Why YOU Should Use an Exterior Designer

Updated Nashville ranch

Great spaces don’t happen by accident!  They are carefully explored, planned, and designed by professionals.  Hiring a home exterior designer is a smart decision.  Your home is your largest investment, so it’s time to make your home the best it can be!  Maybe you need a partner because you have no idea where to even begin or maybe you’ve scoured Pinterest and have ideas but just can’t piece it all together.  Whatever the reason, hiring an exterior designer will save you time, money, and your sanity. 

brick&batten before and after

brick&batten before and after

1. Use an exterior designer if you want to SAVE MONEY:

Ditch the idea that a designer is only for the rich and famous.  That’s ridiculous!   Our exterior designers will keep you from making costly mistakes.  We are used to working with a budget and know huge remodels are expensive!  That’s why we focus on simple changes that create a big impact on curb appeal.  Remember, it costs just as much to paint your house the wrong color as it does the right color!

2.  Use an exterior designer is you want a PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT:

An exterior designer can give you a professional assessment of what would be best for your home, your style, and your pocketbook.  After receiving your brick&batten design, you will walk away with a plan of action and the knowledge to move forward. 

3.  Use an exterior designer if you want to SOLVE PROBLEMS:

Every project, large or small, may present challenges…maybe it’s a hard to match stone color.  It could be a front load garage that’s taking up real estate on your home’s exterior.  Maybe you’re trying to draw attention away from a red roof and more attention to your front porch.  It could be a neighbor’s house.  We call these fixed elements.  It’s our job to work around the fixed elements to create a beautiful space for you.

4.  Use an exterior designer if you want the WOW FACTOR:

Designers are trained to think outside the box.  They see potential where some see disaster.  We see the big picture and from there create a plan based on your home’s style and your personal style.

5.  Use an exterior designer if you need easy RESOURCES:

Designers have a huge array of resources and experts and their fingertips.  Our network is filled with Paint experts.  We know door designers.  We talk regularly to lighting specialists and confer with architects on your behalf.  Most people don’t have the time or resources a designer has.  There are also places that only sell “to the trade”, which means working with brick&batten gives you access to special trade items creating a more unique and custom feel.

6.  Use an exterior designer if you want to MAKE YOUR DESIGN A REALITY:

Now you have your design, but what’s next? You may have great ideas but if you can’t make the ideas a reality then what’s the point?  Our brick&batten designers show you where to purchase many of the items in the design.  We will find the lights, planters, porch furniture, etc for you and send you a link on where to order.  

Great front porch designs don’t happen by accident.  Someone has spent hours researching, attending classes, workshops, and programs to learn how to create a beautiful and functional space.  Let brick&batten use our expertise to create the perfect spot for you… saving you time, money, and your sanity!