The Pros and Cons of a Wooden Door

There are many pros and cons of a wooden entry door.  A wood door is gorgeous! Many brick&batten clients ask for wood.  We are all drawn to the warmth a wooden accent brings to a space.  They are certainly a timeless classic and very popular for many homeowners; however, wooden doors do have their issues.  I have a wood door myself, so I know the upkeep required for it to stay beautiful. 


A wood door brings character to any style home.  They have a durable feel and protective quality about them.  

There are many wood options to choose from

  • Rustic- including cedar or knotty pine
  • Traditional- with oak or mahogany
  • Modern- with bamboo or teak


With a wood door you also have the ability to choose from different stains, door panelings, special moldings, trim pieces, and door hardware.  Because a wood door may be custom made, a variety of sizes and shapes are also available.  The possibilities are endless with glass options and designs; as well as, stains and paints.  Wood truly allows you to create a one of a kind door to suit your personality and style. 


Most front entry doors are solid wood or feature a solid engineered wood core.  This provides added security and durability.  A wooden door helps reduce noise level from outside and keep your energy bill in check.

Psychological Effects:

It is also stated that wood has powerful psychological effects and the ability to help regulate stress. It has been proven in homes, school interiors, and offices that wood to lessen fatigue and create a more favorable atmosphere.


Care for Wood Doors:

Wood needs special care and maintenance to stay looking great and performing well.  As you may well know wood will expand and contract based on the humidity.  This can be an issue.  That being said, you should seal your wood door before installing or immediately after installation; otherwise, without proper sealing, your door will warp or swell over time.


A wooden door will need resealed every couple years to keep it in tip top shape.  We also recommend re-staining or painting during this check up.  The stain or paint protects your door from environmental elements.  As your door is exposed, it may chip, peel, or crack if proper maintenance is not done.


Wooden doors can be heavy and may have a tendency to sag over time.  A sagging door is no joke!  It pulls from the frame and not only looks badly but becomes less energy efficient and safe.  This is an easy fix if you catch it early through routine maintenance and updates to your door hardware.

Overall, a wooden door is gorgeous but just as all pretty things, it can’t be neglected and expected to look pretty forever!  A good door returns over 100% return on investment, so this is a place to spend money.  It’s also the gateway to your home; therefore, should be beautiful and reflect your style.  We would love to partner with you on a brick&batten design to help you select the appropriate door for house, your life, and your family.