a beachy bungalow home with a Dutch front door

No. 6// Interesting Glass Designs

Glass is a great way to amp up curb appeal and let light inside an indoor space.  We are seeing beautiful designs around the glass to create an interesting door. The designs also allow a little more privacy than your typical glass.

Before and after of a traditional brick house painted and with a new double front door with Xs on the glass panes

No. 7// Modern or Contemporary Glass Door

Whether you live at the beach, in the mountains, or on the edge of a pristine lake, why choose a door that will block out these stunning views? A modern glass door will improve your view of the world and take your curb appeal to the next level! Definitely a favorite of our designers.

Backyard rendering of a home with a pool and modern glass doors
black frame glass door

No. 8// Craftsman, 4 Square, or Bungalow Door

Craftsman homes are on the rise these days and have become a staple in American design! That said, you can’t go wrong with a craftsman door. The rectangular window at the top of the door allows for more privacy, while the extra detail molding creates a more modern feel. Check out the craftsman Dutch design below.

Craftsman Door
Before and after of a home with a Craftsman style front door
craftsman door

No. 9// Panel Door

The traditional panel door will always be in style and is the most popular door in construction. It is also known as a Stile and Rail or a Frame and Panel door. A panel door gives the vibe of strong and sturdy, while looking beautiful and timeless.

Traditional home rendered with a panel front door

No. 10// Mid- Century Modern Door

Mid Mod style doors are easy to identify because they tend to have interesting lines and generally feel happy. Many are made of wood with a simple glass design. Others have the look of a flat panel painted an accent color like orange, yellow, or red. Learn more about mid-century modern architecture here.

mid century modern door

No. 11// Tudor or Old World Style Door

Tudor style homes weren’t as popular after the 40’s; however, if you’re looking for an historic feel that definitely fit the bill in a gorgeous and unique way! The exterior door is a significant feature of a Tudor house. Generally, they are more rounded in shape and tend to be bordered by stone or brick.  Usually the door looks sturdy and heavy with solid wood and smaller or no windows. We are loving the speak easy window style at the top. This type of old world style door also works really well on a Spanish Mediterranean or French Country type home. Beautiful!

Before and after of a Tudor-style home with an arched front door
Before & after of a Spanish-style home rendered with a new wooden garage and front door

No. 12// Blue Door

Out with the red, in with the blue! Peacock blue, navy blue, and all shades of gray blue are big hues in door color right now. The folklore of a blue door says it’s linked to trust and peace. It symbolizes you are grounded and easy-going.

blue door
navy blue door

No. 13// Green Door

Just like blue, all shades of green are a 2020 favorite. From kelly green to a black/green, green symbolizes growth and is known to be best when facing east. Get more 2020 design tips here.<

green door

No. 14// Colorful Door

We’ve found doors in all colors that we truly love! Color sends a message about your personality and style. Depending on your environment and architecture, colorful doors can absolutely bring a happiness to your house, while still looking classy. For finding your perfect color with Feng Shui, click here.

yellow door

No. 15// Black Door

Black is a  traditional color that often seems formal. It symbolizes order and control. Black always works… from contemporary to traditional, when in doubt, go black!

White cottage style home rendered with a new black front door
Sustainable house

No. 16// Doors with Brass

Love, love, love. Silver used to be hot hardware for doors; however, inside and out there is a movement toward brass and oil rubbed bronze. A warm brass door knocker is hard to beat on a black or blue door!

Home with a front door that has brass hardware

No. 17// Arched Doors

If you have arched windows, an arched door should definitely be considered for curb appeal greatness. Are you going to use an arched door on a mid-century modern? Probably not. However, if your home is French Country, Traditional, Spanish Mediterranean, or Tudor an arched door is definitely in the cards for you.

arched door
arched doorway sidelight

No. 18// Door with Sidelights

Sidelights are a beautiful way to let light inside and improve your curb appeal. You may go with one sidelight or two, either way, sidelights are beautiful! We’ve recently noticed Dutch doors with amazing sidelights. You get the benefit of a solid door, with the light of an open door. Win. Win.

Before and after of a home with a new front door featuring sidelights
door with sidelights

No. 19// Double Door

We love a double door… especially on homes that have a tall or large entryway. A double door balances out the height and looks more symmetrical. There are thinner double doors seen often on city townhomes and wide double doors seen on a more traditional design.

Before and after of a home rendered with new double doors
double door to porch

No. 20// Doors, Transoms, and Trim with Address

Depending on your home’s style, your door trim, awning, or gable can be an excellent place to display your home address. Why not? It looks cool and takes your curb appeal up a notch, adding an element of unique style to a simple doorway. Think about this, if your house is between 70-100 feet to the middle of the street you need about a 5” number to be seen. That said, putting your number on or around your door definitely creates visibility and draws eyes that way.

Before and after of a home with new double front doors and the address on the frieze of the porch awning

No. 21// Other Doors We Love

Our designers at brick&batten see wonderful, classy, modern, chic doors everyday. When we see them, we take pictures and research style. That said, there are many doors we love and want to share others to give you inspiration and confidence to move forward on your home exterior project.



Overall, your exterior front door is a reflection of you.  It should be beautiful and functional, perfect for your architecture and style, while able to greet guests and protect your family. Your front door has a huge job! It’s time to show your door some love.  Get rid of that boring old door you’ve been staring at since you moved into your home and design the door you want. It’s time to make your home exterior stand out and and create a place you’re happy about when you pull into the driveway.

Our brick&batten designers want to partner with you on a virtual exterior home design. We can help you choose the right door, paint colors, shutters, awnings, gutters, porch decor, railings, etc. to bring your home to life again. What are you waiting for? It’s time to become the expert and make the change. Get started today.