Best Front Door Ideas for an Easy Curb Appeal Fix

Are you looking for our best front door ideas for an easy simple curb appeal fix? If so, take a good look at your FRONT DOOR.  Yes, it’s that easy! Your front door is the heart of your home and a serious key to curb appeal. A door done right returns over 100% of your investment. Whether you’re looking to replace your door, add a transom or sidelights, or just painting to add interest, your front door is absolutely a curb appeal must have!

Designer Door Ideas for an Easy Curb Appeal Fix

Idea #1. 

Paint your existing door.

It’s that easy to update the look… just paint your front door.  If you’re looking for a black door I am loving Onyx by Benjamin Moore. It’s a beautiful, warm black hue that doesn’t go blue! If you’re looking for something a little lighter, with brown undertones, our brick&batten designers are suggesting Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.  Finally, go with a natural wood look or a beautiful color. In 2020, we’re seeing more greens and blues for color accents. Try Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.


green door
blue door
Onyx door
Onyx door

Idea #2.

Change your sidelights for a larger double door.

Not every house can get away with a large double door, but if you can, a double door can be gorgeous! If you have a larger ranch or height in your entryway a double door will definitely help your home look more proportional by expanding the space out. A larger home can accommodate a larger door.

double door
Olympic Mountains

Idea #3. 

Replace two sidelights- to one door and one larger sidelight.

One sidelight is becoming more and more popular! Think of replacing your double sidelights with one, larger, window type sidelight. This will update the look of your front entry by just replacing the sidelights. See more about how to choose sidelights, here.

one sidelight
large sidelight
one sidelight
large sidelight

Idea #4.

Add a transom above your door.

Adding a transom above your door adds height and beauty! Not all homes can pull this off, but if you have the ability, a transom is definitely a game changer for curb appeal. 

door transom
door transom
door transom

Idea #5.

Add a gable above your door.

Adding a gable or awning above your door creates depth and interest to that area. Your door should be the focal point of your home and adding these touches create that feeling. Not only does it keep guests dry but also add amazing curb appeal!

Simply White
updated gable
sidelights on historic home
wood accent

Idea #6.

Buy a new door.

Your front door is the heart of your home! It should be a reflection of you, your home’s architectural style, and a beautiful place to welcome guests. So, think outside the box and go with something other than the standard metal from your local hardware store. 

iron door
wooden door
dutch door
iron door

If you’re going with #6 above to update your home’s curb appeal, there are amazing custom options for every budget! That said, our designers and clients are loving iron doors with patterns or simple open glass and Dutch doors to open up the door… without opening the door. Another option is a gorgeous wooden door with glass panes.  That classic design will look timeless for years and years. 

Be Weary of These Door Mishaps

Untreated wooden door in direct sunlight.

Even the most beautiful wooden door will age if it’s not treated and stained. A wooden door may warp, fade, and even expand and contract if it’s not taken care of.  Read more about the pros and cons of a wooden door, here.

Plastic or vinyl grilles on door or sidelights.

When buying your home, double check those door and sidelight grilles. Are they wood? If so, has the wood been treated? Are they plastic or vinyl? If so, are they painted in a  color that is vinyl safe? If not, you will have the issue of cracking and melting as the material is exposed to sunlight.

Windows in your door or above your door.

Again, if you have a lot of direct sunlight in your door area, you may want to stay away from glass doors and the big glass windows above. We have clients with South and West facing doors that are asking to remove windows because of the heat that penetrates inside.  Don’t risk it! Ask your door provider for the best ways to control your indoor temperature with a beautiful glass entryway. Also, be sure you have the protection of Low-E glass to keep out the UV rays!  


Overall, think about the best front door ideas for curb appeal… your front door is the heart of your home and should be at least considered.. Whether you’re looking to replace your door, add a transom or sidelights, or just painting to add interest, your front door is absolutely a curb appeal must have!

A door done right may offer over a 100% return on investment. Be sure you’re doing it RIGHT by partnering with brick&batten for a virtual exterior design.