2020 Home Exterior Design Ideas

Get ready: 2020 Home Exterior Design Ideas. This is a perfect time to explore home exterior improvements; however, be sure you’re spending time on ones that add value to your greatest investment. There are some design trends that will continue into 2020 and others that are definitely coming to a quick end.

Get READY: 2020 Home Exterior Design Ideas


No. 1//


READY FOR: Columns That Fit Your Space

If your home isn’t contemporary style, small columns are way OUT!  They don’t look as though they hold up the structure of your porch and therefore serve no purpose.  Choose bigger columns to keep your home from looking dated. That said, if your home is contemporary or mid-century in style, you may get away with a smaller square column. Keep this in mind when looking for home exterior ideas in 2020.


No. 2//

RID OF: GRAY, GRAY, and I’ll Take the Gray

READY FOR: Dark Rich Charcoal Grays & Blues

Gray is a beautiful color, but finding the perfect shade of gray without looking drab can be tricky.  In 2020, we are seeing a lot more darker rich grays with charcoal undertones. Don’t be afraid to go dark and pair your gray with earthy colors and wooden accents. 

Dark Paint- Wrought Iron

No. 3//

RID OF: SCROLLY Iron Railing

READY FOR: Simple Wrought Iron with Straight Lines

Woah!  In 2020, there is more of a simplistic shift in design. This means enough of the flowery, scrolly, whimsical, over the top stair rails. Keep it simple with straight lines and geometric shapes. Wooden railings may include horizontal, vertical, farmhouse X, or chippendale design. All acceptable and all beautiful!

Dark Paint- Iron Mountain
cable railing

No. 4//

RID OF: Chevron Print & Nautical Themes on Outdoor Rugs and Throw Pillows

READY FOR: Bohemian and Aztec Prints

Chevron print has been popular for the last few years; however, we can finally say, in 2020, the chevron print is officially out. Think more bohemian or aztec prints for your outdoor rugs and throw pillows. Paired with a comfy outdoor sofa and fire table and you can’t go wrong!

outdoor space

 No. 5//

RID OF: Cheap Patio Furniture

READY FOR: Comfortable Seating Areas, Adirondack Chairs & Swinging Chairs

Was cheap patio furniture ever a style? If so, let it go! In 2020, there will be a big move to outdoor living spaces. Taking the inside, out! That said, it should be comfortable and beautiful. We are also seeing an uprise in Adirondack sales. Perhaps it’s because of the color options, stability, comfort, and styles.

fire pit lakeside
hanging swings
Fall Planter on white brick

 No. 6//

RID OF: Too Many Colors

READY FOR: Monochromatic Timeless Looks

Enough is enough.  Brown house. Yellow trim. Orange door.  White windows.  This was a look of the old Victorian and even some craftsman homes; however, styles are shifting.  White is timeless.  Stick to shades that are in the same paint family to create longevity.  Add interest and color through landscape, porch pillows, and other design elements that can be changed out easily.   Find some of our favorite brick&batten shades for 2020 here.

updated columns

 No. 7//

RID OF: Multi-Dimensional Roof Colors

READY FOR: Dark Charcoal Roof Colors & Metal Roof Designs

We are constantly being asked about what roof color works best for different homes’ styles. Our response is always going to be to keep it simple and stick with charcoal, black, and brown. Why in the world would you want your roof to become the focal point of your home?  That can happen really easily if your roof is too busy or too colorful.  If, and only if, you have a simple one color siding, will a patchy roof work.   In 2020, look for an influx of metal roof designs. Besides looking really amazing, there are huge benefits to a metal roof!

metal roof
Estate Gray Roof

No. 8//

RID OF: Plain Metal Garage Door

READY FOR: Garage Door with Style

The year 2020 is going to show homes with beautiful garage doors. Carriage doors, glass doors, doors with unique windows, garage door hardware,… it’s all going to be a thing in 2020. So, especially if you have a front loader, get rid of the plain metal, and find something to suit your home’s architecture and style.

wooden garage
Carriage Garage
wood accents
Arctic White James Hardie
Dynamic Garage Door
contemporary garage
carriage garage on new build


RID OF: Rooms to Go Lighting

READY FOR: Lighting Families

Keep in mind your lighting doesn’t all need to match. It shouldn’t match! Lighting should be functional and have a purpose in the space. Because of that, not all lighting should match. Think lighting families. Stick with the same color or same family but not exactly the same style. In 2020, we are noticing a lot more homes being built with a gas lighting option. Gas lighting is timeless and back in a big way!

lighting family

No. 10//

RID OF: McMansion Style with Various Everything

READY FOR: Ranch or Bungalow with Simple Livable Space

At brick&batten we get emails almost daily asking, “What style of house do I live in?” Many times we can’t really give a definitive answer because it’s a mix of different styles or a McMansion that didn’t want to commit.  Moving into 2020, the style is now easy livable space where you can work and play.

livable space with swing

No. 11//

RID OF: Concrete Narrow Walkways

READY FOR: Larger Flagstone Walkways

Doorways are a thing in 2020. That said, the path your guests take to lead your eyes to the doorway is equally important. We are seeing a definitely up swing in beautiful walkways to enhance the entryway.

dark paint, walkway
modern walkway flagstone walkway
brick walkway floating stair walkway

No. 12//

RID OF: Justa Door

READY FOR: Iron Doors & Dutch Doors

Your door tells a story about you and is essentially the heart of your home’s exterior. In 2020, we are seeing more iron doors with just a simple frame or geometric shape. We are also noticing Dutch doors making a huge comeback.

iron door
Iron Door
Dutch Door for 2019
Iron Door


Get ready for 2020 by implementing a few of these home exterior design ideas. This is a perfect time to make exterior improvements; however, be sure you’re adding value to your greatest investment. Consider keeping to ideas that are simple and timeless.  

Our brick&batten designers spend hours researching, attending conferences, and learning about what home improvements increase your home’s value, add curb appeal, and stand the test of time.  Don’t fall victim to trends that it’s time to get RID OF! 

Let our brick&batten designers partner with you on updating your home’s exterior with simple changes that create a big impact! GET STARTED TODAY.