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Metal Roof: What’s True and What’s False

My parents recently looked into a metal roof for their island home.  So I put on my brick&batten hat and investigated what’s true and what’s false about a metal roof!  I love the look but questioned that loud sound when the daily rain falls in south Florida.  Every once in awhile a small patter on ...


Window Grilles: What Pattern Suits My Home’s Style?

Window Grilles are the checkerboard pieces that divide the glass in your window.  Some people refer to window grilles as muntins, grids, and mullions.  Choosing a window style that suits your architecture and purpose is hugely important; however, equally important is the grille chosen to separate the glass.  Windows are considered the eyes of your ...


3 Questions and Solutions for Choosing the Correct Window Style

I’m sure you’ve driven through communities and noticed homes where the window styles look exactly the same size and shape. I’m also sure you’ve seen those McMansions that include every window style and shape and somehow make them all fit.  Neither one of these scenarios is ideal. At brick&batten, we have found solutions to our ...