5 Walkway Styles to Jazz Up Your Curb Appeal

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Your walkway has the important job of leading your guests to your front porch and door. It takes up space in the front of your house and is the first thing people see. Overall, your walkway makes a bold statement about the architecture of your home and your personal style. Finding the correct style and the use of landscape is a great way to jazz up your space! Many people forget their walkway and just throw down builder concrete, when it’s easy to create a walkway people remember.

If you’re thinking about giving your home a cosmetic makeover, consider these styles:

Before and after of a home with a new flagstone walkway

#1 // Flagstone Pavers

Purchase paving stones at your local hardware in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Because of this, they are beautiful and versatile; therefore, pavers are a strong contender for one of our favorite looks.

#2 // Brick

Brick is tried and true creating a classic strong look for your walkway. Durable brick will not require a lot of maintenance and show minimal wear and tear. Also, weather is not an obstacle for brick walkways. Bring it on! Brick can take it.

Stamped concrete walkway

#3 // Stamped Concrete

Why stick with the boring builder concrete when you can go with a stamped concrete? Stamped concrete offers limitless options and creates interest with a one of a kind look.

Before and after of a home with a new modern walkway, featuring stones laid directly in the front yard and spaced out

#4 // Go Modern

Take the simple concrete to a whole never level by adding a modern twist. This is as easy as making smaller steps and staggering them along your path! Stones easily inlay into your yard to create a minimalistic style.

Stone walkway with an outline

#5 // Outline Your Stones

Consider outlining your pavers with brick or a different type of stone. This may be done beautifully to match your driveway, as well. As a result, you are left with a cohesive design that flows from your walk to your driveway.

In conclusion, when looking to update your home’s exterior and curb appeal, don’t forget your poor concrete walkway that the builder threw down when you moved into your home. Your walkway needs some love too. Above all, it is something guests use and see everyday; therefore, your path should be intentional and functional!

Use the ideas above to get inspired, and partner with brick&batten on a home exterior design. Get started today.