9 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Maximum Curb Appeal

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It’s the little things. The details of your home’s exterior design make all the difference. There are tons of decisions to make when updating your home’s exterior, from paint colors choices to front door options to outdoor lighting ideas that will maximize curb appeal. In this post, we’re hoping to inspire you with exterior light fixture ideas. The images below demonstrate how intentional outdoor lighting choices can elevate the entire aesthetic of your home. 

So many details, big and small, go into designing your home’s exterior. Our expert designers are here to ensure that none of them are missed. At brick&batten, we are committed to creating a customized design plan that fits your style and needs. Find out more about our virtual design services.

modern home with balcony and columns with built-in lights

#1 // Built-In Column Lights

In the before photo above, there is only one small outdoor light that is barely noticeable. The columns and balcony are striking architectural elements. But the home was missing the thoughtful touches that make it feel intentionally designed. As you can see, lighting is a huge factor in the updated virtual after. Our designer recommended Bowman 6 outdoor wall sconces for each of the columns and on both sides of the door on the balcony. This lighting choice draws attention to the home’s unique structure. Plus, it’s useful, providing plenty of lighting for enjoying the front porch after dark.

modern ranch home with industrial lighting

#2 // Industrial Lighting

Next, we love how industrial lighting can transform a traditional home. Using industrial-style wall sconces on each side of the garage door and above the address numbers on the face of this home accentuates some of the updates, adding to the home’s curb appeal. These fixtures were inspired by vintage warehouse lights. They pair beautifully with the more modern industrial Halle wall lanterns surrounding the front door.  

Spanish-Mediterranean ranch with awning

#3 // Post Lighting

Do you have a dramatic approach to your home? We often think about exterior lighting being physically attached to our home, but if you have more space out front, post lights are another way to make a statement. Our designers gave this traditional Spanish-Mediterranean home a fresh look by updating the post lights to a more modern, sleek style.

modern rustic ranch home with globe light

#4 // Thoughtful Geometry

Another way to think about your outdoor lighting is through the lens of geometry. The round fixtures our designers used for this rustic ranch home afford a striking contrast to all of the sharp edges the home has, giving it a modern vibe. Inspired by early 20th century elevator indicator lights, the Pittock double sconces provide symmetry for the patio area of the home, brought to center with a Cedar & Moss globe pendant. We adore this look.

Traditional modern stucco home with hanging entryway light

#5 // Sconces 

The right sconces can boost your home’s exterior. Our designer replaced this transitional home’s traditional lantern sconces with the modern black Progress cylinder sconces. The simplicity of these sconces contrasts nicely with the lantern and globe fixtures near the home’s entryway.

Modern craftsman home with columns and sconce lighting

#6 // Mix-and-Match

This craftsman home’s unadorned façade lends itself to experimenting with different styles of outdoor lighting. Our designer combined a large Roton outdoor pendant with built-in column lights and mounted lanterns on each side of the front door. Clearly, mixing light fixtures can bring interest to the exterior of your home.

Modern contemporary home with hanging entryway pendant light

#7 // Statement Entryway

Of course, your home doesn’t need a grandiose entryway to make a statement. This mid-century modern home features a striking tall peak above the front door. In the before photo, the dark, dimly lit front door area was a missed opportunity at a visual focal point. Our designer chose to use a hanging globe pendant directly above the door and further enhanced the entrance by incorporating can lighting and sconces. 

Spanish-Mediterranean modern ranch home with lantern lights

#8 // Lanterns

This Spanish-Mediterranean ranch home had small exterior lights that blended in with the home’s light color. Our designer chose to speak to the heritage of the home’s architecture by making use of lanterns. The French Quarter Yoke hanging lantern in the entryway coordinates nicely with the Governor lanterns surrounding the garage doors.

Transitional two-story home with above-the-garage can lighting

#9 // Over-Garage Lighting 

Finally, outdoor lighting doesn’t always have to serve as a statement. Can lighting accentuates other elements of your home’s exterior design, like the garage doors. Also, it can provide safety at night. We recommend using a local contractor to source your can lights.

Light It Up

Exterior lights shouldn’t be an afterthought. No matter your design style, choosing the right fixtures for the outside of your home makes all the difference. From sconces and globes to post lights and can lighting, there are plenty of outdoor lighting ideas for maximum curb appeal. At brick&batten, we are ready to help you find the right options for your home.

Are you ready to elevate your home’s exterior? Get started with our quick and easy questionnaire! All you have to do is answer a few questions so our expert designers can better understand your design style and goals. Your before-and-after will follow soon thereafter.