Home Exterior Design Tips for 2020

Your home’s exterior is a reflection of you. We’ve come up with a list of home exterior design tips for 2020…what to ditch and do. It is proving to be an exciting time for home exterior design. Basically, simple and low maintenance is a DO, and complicated, excess is time to DITCH. People are spending more time at home, working, living, and playing, which means your home’s exterior has never been more important. 

If you’re looking for curb appeal and want tips for your home, brick&batten would love to partner with you on a virtual exterior design. Check out these before&after photos to GET INSPIRED.

Home Exterior Design Tips:

Ditch or Do

No. 1// Ditch the wood that need constant maintenance and DO EASY.

Natural wood is gorgeous and should be used on your house; however, wood is not maintenance free. We’ve had a lot of people asking for easy upkeep for decking and siding. James Hardie fiber cement siding is hard to beat! And composite wood for decking is easy to clean, won’t splinter, and is engineered to last in a harsh environment.

large sidelight
composite deck

No. 2// Ditch the concrete walkway and DO PAVERS.

Your walkway leads guests to your front door. It should be beautiful.  Many times it’s the first thing people see when they step out of the car. That said, skip the plain concrete and opt for something more beautiful… pavers, stamped concrete, contemporary blocks, stone, or brick. For more walkway ideas to jazz up your curb appeal, click here.

brick walkway
wooden modern door


No. 3// Ditch the uncomfortable outdoor chairs and DO COMFORT.

I’m not sure if uncomfortable outdoor chairs were ever in style; however, it is time to pitch them! Invest in comfortable outdoor seating. Now, with people spending more time at home and outdoors, it’s important to keep it comfortable. There are so many great ways to make your outdoor seating feel like an extension of your home.  Just do it!

comfort outdoor
wooden porch furniture


No. 4// Ditch the fold up chairs and DO ADIRONDACK.

Adirondack chairs are definitely in style in 2020. It’s no surprise… they are big, sturdy, and come in a variety of colors and materials. I recently purchased two Adirondack gliders for my back porch and they are the favorite seating when company arrives.

Adirondack chairs around fire pit


No. 5//  Ditch the ornate planters and DO CLAY POTTERY.

The days of large ornate planters are over. Try something more casual, like clay pottery or a terra cotta planter. It blends beautifully with wood accents and bronze lighting. Terra cotta may be used on your outdoor tables, to hold your hose curled up on the edge of the garage, or even on your front porch.

terra cotta
terra cotta


No. 6// Ditch the cold gray colors and DO WARM EARTHY COLORS.

Gray was everywhere in the early 2000’s. Inside and outside of homes, you couldn’t go anywhere without gray following you.  Now, our designers are seeing more warm earthy shades for your home’s exterior. From warm whites to warm grays… just think earthy. So, skip the grays with the purple undertone and try ones with an orange or red undertone.  

Simply White


No. 7// Ditch the busy window grilles and DO SIMPLE GRILLE LINES.

We are receiving all kinds of complaints from people with busy window grilles. We recently designed a house with 36 window panes in one, average size living room window.  What in the world!  It definitely speaks to the traditional architecture of the home but it dates the house.  Large windows are beautiful, so instead of covering with a crazy grille pattern, keep it simple.


No. 8//  Ditch the McMansions and DO the UPDATED RANCH OR BUNGALOW.

Yep. I said it… we get clients everyday who are asking, “What style is my house anyway? Can you help me with a design? I hate the big window above my door, it gets way too hot in the entryway. How can I get rid of the foam architectural details?” Again, go simple. Ranches are making a big comeback!

livable space with swing
updated bungalow


No. 9//  Ditch your red front door and DO BLUE or SHADES OF GREEN.

Are you still holding onto your red front door? If so, it’s time to paint! Accent shades to look for in 2020 include peacock blue and a variety of green.  Also, you will be seeing more Dutch doors and iron doors this year! Find more front door ideas for curb appeal, here.

green door
blue door


No. 10// Ditch the painted accents and DO NATURAL WOOD.

Natural wood will always be in style and definitely something you’ll be seeing more of in 2020.  Wood is timeless, earthy, and beautiful with aged copper lighting and a variety of exterior home colors. When in doubt, do natural wood for columns, gable accents, and doors.


No. 11//  Ditch your space heater and DO AN OUTDOOR FIREPIT or FIRE TABLE.

I guarantee an outdoor firepit will bring friends and family to your house.  Sitting around a fire on a chilly night brings families together. That said, there are so many options for outdoor fire!  We recently purchased a wonderful gas fire table that actually keeps you warm. We also added a large chimenea to direct the smoke away from guests. Early spring, we will DEFINITELY be adding a firepit and with more Adirondack chairs. 

fire pit lakeside


No. 12//  Ditch your tiny sconces and DO LARGE OUTDOOR LIGHTS.

Tiny sconces next to your door were never popular but many times what builders put on houses. It’s less expensive, probably easier to hang, and most homeowners don’t know better. So, now you know! Opt for lights that are ⅓ to ¼ the size of your door. It’s better to go too big than too small. For more lighting tips, click here.

updated gable


No. 13//  Ditch the shingle roof and DO A METAL ROOF or AWNING.

I’ve done a lot of research on the benefits of a metal roof and discovered what’s true and what’s false. In 2020 they are going to be popping up a lot more frequently. Are they more expensive? Yes. In the long run is a metal roof worth the extra money? Yes. 

metal roof
metal roof
metal roof


No. 14// Ditch big electric bills and go green with SOLAR PANELS AND SOLAR LIGHTING.

In 2020 solar panels are definitely something to consider. As of 2020, California is working to do their part in global warming by installing solar panels in new builds. Do I think this is coming down the pipeline in 2020 for other states? No! But I do think you will see more solar panels across the country within the next 10 years. Outdoor solar lighting is an easy place to start!

solar panels
solar power walkway light


No. 15// Ditch the normal and DO A DARK PAINT COLOR.

Dark exterior paint has been trending for the past couple years; however, this trend seems to be here to stay! In 2020, dark homes will still be highly desired. From Hale Navy to Kendall Charcoal, consider painting a dark color on your home’s exterior. We have come up with some favorite dark exterior colors that you will be seeing more of this year.

darker paint
before and after design
white carriage garage doors


No. 16// Ditch the back porch and DO a FRONT PORCH DESIGN.

If you’re lucky enough to have a front porch area, make it the best it can be! Our brick&batten designers are asked everyday to add front porch spaces to existing homes. People are realizing that front porches create beautiful curb appeal but also an excellent place to hang with family and friends. In 2020, you will notice a pull to spend time in front of the house, as well as the back.

front porch
Columns and porch


In conclusion, our designers have found 16 home exterior design ideas for 2020.  Basically, simple and low maintenance is a DO, while complicated, excess is time to DITCH. Everything from changing your planters to a simple terra cotta design to adding a front porch, you will be seeing more and more of this year.

We would love to partner with you on a virtual exterior home design. We recommend simple changes that have a big impact on curb appeal, creating a beautiful outdoor space.